Cry Plays: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines [P1]

28.05.2019   |   by Dajinn

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Author: Malashura
"i didn't kill you though, i have morals" starts killing the guy
Author: Vudotaur
I would just like to point out if you've watched the whole playthrough of this: You know the song at the end that Cry said he knows (when it was playing earlier in the club)? That's Swamped by Lacuna Coil, and a cool little thing in this game is that the sunflower picture over the character's bed in her apartment (around 11:30 ~ 11:40 ) is the album cover for Lacuna Coil's album that featured Swamped.
Author: Juk
am I rewatching this? yes, yes I am
Author: Vuzuru
This man is a gift to the internet.
Author: Volrajas
This game needs a counterpart in which you are a werewolf. I feel like that would be pretty good if it were done right.
Author: Monris
That voice is perfect for the lines your vampire is saying lol
Author: Tat
I've watched this play-though at least 3 times already... never gets old!
Author: Moogugor
Idk. I thought that was pretty neat. Lol.
Author: Metilar
Also, a malkavian on his first play through and he skips the tutorial. Yup, good luck cry.
Author: Samulmaran
So there is a possibility of a sequel for Bloodlines. Obsidian, Chris Avellone and Brian Mitsoda showed interest, look up their Twitter if you don't believe me :)
Author: Zulukinos
Bloodlines: every time you mention it, someone will reinstall it
Author: Duk
Great news kindred, the World of Darkness IP (Including Vampire the Masquerade) has been acquired by Paradox Interactive.
Author: Merisar
Author: Brale
Cry: laughs hysterically after seeing people get stabbed
Author: Shakticage
Its good to hear Cry laugh.. He hasn't been laughing as much as of late.. Hope whatever the problem is, it gets better :D
Author: Sabei
he actually acts like a malkavian
Author: Bat
Well, now I know why all my friends watch Cry instead of Pewds...
Author: Nabei
The graphics in this game are quite good considering it was originally released in 2004.
Author: Tegul
This was my first Cry videos, I've been subscribed eversince. Brings back memories :')
Author: Kilkis
Me: laughs with him
Author: Faegami
Cry: The only Youtber that doesn't talk through the plot and dialogue.
Author: Vorisar
"I don't like crazy people."
Author: Yozshule
Says the Malkavian.
Author: Mazuramar
God, Malkavians are so weird, but that's why they're the best clan in the Masquerade-verse.
Author: Nerisar
Fun fact: Jack is Jake the dog & Bender from Futurama.  The Doctor is Hermes Conrad from Futurama as well.

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