American sentenced for insulting Thai king

01.07.2019   |   by JoJojora

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Comments "American sentenced for insulting Thai king":

Author: Jusida
At least, he was lucky that it was the Thai King that he defamed.
Author: Nizilkree
The King was a very clever man.Inventer,photographer, musician and a wonderful father to his nation.He will be missed.R.I.P.
Author: Meztimi
If we didnt have any thai restaurants in usa. USA would be doomed. The Pad Thai and tom yum soup is so good. As a country the USA would crumble without it.
Author: Tek
Use your freedom of speech wisely in a dignified way
Author: Dozuru
Respect to your king he defended thailand from invaders
Author: Shashakar
Is it punishable when you write it outside from thailand and you are a foreigner ? Or you are a Thai ? When yes--you visit as a turist "Amazing" Thailand, they give you 25 years " Concentrationcamp" like Hitler and Eichmann Time ?????
Author: Shaktirr
Author: Vudoshicage
What if someone picks up your phone and send nasty messages about the king? Better be careful over in Thailand people make sure your phone is locked at all times.
Author: Fauktilar
Imagine what kind of punishment he would have got if he insulted the North Korean leader and went to North Korea.
Author: Moogurn
Ok he said something wrong but 2 years, I think that a fine would be more effective and less costly , also their are bigger problems to resolve
Author: JoJolkree
He is guilty of slander and defamation, this exists in western countries, western people go to jail under defamation and slander laws, so the western 'free speech' does not exist if it is defamation and slander. Afaik he posted defamatory information. I see nothing wrong.
Author: Mazusho
no comment. What's wrong with freedom of speech and democracy.
Author: Faebar
People have the right to drive freely but that does not give you the right to drive on the wrong side of the road
Author: Samutaxe
I consider anyone talking and defamations of other people character a snitch. We hate snitches and snitching on others is not free press.
Author: Kigall
Love you Thailand and Thai people from Nepal simply because it is Buddhist country.
Author: Nikokinos
Kinda funny how people just assume oh Thailand doesn't have freedom well it does I have been living there for 11 years and I had alot of freedom
Author: Arashilar
freedom of speech meaning publicly speaking nonsense.. which must be stopped.. :)
Author: Voodookora
Author: Tygokree
Author: Mazulabar
All i think is that being a queen and king is just for entertainment at the end all of us will die in a gravestone and only god could tell
Author: Kazrarn
Freedom of expression with international acceptance my foot, we have our law. Wake up, woman !

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