Amendment 64 debate at DU

09.07.2019   |   by Tushura

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Author: Jucage
Author: Mausho
This whole debate is so fucking stupid and useless. If stupid people are not willing to accept reason, than there is no point of having an argument.
Author: Douzuru
Legalize in CO! Please? It's been long enough...
Author: Arazil
I say let freedom ring!
Author: Kajishura
PS. This is not a drug its a cure look at how many people its helped and the only people saying its bad are people who wont gain anything from it being legal.
Author: Vuzshura
Vote YES. Vote for freedom, not slavery.
Author: JoJozahn
Author: Zolosida
Legalizing would make it HARDER for teens to get it...Do drug cartels ask for your I.D.? NOPE..What do you think REGULATING means?
Author: Kasar
haha weed is easier to get than starbuck's
Author: Akinolrajas
Colorado, here I come...
Author: Kajinris
If kids smoke it its bad but i would rather they use cannabis than alcohol they're gonna experiment I think we all have. Legalization would define freedom what this country says it represents but if someone cant use a plant and is jail'd for it is that freedom? who are they hurting by useing a plant at their own home?
Author: Nagis
Legalize & save lives.
Author: Shasar
Author: Shaktishakar
If I was a dealer and hated black people like Ken Buck I would vote no on 64 too.

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