Boat Pulling People In Water Toys Comes Dangerously Close To Sharks

20.07.2019   |   by Shaktijar

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Comments "Boat Pulling People In Water Toys Comes Dangerously Close To Sharks":

Author: Bradal
they had no idea that there were sharks in the water?????? oh my how can that be THEY HAD NO IDEA??? lmfao
Author: Nikozahn
Um... the Sharks has been cruising those waters for million of years. Technology just made it easier for us to see them.
Author: Sazuru
Don't people realize we're literally swimming and HAVE BEEN SWIMMING with them every damn time we're in the ocean? Come on folks, don't be idiots, be respectful of the waters and aware of your surroundings and you're fine!
Author: Zulkicage
They had no idea there were sharks in the water? Where else would they be? Those people were acting completely carelessly! Murky water in a known White Shark habitat? Crazy!
Author: Gushura
if the was a perfect way to get attacked...this is it boneheads! lol
Author: Sagore
That water is as murky as hell, i wouldnt be swimming in it, i am used to crystal clear waters.
Author: Mazukree
It's the sharks you don't see that kill you
Author: Kigazahn
1:42 , so were just gonna act like we didn't just see that?
Author: Vikora
1:39 "they had no idea there were sharks in the water"
Author: Nijora
There are great white sharks nearby but you guys are overloaded so 3 of y'all have to get out
Author: Moogukazahn
Maybe the guy needs to mount a Mic box on his drone so lifeguards won't have to put their own life in danger paddling out to unsuspecting swimmers??
Author: Kabei
Welcome to planet earth
Author: Dale
Everyone in southern california knows the waters are infested with great whites this time of year very close to the beach. How someone decided it was a good idea to take the family out in the open water on a raft is beyond me.
Author: Akinogis
"They had no idea there were sharks in the water.." IT'S THE OCEAN.
Author: Gozil
The sharks don't come in your house, so don't go playing in their kitchen.
Author: Mesar
That boat is overloaded.
Author: Kagagul
All life guard stations should be equipped with drones nowadays, there is no excuse not to be !.
Author: Meztilrajas
When killer whales aren't around, the great white is top dog. Remember whose turf you're on. I live in Northern California and I keep this in mind.
Author: Vibar
I HATE all these precursor videos and interviews of drone footage of just two sharks minding their own business and then an "omggggg they were swimming near the sharks with their floaties!!! ... ooops didn't get any footage!"
Author: Sacage
Why is the guy on the boat naked
Author: Duzahn
i wish they would've acknowledged the bare ass that climbed onto the little boat

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