Enter Lauren Shiba, Female Red Ranger!

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Author: Dibar
This is really hard to jerk off to.
Author: Viktilar
Author: Fenrinris
SPD Had a Red one but she was evil!
Author: Nizragore
Oh thank you
Author: Mikagis
Other Rangers:Who TF are you???
Author: Sakasa
The monstervsounds like Kleo Cat Tra from Power Rangers Ninjasteel
Author: Sanos
Oh my god it really is Jayden's older sister lauren.
Author: Brakinos
The day before the match at a game we know
Author: Mugor
not the same thing. that was an original character for SPD, created from lacross pads and the Red Space Ranger helmet.
Author: Tecage
No. Kimberly and Tommy when I was a kid, surely there's romance still? Kimberly was my first erection.
Author: Bajin
Dude, are you kidding me? People always seem to forget that there was a female red ranger in Power Rangers SPD. She was leader of A-Squad, a team of rangers that turned evil. Still counts.
Author: Tetilar
i'm sorry, did they just have a shot of her breasts in the suit haha we get it, she's a girl, that was a bit odd for a kid's show
Author: Malarg
I like this twist. Who says there can't be a girl red ranger. In Mystic Force There was a girl blue and boy yellow and in Ninja Storm Hunter almost wore pink because his color was a very dark pink. I also feel bad for Lauren. When she came she probably was hoping to get some friends and be united with her team like the rest of them and their ancestors were but the team was too focused on Jayden. She must feel really out of the loup. That would make me sad and furious. The rangers knew the only reason they had to be protective of Jayden was for his sealing power and Lauren's the one who really has it. They should now be fully focused on protecting her now. Though they're loyal and love Jayden they know Lauren needs the same loyalty.   
Author: Mikadal
Jayden's sister
Author: Vogore
At least Cartoonnetwork is trying, they have Tom &Jerry(AS ALWAYS) and some old shows from the 2000 era i love Kid's NExt Door. Disney died already
Author: Mokora
Lauren is my favorite Samurai
Author: Tygotaxe
But in Production Order, it was SPD. I love both, but Charlie rules *-* xd
Author: Shalrajas
SPD squad A already had a red ranger
Author: Gardakree
Pentagonal Fury... Lol
Author: Mikasa
You are absolutely correct. I agree with that.
Author: Voodoogal
I wish jayden did not leave now there would be two best rangers
Author: JoJolar
did he just said big sister
Author: Kajikinos
In Wild force Yellow Ranger was the leader until they found Cole as the Red Ranger and put him in charge
Author: Dulkree
actually she is the first red ranger, if you look at the difference of time that is. Charlie from SPD is actually from 2025..
Author: Akigore
Girls totally belong to be red because in almost every sing
Author: Yozshujin
She actually has a shodophone!
Author: Zololabar
His big sister!? She looks way younger than Jayden!
Author: Kak
I'm still hoping they bring in a gay ranger. It's the 21st century people its about time!!! Gosh at least throw in a bisexual character or something geez. Gay ppl do martial arts too ya know.
Author: Nera
shapes now? lolllllllll !
Author: Kiramar
finally a girl red power ranger
Author: Arashitilar
But it wasn't overt and it was very mild so that wasn't a problem. Also too much information about the erection XD
Author: Fenribei
They both have the same ranger
Author: Nigar
Jen lead that. Only reason she wasn't the Red Ranger was the Japanese footage they had to use. She's one of the very best characters they've had too.
Author: Bram
Two Red Rangers? I missed the entire second season of samurai.
Author: Shaktilmaran
still cool though : D!
Author: Tygogami
Same as the Japanese version
Author: Yogor
Like the fact that even in the new series. This and the new Megaforce that the original song is still used. Honestly though, when are we going to have an Avengers quality/Japan Power Rangers type quality of series or movie?
Author: Zura
fabuloso los paureyes
Author: Kigagar
SPD was set in the future, AFTER the events of Samurai, so technically, this came first
Author: Tygolrajas
¿Enter Lauren Shiba?, really? ¬¬'
Author: JoJora
First red female that was actually in sentai,
Author: Kazrabei
she said"BLOW JOB" at 1:10
Author: Grokora
Author: Shalabar
Um, I believe she had her dad's morpher. She was the only one using the same design as Shinkenger, the other five had "new" morphers that were more phone-ish and less brush-ish.
Author: Terr
PR has been on tv for 17 years. Now excluding the Sentai version ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!!!
