SourceFed Truth or Dare

22.06.2019   |   by Doshicage

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Author: Doujind
I know the sexy dance was a joke, but Joe killed it. I've never wished I was a couch more.
Author: Mazura
It's all fun and games until Steve's pants disappear inexplicably
Author: Kagalabar
Lee is actually kind of surprisingly badass! XD
Author: Kisida
My god I really love SourceFed.. They're so perfect <3
Author: Fetaxe
I dare meg to be less of a sloozy
Author: Kik
lol 14. Late starter. Hah.
Author: Tell
What are you talking about?? Hes great!
Author: Tojinn
They should animate Steve's POTA song
Author: Dozahn
holy shite you guys are the bloody best
Author: Julkis
JACK BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Mazilkree
I liked this just for buddy watching kpax last night.. LOL so did I
Author: Ketaur
dafuq are you on about
Author: Vudokora
Megs boobies bouncin during Steve's song
Author: Samurn
bahaha i love Steve's planet of the ape's song!
Author: JoJogore
14? Late starter? I'm almost 19 and still haven't held a guy's hand!
Author: Saramar
I wonder if Steve will still be around by the end of 2016...
Author: Akinokazahn
he can't itune it hence copyright
Author: Garn
Elliot's dancing made me laugh so hard.
Author: Karamar
I think it may have been sarcasm... Not sure though.
Author: Gotaxe
Steve s so good at improv
Author: Kigalar
imagine if sourcefed had HR
Author: Nataxe
Author: Akitilar
But in all honesty, you guys are the best!
Author: Kagabei
Lees voice... I thought it was steve
Author: Mezir
Author: Kale
whaaaaaat, why? :/
Author: Samushicage
Meg winner! she fine
Author: Nasho
did steve take his pants off at the end?! i hardly noticed that was hilarious!!!!
Author: Muzshura
This is still hilarious almost 3 years later. They should do a reunion truth or dare with everyone, I'm talking the whole OG crew and Dani, Ross, Chloe, Whitney, DJ and even Phil.
Author: Fausida
Tommy is a lucky man
Author: Donris
14 is late start ?
Author: Tausar
I want the Doctor Who poster in the background.
Author: Yorisar
Someone needs to release all of SourceFeds Uncensored content :) No HR problems if the company/channel no longer exists.
Author: Mazahn
steves song sounded like a tenacious D song ahha
Author: Kek
Steve just summoned his inner Jack Black for the end of that song.
Author: Fenrilabar
Does anyone else come back to this video JUST for Steve's song?
Author: Dokus
Les Mis, definitely Tear jerker! XD
Author: Tygora
Where can I buy Steve's song?
Author: Tonris
I have been searching for months. Halp plz.
Author: Mezinos
all these people left sourcefed except for steve
Author: Mashura
Tfw Trisha says 14 is late for your first kiss and you're almost 19 and haven't been kissed...
Author: Yozshukree
Steve just impersonated Jack Black all the time. Including while improvising a song, using the same "clichês" and structure (and other characteristics).
Author: Zulkit
No... It wasn't sarcasm
Author: Kazrajinn
You, my dear sir, deserves more thumbs up
Author: Kazim
I would totally buy Steve's song :D
Author: Dizilkree
I would like to know when that sond will be avalable on Itunes,
Author: Garamar
This was three years ago:') I miss this group of hosts so much, nothing will ever top the amazing content they made together.
Author: Ketaxe
Steve, when will that be on iTunes? lol worth every cent
Author: Gardasho
i vote steve to be a new member of tenacious d
Author: Toran
Miss the old crew, a reunion show like comment commentary or another true or dare would be sweet
Author: Akik
I wish I had friends like you guys.
Author: Tanos
anyone elses brain explode when meg kissed at the screen!!! or was that just me??? awkward...
Author: Teshura
This was two years ago......
Author: Samukazahn
RIP SourceFed
Author: Gardashura
I cannot believe Steve is the only one left from this video
Author: Kale
Steve's song makes me feel some type of way. 
Author: Moogushicage
I had to full screen just for the sexy dance off. It didn't disappoint.
Author: Mikasar
Author: Banris
Can someone make a gif of 9:34 to 9:38?
Author: Tygojora
If this doesn't cause mass subscription then I feel sad for humanity.
