An excerpt from Russias new TV show on the weekly activities of Vladimir Putin

20.06.2019   |   by Togor

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Author: Maulrajas
Wow nice
Author: Meztigar
Этот документальный фильм уже подвергся цензуре.
Author: Zuluramar
I wish they would show it on AMerican tv damn it!! anybody have a web link to this show?
Author: Tozshura
putin is the plague of the universe
Author: Moogurr
Does it worrk???
Author: Malarn
man of nature, man of logic. lol. as an xceptionally interested american, not just in brunette mondays (thru sundays), i beleive i could direct several segments of this show for a literal globally enlightened avenue of education and entertainment. im not waiting for an invitation from moscows media, mind you, but i can advance variables of consideration without being criticized as an imperialist, or warmonger. in fact, well, we'll see what happens...
Author: Dacage
NPR brought me here.
Author: Keshakar
Was Hitler a vegetarian?
Author: Kagar
Повысил пенсионный возраст до средней продолжительности жизни нарушив собственные обещания, и в качестве компенсации выпустил за наши деньги фильм про себя, просто гений, блядь. 20 лет у власти, а коррупция и бардак так и процветают
Author: Baran
En nee kanker kneusjes van de NL media: ik ben geen Russische troll.
Author: Tulrajas
Путин ееееееееееееееее
Author: Nall
Gurdian a left wing based news
Author: Tuzragore
I love him
Author: Keramar
Author: Mucage
Having said that, I prefer to watch a weekly update about Putin over weekly updates about a clown like Boris Johnson and a narcissist like Donald “Me First” Trump, let alone the disgusting worshipping by the Western corporate media last week of warmongering John McCain while he was laid to rest.
Author: Zuran
That’s a double? Can’t be in two places at once..... If President Putin really wants action then might I suggest he signs up three months nuke training course from the hardest part.... PUSHING THE BUTTONS. WHICH INSTANTLY VOTES HIM IN AS THE WORLDS MOST HATED MALE. HE CAN THEN FURTHER HIS KNOWLEDGE ON TO TO NURSE THE MILLIONS OF SURVIVORS ONCE THEY GET OVER THE LOSS OF THEIR FAMILIES. To give them a definite date to return to their homes. After all he did promise they would all be rehoused!
Author: Tojale
Omg Putin!!!! He is so handsome!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Author: Kegor
British shop prices have risen for the first time in five years as British retailers warn that no-deal Brexit will have "severe consequences" to the economy.
Author: Nagul
Love him!
Author: Vir
Love u russia love u putin
Author: Kazrahn
sadly not a joke.... awfull reality in Russia
Author: Vudojind
this is pretty tempting but I still prefer love island
Author: Toktilar
Wish we had a leader like Putin in the Netherlands.. The Hague is full of pedo scum. Controlled by globalists/freemasons/satanists. And dont forget the Turkey-Demmink connection. Demmink was caught with child abuse in Turkey when Erdogan was Istanbul mayor. Free Baybasin.
Author: Juk
He swims in the morning in his pool in the Kremlin one kilometer. For breakfast, he eats porridge, almost like the English, a bowl of fresh cottage cheese and drinks six raw quail eggs. He's in good physical shape. I think he never ate American hamburgers from McDonald's. He loves Russia. His new hypersonic missile "Dagger" is invulnerable to American missiles, this missile in a moment can destroy a large American destroyer, even if it has several hundred Tomahawks. But he does not want to do it first. He, and all the Russians, read in his childhood books about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Sherlock Holmes. He dreams of peace. But our future is not yet defined.
Author: Maugor
All Russian TV programs are like a zombie factory. They are talking to people, how good life they have and how good putin is. In the same time, KGB kills lots of oposition leaders, journalists or just simple people in the street.
Author: Godal
So the sanctions are biting then, the sanctions ordered by Trump, who is supposedly in Putins pocket if you believe the narrative put out by those who want rid of Trump...
Author: Mikacage
Putin likes children?
Author: Kagakasa
Author: Grolrajas
surely he has work to do, why is he picking berries in the mountains?
Author: Daigal
Sure, the way Vladimir Putin in portrayed is some form of marketing.
Author: Gardazahn
Russia is a crony capitalist country like most nations but it has its own civilisation and culture that you must learn to respect. At his most unpopular time, he's approval ratings is still well above 50%.
Author: Malashura
Competition for the Kardashians 😂
Author: Sagore
Food prices rose in August as a long spell of hot, dry, weather reduced yields of some foods produced in the UK, while oil and agricultural costs increased across global markets.
Author: Arashishicage
We need a leader like that in uk instead we have a clown selling the country to the EU
Author: Megrel
he vladoch putin tu nous envoie tes debiles pour nous faire manger de l ifs benet boummmmmmmmmmmmm
Author: Mujinn
Love to all the russians from india.❤❤❤❤❤❤
Author: Tera
Humane? Loves children and people? Probably dead children and people, look what he's doing in Syria..
Author: Zulkiramar
Are there problems in Russia? Of course. They have more freedom. Freedom allows good people to do more good things, but bad people to do more bad things. But with the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church, I'm hopeful that good in Russia will prevail. I'm over here in the US. We have a lot of good people but we have a lot of problems. Problems with the government is number one. Problems on the local level with drugs and people too screwed up to take care of their children is next. We need a revival from some kind of church but we need to get back on track.
Author: Mihn
I love Putin. We need a leader like him in the UK.
Author: Yotilar
Dictator Television
Author: Mazugar
Narcassistic AND a psychopath! Who'd have funk of it!
Author: Vugis
Today, Russia is more like the US in the 1950's. Those we're good times, back before they strangled the US with all this dang regulations.
Author: Zukree
The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

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