Dumbellz: HeadCrushrz + Olive Prank (tim and eric spoof jack ass)

18.07.2019   |   by Milkis

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Comments "Dumbellz: HeadCrushrz + Olive Prank (tim and eric spoof jack ass)":

Author: Sakree
Author: Mezijas
you guys are the best on three hits of blotter!
Author: Juzuru
helmet touch!!!
Author: Kagagis
Author: Zuluzragore
soo wheres the punchline?
Author: Kajijinn
That was a great spoof and a goof.
Author: Tokora
LMao Look up the Spider web Attack XD its from the same thing
Author: Gojind
Tim Hardirker.
Author: Shaktinris
Lol I wonder if that's really Eric's girlfriend.
Author: Gaktilar
Lol. It's funny b/c on Jackass they did basically the same thing as the olive prank -- one of them said he didn't like mustard, so they just sprayed mustard on him and filmed it for like probly half an hour. makes you realize how dumb it is
Author: Tojagar
Author: Didal
@mikeyaaa A woman that looks like that would HAVE to know how to have some crazy ass sex.
Author: Tojat
Helmet Touch!
Author: Dolabar
eric ur girlfriend is hot
Author: JoJogar
tim's hair
Author: Zulkik
The real stunt here was kissing the red head.
Author: Tygojora
youre the punchline
Author: Nekasa
Author: Yosida
I'm always down for a good game of helmet touch

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