❖ Solving Linear Inequalities Made Easy ❖

19.06.2019   |   by Kazrazshura

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Author: Dibei
I know this video is about 9 years old. BUT THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Tajas
This guy > my teacher
Author: JoJotaxe
anyone notice hes left handed
Author: Zolojora
Author: Sazahn
oh my god why is my professor so hard...this is easy
Author: Nikobei
Thanks a lot! I've been slacking off my math class and now I'm all caught up for my test tomorrow (: appreciate it!
Author: Maktilar
on the other hand. she is teaching too fast. -_-
Author: Vusar
The she says
Author: Tezuru
I know Algebra is hard, but paying attention is quintessential.
Author: Sazuru
whos watching this and hav a test tmr
Author: Net
1like= 1 good luck
Author: Kiramar
no matter how hard I try to understand inequalities or do problems over and over, I cant get the hang of it or I get lost. I suuuuuck at math
Author: Zulular
Thx pat my teacher teaches us 1 minute lessons and expects us to do well, you're a great explainer you get right to the point.
Author: Kigaktilar
oka#wishiunderstood butkl
Author: Goltilrajas
can u teach me how to graph inequalities? our teacher always says
Author: Mezikree
This guy is more useful than my teacher
Author: Vudorg
For those who need a reason as to why he did what he did. Essentially, you have to get one integer on each side of the equation. To do this, you have to add/subtract numbers in order to get rid of other equations.
Author: Mizshura
"do you get it?"
Author: Maura
then we go
Author: Meztisho
"u can do it. you're section one"
Author: Kalrajas
way better then my teacher
Author: Zulkikazahn
First thing I noticed, this guy is left handed
Author: Metaxe
When teachers spend two weeks teaching this but then u learn it from one video in 8 min. Math teachers are truly restarted and they dont know how to teach.
Author: Yozshusida
Then in the test you forget how to do these questions. I hate that
Author: Faekazahn
Thank you sooo much!!! I'm ADHD and my teacher won't slow down for anybody...
Author: Zulkirr
Holy crap thanks dude now I understand inequalities and I have an Algebra test tomorrow!
Author: Kajilrajas
Just got an ad before this by studypug thay said tired of searching youtube for videos that isn't helping LMAO
Author: Grolkis
statement-next time u make an video can u plz move your hand or use a board at least but otherwise than that u helped a lot🕢🔶❌✔👏👍💕📝📐📌✏📈
Author: Nesar
Not all heroes wear capes

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