Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 - Itachi vs Kakashi

14.07.2019   |   by Fausho

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Author: Kajilrajas
Author: Mezikazahn
Nice vid of Itachi man. <3
Author: Kill
do you know that there's an episode when kakashi make a clone and attack itachi with 2 mangekyou attacks it's so awosem i hate itachi so much thanks god that itachi dies by sasuke however i want to ask you something will you aswer me please whatever look here pal do you know the name of the woman with the redeyes in the anime if you do please tell it to me by the way your comment arivved to me after a month from my writing :( please be faster this time :)
Author: Taujinn
when is it comming out (a date if you know ,please^^)?
Author: Vomi
itachi is a good boy
Author: Nasho
the opponent dosent see it comin:lookin at his hands while water shoots the hell outta nowhere and desimates them yo and itachi's there all kool lookin and shit....and pt 2 niggas jus wait fo dat...
Author: Zujar
OMG, PS2!!
Author: Tataur
make my own in live action
Author: Garn
i play with itachi and this is a disgrace on both sides >.>
Author: Faemi
like the fuck kakashi will read the book when facing akatsuki / itachi lol.
Author: Tuzragore
kakashi sucked
Author: Fenrishicage
ZZZZ Nvr watch manda de dragonaxel.....
Author: Kajibar
that's ok pal when i told you about the question of the woman with the red eyes i ment the only woman in the hidden leaf villge teaching the ninjas and she fought itach with kakashi and asuma in the first time and i think that her red eyes are nothing than a sharingan i could be wrong as you know about the sharingan if you need any more informations just e-mail me and welcome to be a friend of mine any time you like ( invesibel ) :D
Author: Nikorisar
@SeasickTanner shut the fuk up bitch the nigga'z only showin off itachi's shit okay puss so chill out kitty
Author: Temuro
i dont recall that episode are u refering to the one when naruto uses his oodama rasengan for the first time? and yes sasuke did kill itachi but the reason was that itatchi wanted to die and no i do not no any women wit red eyes sorry also i didnt notice that it was a comment from a month ago sorry =p lol
Author: Tojarr
In Tsukuyomi, if your opponent is blocking your upupO move, keep spamming it until he lowers his guard to try to escape, don't worry thanks to Tsukuyomi, they're too slow to escape the explosion and it'll punish them for trying to do so.
Author: Kazinos
Poor Kakashi...and who cares again??
Author: Shakanris
thanks a lot i'm realy so glade but what's the favor genjutsu ?
Author: Arashikus
dude he's fucking hard he has att up and he's fast took me forever to beat him
Author: Akinonos
i can't do that, i don't know how
Author: Samutaur
what is name of this song??
Author: Megami
Easy, u just spin both at the same time using ur palm to move both simultaneously
Author: Dotaxe
Also his OOOleftO move *if you're facing right* can be linked into his LV 3 Ougi if used near the wall.
Author: Vudozil
He used soo much chakara
Author: Goltir
sasuke wins itachi in anime ;)
Author: Kazralmaran
i almost thought that song was in the actual game but in the jap version i was about to set it off yo lol.......i always luvd dat first jutsu,one with the water...i hav ultimate ninja 3 and 4 now and they changed it(of course) i only play un 2 wen i wanna see this jutsu again it never gets old u kno
Author: Kakree
lol i have this vid on my favs i see it every day i love this video
Author: Kera
Woo you spin with analog stick very very fast! 25! I easly beat insane lvl comp but i bearly can hit 20. How do you do that?
Author: Vudogami
lmao, Kakashi got pwnd!
Author: Zukazahn
no, he wanted to die. Didn't you notice he was very sick.
Author: Nishakar
Author: Nakora
why the fuck itachi had to dieeeeeeee
Author: Vinris
oh her thats kurinia and no she doesnt have the sharingan although she does favor genjutsu like the uchihas
Author: Juzil
theres is no way kakashi would win and sasuke only killed itachi cuz he let him itachi is a beast best in the show
Author: Tokasa
is fucking amazin the amaterazu i will
Author: Kajikora
what's the name of that theme song?
Author: Kazigal
u both suck really bad at this
Author: Shakagar
tu maitrise trop bien itachi mec!!!
Author: Mooguzragore
cool video too bad they dont have these song like when u fight i have both game the english and japanese i mainly play with the japanese one more kewl nice video latz
Author: Kajimuro
watch the mangas itachi let sasuke kill him he had nothing else to live for and theres no way he would kill his younger brother
Author: Kigarisar
i like that japanese version better than the english
Author: Gror
kakashi got owned so bad
Author: Samuran
itachi is a cheater from the day that he hade the mangekyou sharingan i HATE HIM A LOT dont an one now the episode of his death !! sasuke my be he is the only one who can kill him but he is a traitor do you now a thing i wish there is a way to wach a show about mangekyou tharingan battele between itachi and kakashi
Author: Shaktijas
kakashi suffered alot in this vid
Author: Akinorn
i havent relle seen dat many but the one itachi uses on kakashi is just play sick 1sec in the real world = 72 hours in itachis genjutsu hbu?
Author: Groktilar
ummm i disagree i dont think itachi let sasuke kill him so he would get stronger itachi just wanted sasuke to be the one that killed him and to c how far his power can go
Author: Mikagore
!!! its not fuckin fair
Author: Zulkilar
boy, this brings back major nostalgia :)
Author: Tojasho
i love this video and the best itachi ending (you are weak)
Author: Mezijora
No he wanted to die lol, If he didnt die the Sasuke couldn't have gotten Mangekyou Sharingan, and Sasuke's sharingan is supposed to be special, so Itachi gave his life in order to make sasuke stronger.
Author: JoJozuru
i cant press 30times and spin 40-45 times :D
Author: Zolojora
Amaretsu, but susanooo how will it?
Author: Gagul
how you recordet
Author: Mum
lol leapfrog at 0:28
Author: Mezigore
but other day ¬¬
Author: Zolojar
i couldn't uderstand a word but if you ment that itachi uses a time accilaration on you could say making the time around him so slow ( just like the eye of storm power at the prince of persia games specialy 3 the two thrones ) then if you ment that you'r right he can but ...... how ? and what's the mangekyou sharingan story any way ??!! :x
Author: Dubei
this guy is french but makes it japanese to make it look like hes asian..-.-
Author: Arashilkree
Itachi's downOO can be linked into his LV 2 Ougi if used near the wall if you charge it while doing the move so after it launches your opponent, you can do the ougi while they're spinning because you charged already. ^^
Author: Tarr
that was rules
Author: Zulkijinn
If your opponent has no chakra to KnJ. An infinite combo Itachi has is OOsquare but you must do this VERY QUICKLY! If pulled off correctly your opponent won't be able to block during the combo plus he won't be able to KnJ since he has no chakra.
Author: Gujin
believe me or not there is an episode when kakashi use his mangekyou sharingan with a clone then he attacks itachi with his mangekyou power i know that sasuke kills itachi from a so long ago but do any one know the name of the woman with the red eyes she is so sexy it's the true
Author: Tujas
"your weak" thats what he syas
Author: Kigarg
Author: Vuzshura
awesome video
Author: Zulkizshura
c trop de la ball
Author: Naktilar
go itachi!
Author: Zulkicage
Itachi sounds so cool.
Author: Faemi
If you press Triangle while Itachi is doing the pose from his downdownO counter move and he gets hit, the counter move won't happen but it will freeze the opponent and they're vulnerable for you to do the ougi you charged while doing the pose. It's best if it's LV 2 since it has the fastest frame rate out of the other 2.

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