GBH - Time Bomb

08.07.2019   |   by Gagar

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Author: Yomuro
Charged G.B.H has a fucking time bomb!!!
Author: Feramar
nice nicki minaj picture .. hah
Author: Gakazahn
The two best songs from gbh is give me fire and timebomb
Author: Gajar
Both metal and punk influenced eachother in those times but when it comes to fast extreme music it all comes back to 3 groups MC5, The stooges and later the dead boys aka motorheads main influences.
Author: Sagore
This is a great band and song
Author: Faemuro
Its funny how almost unknown bands influenced alot of bands more then well known like Sabbath or Led Zeppelin.
Author: Kajirg
Articles of Faith is pretty good. So is Toxic Narcotic.
Author: Doucage
There are no punk bands today. I am sorry but their is nothing punk about bands like Blink 182.
Author: Akinolabar
Oi! from italy
Author: Sacage
se te olvida SICK BOY
Author: Duramar
This is bullshit ofcourse there are good punk bands today , for exampe The Estranged , Autistic Youth, Young Offenders, etc
Author: Kale
Although Sex Pistols were the Backstreet Boys of punk ;) and the Clash were commies who drove around in limos, I have to say you're above the average level of kids today. Keep it up.
Author: Mulkis
Saw them at George Robey, Finsbury Park in 1990. Hardest band I've ever seen. Was 19 at time and felt slightly out of my depth. Great gig though!
Author: Vum
You may be 51 and you may be an old school punk, but if you believe that than you're ignorant.
Author: Vujinn
I'm not saying these pop punk bands are good but they at the core have punk roots and you can't deny them of there roots even if they didn't stick to them.
Author: Gardakus
Author: Kahn
Author: Shakara
how it is called the specific punk art like the one in the wallpaper? bricks, graffiti, the 80's, like in ninja turtles?
Author: Zujin
It's great you've always been there reppin the scene, but if you actually think there are no good punk bands around today, you need to get out more. There's just as good and bad of a punk scene as there was back then. Don't tell me you listen to the radio man....
Author: Shakakus
the world is full of excellent punk band! we are living in 2013 we must support the new bands!
Author: Tora
Love this band :D
Author: Zolonos
Long live Charged G.B.H! Let's keep supporting them!!!

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