CZ 75B Matte Stainless First Look

01.06.2019   |   by Migor

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Comments "CZ 75B Matte Stainless First Look":

Author: Jugami
czechnology my dude! the guide rod design is interesting. i wouldn't press check that way myself since you know, fingers close to barrel and all lol. Single action reset seems a bit long though, but idk I've never shot one. Definitely looking forward to some range footage my dude!
Author: Faegrel
I like your name
Author: Kasar
Author: Samugor
Wth is wrong with your intro
Author: Mazil
Well I'm glad you're loading that up as soon as the video is over. :-)
Author: Moktilar
Nice video I’d like to get the one with red star. Outstanding piece

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