Bully Talk with Zeb Pits (New Jersey Bully Show 2012)

06.07.2019   |   by Telrajas

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Author: Taujar
Opposition? No not really...I 'm a Techy.. like Mach -10 & Tech - 9 Technology.. Yeah..I'm more into Technology..8-)
Author: Mugul
Author: Mezuru
Great Video!! Thanx for Posting It!!!!
Author: Nira
Author: Nir
I won a 5 Month old...Great dog BTW...
Author: Mazusida
Razors Edgelines, Gottiline , GrayLines, KingPinlines, Camelot, Castillo, chevy, Dangerzonelines, Rynoline, RedRacelines, Shockerlines,Gargoyle, Poole, XL, XXL, XXXL, BlueLines, Red Rum and Monster G line, Remyline, Marcuslines and a lot more are not APBTS, PITS, PIT BULLS that is fact. Real APBTS, PITS, PIT BULLS are not Blue body and Blue nose. The? American Staffordshire Terrier and this new breed call American Bully and American Bullies. The Lying need to stop. These is no Pit Bull blue.
Author: Najar
LOL the black kid in the truck makes me laugh 30:24
Author: Mezticage
what do you guys think of RedLion VN?
Author: Akinojora
I love it beautiful dogs
Author: Samujinn
Did I just hear the dude say in the red I just bred 100 percent razors edge to a bull mastiff son wtf....smh
Author: Moogudal
If wont a big dog just get a AMB?
Author: Kemi
Sorry that was mean and out of line. Seriously though dogs are like their owners, and if people wanna keep dogs as fat, slow and dimwitted as themselves, all the power to them. But just don't go calling your dogs what they're not; these dogs are American Bullies NOT Pit Bulls.
Author: Tygozahn
whats with the finger pointing ???
Author: Tetilar
Looking at a few of these American Bully owners, and I'm wondering; do you have to be incapable of forming properly constructed sentences to own one of these dribbling monstrosities, or is ownership open to all?
Author: Taunos
thanks for adding Devilsden to the video
Author: Vishura
Cant find any info on bullypedia about them.
Author: Gokasa
Are they xl
Author: Virisar
is that a pit/doberman mix?
Author: Mashura
Author: Togor
Thanks for any input..
Author: Taubar
Opposition?? Is that like hmmm 0-position 8-)

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