Author: Jucage
How did the pink ranger know her name????????
Author: Moogubei
Author: Mushura
Author: Megrel
I'll be damned if a broad took my morpher.
Author: Mill
I liked Lauren but, I think they introduced her waaay too late for me to really connect with her at all. We don't really know anything about her character beyond that she is really dedicated and skilled like Jayden and that she cares about him. They should have had her pop up a few times before, keeping her presence a secret up until the last handful of episodes really hurt her character.
Author: Jurisar
Head like mine, needs a good blowjob. Tell me I'm not the only one who heard that.
Author: Nabei
Wait, ¡did feminism get its hands into this too? Ah, well. I mean, it really does coincide with our time-frame and all...
Author: Shataxe
So excited for this day in my room to
Author: Jugul
Finally! A female Red Ranger. Letting girls take the lead. I only imagined and dreamed, now my dream is true.
Author: Goltijinn
They did in the Sentai, and since Saban doesn't make their own footage, yes.
Author: Faezilkree
Maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time buying 'Sophie MacKay' as a Power Ranger. -_-
Author: Zulut
What gives?
Author: Zuktilar
!!!lauren y jayden estan formando un romance!!!
Author: Nisho
Emily and Mike, Mia, Jaden, Kevin are the best power ranger
Author: Zolorg
jayden as he's smiling toward her; oh fuck im screwed
Author: Gardamuro
ok i think this is like time force series but this time its a female version
Author: Zull
It's about damn time! Now all we need is a Pink Male Ranger...that will fuck 'em upXD
Author: Kasho
i know this aint the first one cuz i remember the SPD A-squad ranger but she was evil.
Author: Nikozshura
Author: Vugor
Author: Durisar
She said don't worry Jayden I got this so yeah that is how I know
Author: Tojakinos
PR has been on for 19 years in the US. I should know, the first episode came out when I was about a week old.
Author: Taunos
Finally! A red female Power Ranger!
Author: Togrel
I miss your previous ending credit, with the deer zord bleating.
Author: Mataur
Nickolodeons trying to buy up all the old 90's shows like PR and Ninja Turtles, trying to re-establish credibility as being child-friendly. Sorry, but all hope was lost for Nick when the came out with Aye Carly, and its been downhill ever since. They will never be the same.
Author: Malall
red dragon thunderzord's debut -,-
Author: Nikogrel
Technically, she's not the first female Red ranger in the American Series. The first one was the A-Squad Red Ranger from S.P.D. However, this is the first female Red Ranger who is good
Author: Tobei
Lauren is really good red ranger and Jayden is really good red ranger too 😊
Author: Malazragore
The whole time i kept thinking that Jayden was just really bad at holding his liquor haha
Author: Sagar
Author: Malajora
They both have the lion sword sorry I don't know how to spell it
Author: Taule
Author: Zulkishicage
Author: Malakree
SPD had one. A-squads leader
Author: Faekus
Ahhh....the original theme....
Author: Dodal
O_o Say What!?
Author: Dugor
Author: Mam
I knew it before the episode debuted! That's cause I watched Shinkenger. :-)
Author: Nami
Samurai had the perfect chance to introduce an Asian Red Ranger and they blew it. No disrepect to Jayden's actor but you have an Japanese surname-Shiba, it makes sense to have the actor be an Asian.
Author: Kalar
Good looking doesn't account for acting, in Sentai, even the not so good looking actors are rangers, namely Magiyellow/Beet Buster, but the acting makes up for it. Shinkenger is one of my favorite series, and seeing this god awful knockoff makes me sad... MMPR to Time Force had better acting
Author: Maumuro
Hey mom go to 101
Author: Kazishicage
wow nice sister
Author: Mosho
In Time Force Pink Ranger was the leader
Author: Akinomi
OK I kind of hate to say this cause I'm a gay black male myself BUT I think that Power Rangers is not the proper place to introduce sexuality like that.
Author: Voodoohn
You mean there was a female red ranger before lauren. Who was it?
Author: Kazrataur
yeah there both kinda right so . . . the second female red
Author: Fetaur
I know that because there both red rangers
Author: Maurisar
Huh? ... Not by far!
Author: Mikazragore
Kill her.
Author: Akihn
Lauren: Samurai Rangers Victory is ours
Author: Gagal
She looked at him like he was her long lost boyfriend than brother lol
Author: Meztik
so why did she get the pen brush and the rest dont wtf
Author: Kajas
wow! another girl on the team!
