Bulgarian Circle 10 AK-47 Magazine Test & Review: Best AK Magazines? (HD)

27.05.2019   |   by Telar

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Comments "Bulgarian Circle 10 AK-47 Magazine Test & Review: Best AK Magazines? (HD)":

Author: Dalkis
load and drop on feed lips , see if it crackes , that's were pmag and us palm mags fail for me
Author: Fenrizilkree
MrgunsnBEARD! :D
Author: Kalrajas
best mags!!
Author: Gull
Got 20 of these in my GTW locker
Author: Mezinos
I'd consider a 30 round military produced AK mag at $15-20 to be fair, $30 would be relatively expensive.  $45, however, is outrageous.
Author: Bahn
I love your music, I keep waiting to hear Alice In Chains bust out ;)
Author: Kazrazshura
yeah !
Author: Gozilkree
Two things that are top notch made by the Bulgarians: Arsenal SLR AKs and Circle 10 AK mags. Just the combination that goes so well together like You and Your Wife Sir. Thsnk you for reviewing one of THE BEST AK mags and hope you make more for many years to come.
Author: Ditilar
(I just knew you were going to sneak in another PTR32 tease.)
Author: Shaktitaur
Author: Zulkisho
If I were a wealthy man, I would have a bunch of Bulgy waffle mags. For now, all I have is about a half dozen. BTW, your channel rocks sir.
Author: Takora
Thanks for the vid, the Bulgy 10s kick ass!
Author: Tuzshura
Author: JoJora
한국에서 From South Korea(in Korean) Jack.
Author: Mazragore
P.S.) Sir could you please not wear those gas masks? Every time I see one it FREAKS me out.....It's just scary to me. Just saying what i want to Sir, no offense.
Author: Arashigrel
Thanks for the review. Just bought an Arsenal SLR106FR and the Circle 10's are pretty much the only magazine game in town for that caliber. At least I know they'll hold up well for the cost lol
Author: Voshura
I only own Circle10's and I've used them for many years. They have yet to fail me. I am interested in the new Magpuls tho.
Author: Tygom
Author: Akinogul
From JPN
Author: Dujind
Cant wait to see how the steel reinforced ak p-mags stack up to these.
Author: JoJogul
Best gun channel on YouTube
Author: Zulkizragore
Best Mags for an AK! Circle 10!
Author: Voodoozragore
Circle 10 mags good.  Circle 10 mags expensive.  Review done.
Author: Najar
Another fine test of AK strength.
Author: Taujinn
Checked out your forum posting...interesting comments..M, nice review!
Author: Kigamuro
I bought my first firearm from kvar. They had very professional customer service. Shipping on an ak variant from them to an ffl will cost you 40 bucks
Author: Vobar
There's a reason why every other polymer mag in the industry is compared to these.

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