A Message From Lindsey Graham. I QUIT!

15.07.2019   |   by Tojakazahn

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Comments "A Message From Lindsey Graham. I QUIT!":

Author: Mauran
This goes out to all the pathetic progressive liberal dreamers. Bernie "soapbox" Sanders couldn't get nominated president of the kosher pickle Association... Nevermind the United States of America... And that goes for Hillary Clinton too... Liberalism is a dying breed... Donald Trump president 2016
Author: Fenris
It never dawned on TYT that Trump wasn't part of Republican movement. He's not an establishment Republican but funny is always assumed and treated like he is. The Industrial Military Complex has nothing to do with Trump, he's fighting the IMC. Same as McCain who is owned by the IMC. The real enemy is the IMC. It's worse than the CIA. They have nothing to do with American Democracy. TYT don't know what they're talking about. Trumps jokes carry more weight than our present administrations actions. You don't think Obama is doing that EXACTLY what Trump is saying.
Author: Takazahn
Its as if these talking head politician has had his brains sucked out of his head and they replaced it with a slug...
Author: Gardagar
HAHAHAHAHAHA.. You guys make more fun of this clown than Rush Limbaugh could ever do. STRONG WORK Cenk, as always//..
Author: Kigataxe
his eyes are sooo red.
Author: Shaktijind
More boots on the grounds! Do these idiots know these boots are filled with human feet and a human body above those feet?
Author: Dotaur
Author: Magrel
he and mccain are lib democrats in wolfs cover they are swamp snakes
Author: Sahn
Bye Bye girly man Lindsay
Author: Akirn
Lindsey Ghram: oh my, I do declare this presidential race is far too dizzying for my fair and delicate skin, you see.
Author: Akikora
I thought he was the most promising republican candidate .
Author: JoJolmaran
AND there he is ..... still in the same seat as before !!!! ... LIAR
Author: Goshura
Would you cover Rand Paul positively for the 2020 campaign Cenk?     (I assume the republicans do not run Trump and lose vs. Hillary in -16)
Author: Mobar
Windey mad
Author: Shakakree
War mongerer. Glad to see him go.
Author: Akinonos
I dislike your channel, only because you guys show republicans. Show substance and what you believe in. People forget quick..
Author: Kazratilar
Trump 2016
Author: Kasida
You know things are bad when Lindsey Graham is one of the more sane candidates. No surprise that Trump took advantage of yet another opportunity to be a dick.
Author: Vizragore
I don' know if Cenk is naive or just so partisan he can't see his party's side in "the establishment". Hillary represents "the establishment" more so than any of the republican candidates. Trump is basically the only one that stands out, hence his appeal. Hillary will be business as usual just as Obama was business as usual apart from a couple of moves forward. I appreciate Cenk more so when he is critical of both sides part in the mess we're in instead of "playing ball" with the Dems to help keep them in power.
Author: Vulmaran
If a lisping idiot falls in the woods and there are no VOTERS who care, does he make a sound?
Author: Kajijora

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