Author: Fauzuru
I think this is also the first time a single Ranger's Zord defeated a monster without forming a Megazord
Author: Vudojin
I am not going through the use it to be the same. if I could have been the best of the most of us are on your own, I will not be a great day, and I will be
Author: Kagagal
She actually said Hair like yours needs a good blowdry. I listened to the lines twice.
Author: Kitaur
Gold: Wow!
Author: Kashakar
Green: ...What gives!
Author: JoJohn
Yellow: How!
Author: Arashikinos
Green Ranger, "Boobs?" 2:16 haha
Author: Voodooran
Now we just need a male pink ranger and we'll be complete!
Author: Goramar
IMO, there should be a Female Red Ranger for a change, one that's in the season from start to finish.
Author: Maushakar
actually it's been on for 20 years
Author: Mezilabar
LOL, @ 2:16 after they showed Lauren's breasts, Mike gave that Perverted look.
Author: Kajikree
Pink: Who!
Author: Zukree
First female red ranger in power ranger was on SPD first squad rangers
Author: Mabei
Lauren is not bad that's good
Author: Mooguzragore
Does that mean they're selling the original shodophone in the US now?
Author: JoJojar
Fake ass Voltron, omg 4real? sigh...
Author: Mejin
I'd be alright with a girl red ranger, but it all sucks so much now that this makes it worse. Woulda been better back in the more original series, like that famous one-time bold move that everyone remembers forever.
Author: Mugar
jayden tu her mana es muy bonita
Author: Vugore
never mind. she said DRY
Author: Tohn
is the younger shiba the replacement red ranger?
Author: Yohn
worst zords ever
Author: Kagataxe
Yea, they are! Too bad I made the comment you replied to before I saw Megaforce. Gia and Emma are way hotter.
Author: Meztilkis
I can't believe that she can do the sealing power. A family reunion so adorbes
Author: Tozshura
They are talking about in order of when the SHOWS AIRED, not when the shows world took place,
Author: Mezinris
First that's awesome as fuck.
Author: Narisar
"Lauren Shiba"? That would be like having the name "Akira Gonzales" or "Mohammed Chang" Giving them a Japanese last name is ridiculous considering any ancestors they might have had are generations back. Neither of these two look remotely Asian.
Author: Garisar
a female red ranger??? FUCKING HERESY!!!!
Author: Gum
Their reactions were PRICELESS after Jayden said that Lauren is his big sister...
Author: Kakora
That was the first Red Power Ranger to be a girl in Power Ranger's History!
Author: Kajik
ridículo ... incrível como "isso" é MUITO inferior a Shinkenger!
Author: Zulkijin
and in Wild Force the yellow ranger was the leader
Author: Neshicage
Read the original comment... He mentioned nothing about whether he was talking about in-universe or just the chronological order of the seasons. So technically, my answer is still valid.
Author: Muran
It's a show for kids and bringing sexuality, to me, is a little too advance for kids, don't you think?
Author: Fell
Do we live in the same dimension because last I checked that was one of there most popular and long running shows ever, so much so that they gave 2 of the main characters oh wait 3 there own shows. Just because certain people don't like something doesn't mean its not popular or that other people don't like it. Your idea of downhill is there idea of success after success. They're got back old shows for the older people who grew up on them to bring back old viewers, not because they're failing.
Author: Samuramar
I like Lauren and Jayden, they are the best red rangers ❤️
Author: Zuhn
What episode is this???
Author: Turamar
Shame about it happening during the worst season of the franchise, but progress... from a great season (SPD), we must start with a bad one (Samurai).
Author: Zulkihn
on dirait que jayden et lauren s'ont amoureux
Author: Kagatilar
She has the most important person you like a baby with me on a Saturday morning to the next
Author: Kesar
wow, they actually showed a Shodo Phone in brush mode
Author: Zulkigal
Author: Domi
I dont' follow Power Rangers at all but how are there two?
Author: Tulkree
Do all the monsters in Samurai say a one liner before exploading?
Author: Sarr
Lauren: "A pair like your needs a good blow job!"
Author: Goltibar
Blow what??
Author: Vushura
Now, five female rangers have been in charge of the team- Delphine, Jen, Taylor, Charlie and now Lauren. (Might Morphin' Alien Rangers, Time Force, Wild Force, SPD and now Super Samurai)
Author: Faukora
Uhh.....people, you do realize a female Red ranger exist, right? Charlie from SPD. I know she turned evil  but still.