Author: Aracage
I like everyone one on the cast/team except for the guy with the mug, i avoid all videos with him, just a bum
Author: Zuluzahn
That was an incredible song
Author: Kigat
so when's Steve's song coming out on iTunes?
Author: Zulkilrajas
Holy shit... 14 years old is a late bloomer fuck I'm screwed.
Author: Moogubei
Author: Nikot
Miss this cast so much.
Author: Mizilkree
love the new cast, but nothing tops the original:/
Author: Yorisar
Watching this again made me mega depressed
Author: Gardajin
Pause at 0:09 and look at trish's face.....
Author: Daizshura
god these videos have some much rewatch time value !!!
Author: Sashakar
Eoin O' Broin - Back On Track, is the song at the end
Author: Ganos
Tenacious D + Steve = Perfect match
Author: Fejora
Hold on, so first kiss at 14 is a late start? And I'm 14, uh... yeah, I've totally had my first kiss, heh... slowly walks away
Author: Tygom
this needs to come back!!
Author: Tojin
14 first kiss is a late bloomer? Oh boy...
Author: Shaktijar
Author: Mocage
who wanted that trisha flash her boobs at the end say I
Author: Gardataxe
steves song reminds me of a cross between Stephen Lynch and Tenacious D
Author: Mikalkree
the best 1 out of all the sourcefed guys is meg :) shez the funniest and the best ever!!
Author: JoJolabar
wait... did Elliott not go?
Author: Sam
Steve has lost so much weight since then
Author: Kazrazilkree
I would legit buy Steve's song
Author: Mezigal
When will this be on iTunes
Author: Vudokinos
you are us joe. you are us.
Author: Grokasa
I'd totally buy steve's song on itunes
Author: Turg
okey ... i've decided .. this is my favorite thing sourcfed ever made
Author: Grogul
Still fucking funny!
Author: Samugar
whats the song dance at 8:40?????
Author: Vudohn
What is the music at the end called?????
Author: Gokora
Elliot at the end. God. So funny!
Author: Nikolkis
Steve needs to have a album
Author: Tozragore
Joe: "Now Kiss"
Author: Kakree
damn steve's songs are the best
Author: Grogar
I thought its Sam and Meg poster :P
Author: Zulushakar
All attractive people. Dang. Also, love the Doctor Who picture in the background. These people know the good things in life.
Author: Meztikazahn
you guys have so much fun, i wish i was a part of it
Author: Gojar
I thought your comment said Where can I download Steve's pants?
Author: Kagakazahn
Author: Doushura
lol i love lee she's awesome
Author: Shaktira
14's late oh ok :(
Author: Arataur
I miss that couch,,,,
Author: Togore
SCOREEEEE!!!! Free Virus!!!
Author: Zululkis
yeah i found a easy way to get more views on twitter! have a look at this:\18E8Ffl
Author: Jurisar
Watching in 2017 and now the channel is ending :(
Author: Faem
What's the song called? (When they're doing the sexy montage)
Author: Maum
what was censored 0-0
Author: Kegore
I'm a guy and I totally saw the dudes win that SexyDanceOff!
Author: Gardashura
Steve's song was actually pretty freaking amazing....
Author: Tugis
Glasses threesome.
Author: Samulrajas
I miss these guys
Author: Grojinn
Ok but that song was actually really awesome
Author: Mikajas
no no jessica nigri would HAVE to be an angel
Author: Faegami
where did they get the doctor who poster?!?!?
Author: Tezragore
steves song reminds me of tenacious d
Author: Mazuzil
Steve says all hecan do isa few chords, but in the song he used loads of chords, slid chords and even palm muted certain parts. No way I am believing that he isn't good.
Author: Shataxe
What chords did Steve use??
Author: Dudal
In the video, Lee looks like Black Canary to me.
Author: Gozuru
I'd buy all of steve's songs especially when he curses.
Author: Kajikree
Elliot is THE BEST!! Evan though everyone else is awesome too
Author: Kijin
They should do a reunion truth or dare episode with all of these people
Author: Dam
lee will never fail to make me laugh
Author: Yolrajas
Steve's song was actually amazing.
Author: Zolosida
Song go hard
Author: Mihn
Lee looks like Billie Piper
Author: Gugis
Trisha= Clara Oswin Oswald
Author: Tulrajas
How come that song was never made into a SourceFed animated bit?
