911 Call From A Hospital ER

24.06.2019   |   by Zuluzragore

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Author: Tegul
I totally believe this. Some hospitals are terrible. I had a severe staph infection a few months ago. I went to my local hospital and waited 4 hours while they took all these people before me. People with flu's and spider bites. terrible
Author: Vudora
you sir..are an idiot..an ignorant idiot..you do not deserve the honorable nick you have..go die somewhere where we can't smell ya
Author: Tygonos
I can't believe she died. omg....
Author: Fenrill
Now stop bitching about the NHS and think things through properly for once!!!
Author: Gozuru
my moms friends friend went into labor early and they said she wasnt ready so they could olny put her in a room and the baby came out and her husband ran out and told them and they ignored him and the baby died in a bucket they found in her room and the husband kept going out and yelling at them my fucking baby is dieng and you arnt doing anything then when the baby died he cussed them out and yelled im suing your fucking asses and they got sewed..they dont help you at all..
Author: Tomuro
citizens called 911 and got blown off.....
Author: Mutilar
SICK society....
Author: Akinora
Yay! Look how much American healthcare is better than British!
Author: Kazil
At least she died without the sin of socialism marring her soul. /sarcasm
Author: Tomuro
This would never happen with a nationalised healthcare system! The government would have way to much to loose if a death like this occurred so would do everything to make sure tat it didn't!
Author: Dikinos
This has nothing to do with nationalized healthcare. This has nothing to do with the hospital's technology. The problem is with the staff's lack of concern. The janitors saw the woman on the floor and just mopped around her! How much stupider can you get? Even if the woman had insurance she would've still died because workers did not do the job that they are paid to do.
Author: Faulabar
and you know better than to expect anyone come into contact with biohazards without proper protection.
Author: Kagalkree
just read your comics...
Author: Datilar
She was a meth-head. Doctors are less likely to help someone who's caused their own condition. They focus on patients who want to get better first. This is outrageous to us but to people who see it every day, it's not such a big deal.
Author: Mezibei
I hope they lock up and imprison all the staff that stood back that day. If I were there I could give a shit I would have done everything to help. I also hope vincintvega28 starts dying and coughing up blood and goes directly to that hospital as well.
Author: Danris
wow....just wow...
Author: Zulkirn
Author: Taunos
Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time, the story just doesn't get out. God Bless, sorry for their loss. My God! How terrible!
Author: Mumuro
And this is how money is the root of all evil. It's terribly sad (shakes head). And unfortunately, a socialist/communist way of running things wouldn't help matters much either.
Author: Grogami
This is absolutely ridicolous' EVERYODY SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED' RIP Edith Rodriquez' I hope the family sued the entire state' I can not believe this shit'
Author: Tojagore
I say fire the staff of the hospital and fire those to 911 dumb asses. They clearly are too stupid and apathetic for their jobs. Especially the male moron.
Author: Goltibei
Hmmm King/Drew. Lets evaluate what goes there. Crackheads, gangbangers, criminals, the lazy, the homeless, alcoholics, etc etc. I dont see the problem here.
Author: Nill
Ok real talk...look at who these people are! They're poor minorities and these are the types of services that available to them. It's fucked up but I'm not surprised. I mean just look at the school systems in these same neighborhoods, same thing. The "professionals" get complacent after seeing the same patients walk in with chronic medical issues and no way to pay for them. Again, it's fucked up but the bottom line always is that money talks and bullshit walks.
Author: Mabar
I hate that Dispatcher who told it was NOT a emergency -_- Im so glad im from norway where U get help insant, and hospital is free

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