Author: Zulkijinn
Second: Isn't she the 2nd female red ranger? SPD did if first. Only for a couple epidsode. But she was the red ranger leader of the A Squad.
Author: Yogrel
Author: Kazinos
Been outta da p.r. loop since p.r. in space, how was da sis able 2 morph???
Author: Sajas
Big sister? Looked more like lost lovers. lol
Author: Nashura
I should probably watch all of Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai, but I don't like this as much as I like Shinkenger.
Author: Baramar
lauren is the second female red ranger
Author: Tygogore
Author: Shaktik
I would morph her until I died!!!
Author: Kira
the acting is atrocious in this show
Author: Tejinn
SPD takes place in 2025, so chronologically, Lauren is the 1st Female Red Ranger.
Author: Dagrel
Author: Zulkigore
All you all really need to quit hating on the whole Lauren Shiba thing she did a good job, and all you idiots who keep comparing power rangers to super sentai knock it off or compare forever to goaranger vs super sentai, both franchise aren't supposed to be the same and obviously samurai was the first real crack at making an attempt to adapt but unless you guys are the producers or are born AFTER the 90s quit critiizing and tlkin shit dude.cuz 5 bucks says you still watched all of super samuraii
Author: Mazugis
That's what I was about to say, too.
Author: Daigul
How did Mia came to know that her name is Lauren although they didn't knew that jayden have a sister
Author: Tojanos
why does Lauren look like she is younger than Jayden. Also anyone notice that when Lauren Powers down she looks shorter and has a bigger chest than the person in the Samurai red ranger outfit?
Author: Shakagul
2:16 Boobs! So you're sure it's a girl!
Author: Aragrel
Rangers together samurai forever
Author: Taurr
she was the original red samurai ranger so she always had the power
Author: Voodoozil
Well since David Yost who played Billy in MMPR is homosexual, you had a gay power ranger I guess. However, I agree with AnTra23 that introducing a gay power ranger is too much for a kids show. We still have to remember that Power Rangers in the U.S. is a market designed for children. Having blatant themes of sexuality would be too much. You do have to factor that exposing a child to too much too soon can have adverse effects because they can not understand the concepts being intorduced.
Author: Gajas
technically the original blue ranger was, but it was only the actor who was homosexual. That's actually kinda why he left the show.
Author: Tojanos
omg if u don't think samurai is good why do u watch it
Author: Danris
Author: Doujind
No feminism didn't do it, it was the story line from Samurai Sentai Shikenger in which the girl was the actual red ranger, but later she let Takeru take charge by adopting him as her son. Don't ask me about on how this makes sense, just look at Shikenger and you'll understand.
Author: Goltikora
hard to think of Jayden as "little"
Author: Mara
Power rangers
Author: Kilabar
She should join the team!
Author: Mauzahn
well she was the leader for a while
Author: Faekree
Hmm She's no Karou...
Author: Tesho
I think Lauren is stronger than all six Samurai rangers combined. She destroyed that monster all by herself.
Author: Vudoramar
yup it did need to happen
Author: Mura
Nickolodeon only thing is good is Nicktoons in 2AM in the morning watching Yu-Gi-Yo
Author: Vudot
Author: Fejind
Short after I finished seeing the video, I realized I had spoken out of my behind. I jumped the gun, my apologies. :)
Author: Tabei
Blue: Whoa!
Author: Gajas
Author: Vudole
This is how a female red ranger should look badass and amazing
Author: Tulmaran
Every single just about season of power rangers has yellow as a girl except for ninja storm so if a guy has the right to be yellow then a girl has
Author: Shakasa
It's Shinkenger being mutilated at every corner, bad acting, 6 dragged out eps on top of the holiday specials to do what Genta did with the Inromaru. Genta>Antonio
Author: JoJole
I thought Jayden was older than her
Author: Mazukazahn
It was nice to help her little brother with his hurt that bad
Author: Mum
I think darknessraven is referring to A-Squad red ranger from SPD. She was a female red ranger. Unfortunately I personally don't count her because 1) she's not part of the main team (which was B-Squad) and 2) A-Squad was evil most of the series and 3) NO ONE remembers her because she's just not important, especially like how Lauren (and Kaoru in Shinkenger) is.
Author: Fenrilabar
The person that I was replying to said that there were no female red rangers before Lauren, but SPD came out before Samurai, and there was a female red ranger in SPD. He never said anything about who came first in the actual universe, and if he did, then I wouldn't need to correct him.
Author: Zulkirg

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