Author: Voodoodal
Wtf happened between joe steve and meg?
Author: Dousar
Back when sourcefed was good :(
Author: Shaktijind
I'm gonna miss this most of all...
Author: Maramar
Lee looks a lot like Jennette McCurdy o.o
Author: Moogujinn
Meg= Amy Pond
Author: Mizil
Thank goodness for The VALLEYFOLK!!!
Author: Gamuro
Funny video :)
Author: Shaktikinos
fourteen's a late bloomer?
Author: Kasar
Let's here steve sing and play guitar more!
Author: Mukasa
is lee drunk xD
Author: Arashishakar
i was watching the sexy dance off when my grandma walked in ...
Author: Vikora
the old set looks alot more cozy and home like than the new set
Author: Shazragore
14 isn't a late-bloomer where I'm from. We must be pretty boring where I live :)
Author: Sagar
Trisha and Meg are hilarious "sexy" dancing!
Author: Kalrajas
oh how i love lee newton... 
Author: Daibar
Tell the hot blonde I said hi
Author: Nelabar
Just watched the latest truth or dare, got real sad, and came here. This doesn't feel forced. It's easy and really funny. I'm gonna go ahead and live in the past.
Author: Meztikasa
I like the kiss idea joe
Author: Fehn
now that sourcefed is over... im rewatching these truth or dare videos for the 100th time to keep me happy :')
Author: Vogar
That song should be on itunes
Author: Fenrishicage
Lee= Rose Tyler
Author: Shakanos
hes good with a guitar
Author: Mujin
14 ain't late
Author: Tajar
That was the sexiest dance I have ever seen.
Author: Faekus
Nah, don't worry about it.
Author: Mikajin
i think meg won dance off
Author: Fenridal
😭😭😭😭😭 I wish everyone was still around
Author: Kejas
And many a fan fiction writers found an intro.
Author: Tygoktilar
Oh look its Lee, Trisha and Meg. YouTube's Charlie's Angel. ;)
Author: Mimi
I hope Joe knows that he's actually a pretty sexy dad
Author: Zulusida
Oh dear good Lee
Author: Mezisida
Watching this from the last week of sourcefed! 😩
Author: Molrajas
Author: Vokazahn
I finally figured it out:
Author: Brashakar
Whats the name of the song at the end
Author: Dairamar
I think when Steve was playing the guitar the girls were falling for him, especially Trisha. You could just see it.
Author: Kilabar
Steve should make a music video for his Planet of the Apes song XD
Author: Miran
Steve reminds me of Jack Black for some reason. LOL
Author: Mikatilar
Elliot totally won the sexy dance off!
Author: Fenritilar
Author: Zolole
Trisha, if 14 is late bloomer than what is 18-ish?
Author: Tygolkis
Steve is the only one left. And he looks so different. This was an awesome throwback
Author: Shakataxe
Omfg Lee's "sexy" dance at the end killed me
Author: Tojalkis
Trisha is that kind of girl I would've regretted picking on in 5th grade.
Author: Muktilar
Sourcefed needs to get in contact with DFTBA Records and get Steve an album!!!!
Author: Tugrel
Joe and Meg nailed the dance off and Trisha is just too damn cute X3
Author: Malagul
I miss these people so much!!!! Lee, Joe and Elliott will always be my favorite SF hosts of all time!!! Trisha, Steve and Meg were also great hosts once they grew on me. But my heart will always go the the originals!!! Love you guys!
Author: Tekazahn
if you record that song i will buy it
Author: Godal
Does anyone know what song it is that they dance to at the end??
Author: Mazugis
Marry me, Lee Newton.
Author: Doshakar
Author: Gazragore
i died of suffocation. Laughed so hard i shat myself. At work.
Author: Goltishicage
And that awesome Doctor Who poster! OMG THE FEELS!
Author: Tobar
Lee looks so much like Jeanette McCurdy this time. I'm totally ok with that
Author: Dorisar
My fourth time watching this vid, I die laughing everytime lmao!
Author: Kazrale
Lee looks great in this one
Author: Dukree
That is what I was thinking....
Author: Mazugul
all these people left sourcefed except for steve
Author: Kigakora
and now we know why they called that couch "a den of sin"
Author: Zuramar
He missed an awesome opportunity to rhyme "the forbidden zone" in the song... 7:35

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