Anti capitalism in the Age of Austerity - Alex Callinicos - Marxism 2012

29.05.2019   |   by Arakinos

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Comments "Anti capitalism in the Age of Austerity - Alex Callinicos - Marxism 2012":

Author: Fenrimuro
sound quality is very good unlike many video with people speaking
Author: Mazushura
I regard Negri,Badiou and Zizek more as distractions than anything else.They are idealists and don't believe that the international working class is a revolutionary class by dent of its position within the world capitalism.At the same time Alex demonstrates himself to be 100% with the workers.His work brought me back to the importance of studying Lenin and the need for the dialectic between working class spontaneity and party organisation and leadership..
Author: Tele
A good take on H&N. I too worry about their dismissal of the productive industrial working class which as many point out, including someone as troubling as Stiegler, has actually increased in size and strength all over the world. Look at recent labor actions in India, before the Egyptian ouster of Mubarak, and now in the U.S. It seems that more than ever before there are two worlds of capital, and whereas H&N are insightful about one, they're blind in the other.
Author: Mazujind
Just watched this video again for a 2nd time. Really enjoyed Callinicos' insights. Like M. Kulyk below, I especially liked Callinicos' comments on horizontalism, working class spontaneity, organization and leadership. Really appreciated his comments near the end. Ppl do think of Stalinism when they think of left-wing parties. Marxism is about "the free development of each is the free development of all." Insightful presentation.
Author: Akinora
Your comment made me happy.
Author: Narr
Wait... Chinese workers get 3 meals a day and get to see their families once a year? Wow, that's better than I have it as an almost homeless American college student.
Author: Zulugul
Notice I mention the U.S., in particular the Midwest and Wisconsin actions, because even within the so called First World the other world of capital exists--poor, industrial, disenfranchised.
Author: Kajirg
He seems to be using a 19th Century analysis of capitalism, or using the vantage point of industrial capitalism referencing one current sector of the economic world, China. Today capitalism is labeled with the adjective finance. The globalization of capital is the economy degrading from a producer of goods to a producer of debt. Those goods from China are not purchased with the wages of the workers, but with the commodity of debt generated by the finance industry.

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