Bride Did This After Learning Of Groom’s Cheating

24.07.2019   |   by Akijas

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Comments "Bride Did This After Learning Of Groom’s Cheating":

Author: Voodoojind
Smart woman!!! Bravo 👏
Author: Vorisar
Yep! I was young. I had a good figure. I was pretty. I made good money. And, I Married a CHEATER, among other things! After 3 years I found out. I planed my REVENGE!! I packed all week when he thought I was at workI Then arranged for my family, and a moving truck to arrive on my regular day off. I took EVERYTHING I BROUGHT INTO THE MARRIAGE, and all the shower presents I received. And the wedding presents from my side. I left him without his knowledge. I called him at work at the Secretary’s office, and told him. Then I Divorced him. He didn’t have a pot to pee in.
Author: Malalmaran
So sad. But at least she knew Before she ruined her entire life
Author: Garisar
AWESOME JOB Casey the scumbag didn't deserve someone like you my god he was cheating on you before he was even married- he deserved what he got
Author: Arasar
Sooo... No video? Heck! I can make this video with a bunch of pictures and add text 😂🤣
Author: Voodoozahn
Humans are distinguished from lower animals by the ABILITY to resist animal instincts and remain faithful life long.
Author: Douran
At least she didn't marry her future ex husband. And risked having children who would grow up in a broken home. Hopefully she will find someone who is wholesome, and devoted to oneness in marriage. What a shmuck he was! Go get your STD Alex, you deserve it!
Author: Mugami
I am proud of her.
Author: Virr
She's lucky she found out before the ceremony. She dodged a bullet with that one. Count her lucky stars.
Author: Kigagami
Whatever pain she felt would’ve been magnified if she married hat creep and had children with him!
Author: Vudole
I know how she felt. I found out too late, & it ruined my life.
Author: Yole
She did the right thing. Karma works very well. Dumped that A-Hole.
Author: Moogujar
You have been protected by the Grace of God. One day you will be truly blessed with an honest and faithful man. When there is no trust, there is no relationship.
Author: Mugor
GURRRL be Grateful that GOD ALMIGHTY exposed What That Plagues not your husband would've been UNFAITHFUL throughout The Marriage!!! Yes cry it does hurt but 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 THANKING GOD FOR HIS LOVE TO LET YOU NOT GETS MARRY TO THAT TRIFLING MUTT!!!!!! (Relief)
Author: Gromuro
Good job young lady.
Author: Faelar
Let everybody know what kind of man he is 😣
Author: Arashijar
Good for her,very brave move!
Author: Turn
I swear that's just awful. He would have married you anyway and it would have continued. I wish you could have slammed him a little harder. Because hell he doesn't care, he's got someone else
Author: Vorg
That's right 😊
Author: Gozragore
What an awesome woman - dignified with integrity - good job - hope you have a much happier life!
Author: Vojas
I wish her many blessings!!
Author: Arashikazahn
Magnificent She was able to turn lemons into lemonade.

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