Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Schrodinger Equation

07.06.2019   |   by Kajizilkree

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Author: Vudokus
Hey comrade you video is very good, excellent explain, greeting from chilean
Author: Akizragore
great video, thank you.
Author: Daisar
which university you
Author: Gagis
The explanation is definitely great.
Author: Samubei
equation of motion
Author: Yotaxe
Great job!
Author: Arashiramar
We know that the normalization condition has to be obeyed, but how do we come to the conclusion that \phi and its \conjuagte have to approach 0 as the \lim\x tends to positive/negative infinity? Can you please explain the same.
Author: Arashizragore
But isn't the LHS of the schrodingers eqns a momentum operator on psi? How does that translate to total energy?
Author: Marn
Author: Dizilkree
The wave. Function of particles bass no physical meaning.There is no waving here.However remember that particles are prophages as if they are waves.Hence the square of the wave function gives the probability of finding the electron at that point.But the wave function has no Physical meaning.
Author: Meztimuro
then you have millions of
Author: Meztir
make your video more and
Author: Narisar
you are Rock sir, You helped me a lot in my Phsics course. Will You please make lectures on Perterbation theory and WKB approximation.
Author: Yozshugore
An example is the function f(x) = n on the interval [n, n+1/n^4). We then see that \int |f(x)|^2 dx = \sum_{n > 0} n^2/n^4, which is finite.
Author: Mazuzahn
Thank you so much man I really like your lectures... And your complex variable course helped me pass my mathematical foundations course... Can you please try complete qm by May because i'd have an applied physics test then and your videos are the best study source I have 🙂
Author: Vulkree
but in quantum world or
Author: Kagagis
What are you using to create this video. Is there a certain package that you use?
Author: Zujind
Great video!
Author: Kejin
Perhaps, one would argue that state functions that do not have \lim_{ |x| \to \infty } f(x) = 0 are not physical.
Author: Kataxe
My Classical Mechanics 'Glory Days?' LOL!
Author: Zologor
Author: Zulkimi
in world of atoms nature
Author: Vudokora
Thank you.
Author: Gardashakar
Just a remark, just because \psi is square integrable, that does not mean that it converges to zero. It means that if the function is uniformly continuous, but otherwise not.
Author: Tomi
Excellent, but is the beginning of a series? Where is the next. Or was this the end. Hope not.
Author: Kishicage
This sounds to me like someone created a Text to Speech based on Khan's voice!
Author: Arashikree
As always, awesome presentation Faculty of Khan! Thanks, and happy holidays. :)
Author: Takree
and relativity by the in
Author: Goltikinos
more intuitive so one can
Author: Bralar
just a normal 15 y/o girl being curious bout physics :D
Author: Zulkizilkree
Great video, only one issue. In 10:52 where you substitute the partial time derivative by solving for it using Schröndiger equation. To get it from the equation we multiply by 1/ih and 1/-ih for the complex conjugate of Ψ (Ψ*). Βut it doesn't seem quite right. Can you please tell me what I'm missing? Thanks. Also consider where h=h-bar since my keyboard doesn't have that
Author: Samudal
Your video is clear cut as always and direct.
Author: Mazugar
Einstein would disagree with all of this !
Author: Vogami
psi=e^(ix^5)/(x^2+1) violates the last part of your proof. Despite having an absolutely convergent integral with absolute value going to zero, the limit of the boundary conditions is non-zero.
Author: Zoloshakar
What are the parameters that we obtain from the Schrodinger equation?
Author: Tojak
They want kids to be LC and they deliver to Android schools! Coooool!
Author: Vudozragore
im gonna request a video on Hamiltonian systems :) Would be nice if you could give examples like how Kepler problem is a hamiltonian system and how the wave function is too.
Author: Akirn
all i know is that it all checks out to one...
Author: Goltijin
Thanks in million.
Author: Doshura
Khan academy for physics
Author: Zuluktilar
Thank you so much, sir.
Author: Vimi
Bro who's gonna win the match between quantum
Author: Sharr
This f is not continuous, but one can (using smooth step functions instead of normal step function) find a smooth function that has the property that f(x) converges to infinity as x goes to infinity but is still square integrable.
Author: Zolom
operates on schrodinge r
Author: Arashilkree
Better than Khan Academy
Author: Kagarg
subscribers I am sure
Author: Shanos
I am confuse... its a great lecture, but Im gonna need to go back to calculus to learn some of these terms to understand it.
Author: Nemi
More videos please!
Author: JoJozilkree
feel maths and physics
Author: Arajora
Really good video, but the ads were kind of distracting and broke the flow
Author: Voodoorn
Author: Vudoshura
In bigger level nature operates on basis of newtons
Author: Vogami
Do you think it is logical that if the future is unfolding relative to the atoms, if we look down at the individual atoms we will find probability? This is an invitation to see a theory on the nature of time! In this theory we have an emergent uncertain future continuously coming into existence relative to the spontaneous absorption and emission of photon energy. Within such a process the wave particle duality of light and matter in the form of electrons is forming a blank canvas that we can interact with forming the possible into the actual! The future is unfolding with each photon electron coupling or dipole moment relative to the atoms of the periodic table and the individual wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. As part of a universal process of energy exchange that forms the ever changing world of our everyday life the ‘past’ has gone forever. At the smallest scale of this process the ‘past’ is represented by anti-matter annihilation with the symmetry between matter and anti-matter representing the symmetry between the future and the past as the future unfolds photon by photon. In such a theory the mathematics of quantum mechanics represents the physics of ‘time’ with the classical physics of Newton representing processes over a period of time, as in Newton’s differential equations. In my videos I explain how this process is relative to temperature and the phase changes of matter.
Author: Guzuru
what a video
Author: Najin
Although I only know basics physics, the explanation provided in this video gave a real understanding of the Schrodinger equation in less than 15 minutes.  I am simply left speechless.  Thank you so much for such an insightful video and for your genuine desire pass on your knowledge.
Author: Yozshutaur
Please can somebody answer this?: We need the normalisation condition to be finite, therefore Ψ approaches zero and the time derivative of the normalisation condition is 0. But in order to assume that the normalisation condition holds true, we first need to prove that the time derivative is zero? HOW can we prove something, using the result we want from the proof which hasn't been proven? It contradicts. We can't assume the normalisation condition holds true and us finite so that Ψ------>0 when we haven't yet proven it works for all values of t.

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