1 million cockroaches escape from farm in China; Man wakes up with cockroach in ear - Compilation

03.06.2019   |   by Dibar

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Comments "1 million cockroaches escape from farm in China; Man wakes up with cockroach in ear - Compilation":

Author: Narg
That's it, I'm moving to mars. Anyone wanna come?
Author: Doushakar
good thing i've never even seen a cockroach in my whole life before 😂😂
Author: Kajijind
So, the other night around 12:00 I cockroach crawled in my bed on onto me. I started screaming and my parents thought I was being kidnapped! XD
Author: Nikoshura
i think cockroach man is kinda cool
Author: Turisar
One cochroach in the ear, is better than ten in the rear.
Author: Dir
Never going to China
Author: Faulmaran
What the hell was that cockroach cartoon
Author: Nikonris
I was itchy this entire video
Author: Dokree
Cock roaches are her babies!  feeds them and loves them then drowns them and dries then dries them out to sell as medicine. Yikes worst mama
Author: Goltik
cockroach lives don't matter
Author: Faegore
Why was this recommended? I didn't watch any bug videos. .-.
Author: Doura
TomoNews is so weird man with there animation work of art lmaooo I love it.
Author: Dair
the hell did I just watch.....
Author: Kazinris
I wish roaches can go extinct ... Their gross
Author: Mazuzilkree
Cockroaches are so damn disgusting, they freak me out when ever I see them all the time 😒
Author: Mikakasa
Time to nuke China
Author: Mauzuru
we need to build the wall and make COCKROCHES pay!
Author: Vik
I'm going to wear my wireless headphones to bed
Author: Zololl
This is sooooo disgusting!!!!
Author: Tashicage
I felt a leg hair move and I jumped 6 feet

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