Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble - Full Documentary

07.07.2019   |   by Tojazuru

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Author: Maumi
🍀Blossom -Times
Author: Megor
Jamie Dimon calls bitcoin of fraud ..... The same day JP Morgan purchased 800 million bit coins! Yes let that sink in
Author: Tagul
This is the best Documentary hands down on this protocol and technology. Finally!! Well done. Thank you.
Author: Voodooshicage
I love the true no-hype style. Half through watching now. Nothing Deceptive here. Evil look the other way please. :)
Author: Fenrile
You cant stop progress and new technology. You either adapt to it or get run over by it
Author: Grojas
This video just revived the Bitcoin gospel in me. Wow.
Author: Kagaramar
Thanks for having me as a guest Tim, great work. FREEDOM.
Author: Zolojind
Wow. NOW I know the whole meaning of Bitcoin. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Author: Zujas
Could we all take a minute to appreciate Tone Vay's bangs.....LOL 10:30
Author: Gardazil
Satoshi Nakamoto & all Bitcoin-Friends you are awesome Givers A-Players => Gamechangers 🎶🌈🚀
Author: Aralmaran
Thank you for this video. Well done...and sharing ♥
Author: Akinomi
Stunning. I see a bright future for Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency.
Author: Gajar
You figure ethereum is good now? 680$ atm. seems to be rising.
Author: Tamuro
28:04 best quote of this documentary by Mr. Hoskinson!
Author: Moogugore
very difficult topic explained simply. Amazing, thank you so much!
Author: Tauzragore
Great video
Author: Arashisar
Thanks for this, great to make the public aware of the future!
Author: Shaktizuru
That Milton Friedman clip at the beginning is gold.
Author: Kelkree
Thanks for this great Documentation RIP Milton Friedman 🕊
Author: Akinor
BTC is very hard to mint and is extremely rare compared to Gold. BTC is WAY RARER than Gold and Silver.
Author: Meztigis
Love Charles Hoskinson's speech at 28:13
Author: Shabei
Bitcoin is going to replace government money simply because it favors the people.
Author: Gokazahn
Excellent documentary! Thanks for the upload :-)
Author: Zulkijar
Charles nailed it... bravo!
Author: Nikogis
So, Milton Friedman... Aka Satoshi

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