Dead Walmart: The Last Days - White Plains NY

10.07.2019   |   by Mezijora

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Author: Kazraramar
Damn 😢. I went to this walmart earlier this year (February/March 2018) and it was business as usual. This caught me by surprise smh
Author: Gukinos
but i still like walmart and toys r us both closed
Author: Mihn
My wife and I were in the area for work then. We shopped there on Saturday, July 28th and it was business as usual. The store was very busy. We returned one week later, August 4th, and the store was empty, 90% of the merchandise was gone, armed security guards everywhere, yellow tape, barricades, police outside, and crying employees who had not been told anything. Way to go Walmart! You SUCK
Author: Akigor
Author: Zolobei
idk if my walmart is closed cuz im in Queens,NY
Author: Mimuro
Toys r us now walmart!!!!!!
Author: Zulugor
Author: Zolora
Author: Kibar
Author: Samumuro
Author: Vigor
Author: Mek
I hope they gave the employees jobs at the Sam's club in Elmsford.
Author: Kagasho
Sad 💔
Author: Tegore
This store closed in a week! Freakin crazy!

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