EPIC mudslide caught on camera [Raw Video]

19.07.2019   |   by Kazrazilkree

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Comments "EPIC mudslide caught on camera [Raw Video]":

Author: Shajas
The jews did this.
Author: Dir
more like 5 seconds ago !! you are lucky !
Author: Kigagami
Stop with the nonsense..
Author: Gashicage
Wow!!! Good thing those people got back in their boat and got out of the way! I sure hope the animals were able to escape...this was certainly epic!!!!
Author: Dor
WOW! Why can I post a comment here?
Author: Zulukinos
It is bill cosby after I photoshopped him
Author: Shakarisar
i swear , stupidity of this people!
Author: Tugar
God spares his righteous.
Author: Sakazahn
Don't kill the engine, as you might need to get away fast.
Author: Akinoktilar
In a Hollywood movie, the couple will have a hard time trying to start the boat engine.
Author: Juzshura
Author: Shaktikasa
5 minutes ago
Author: Yozshukus
wait 6 minutes ago?
Author: Faegis
funny how dumb that analogy is ... u can say that about anything, in order for life to be sustained the way it is some things have to be that challenged and some things have to be the way they are and thats nature and human beings accounted, if you can change a bad to good as a single human then you do as you can but let nature take its place. hard for the shallow minds to comprehend such thoughts
Author: Akizuru
You know what would help to prevent another slide? CUTTING DOWN EVEN MORE TREES !!!
Author: Nera
Dumb ass
Author: Golkis
enculer de castor
Author: JoJoll
I hate people who try to film an event then wave the camera all over the place.
Author: Kekora
Somewhere between 4 and 6.
Author: Kazrahn
so that's what a mudslide is
Author: Mazuzil
Author: Nidal
Also, it had nothing to do with logging or land development.
Author: Mulmaran
where is this?
Author: Fele
Author: Zulurg
im glad the guy saying 'cut the engine' isn,t related to me..
Author: Malabar
5 minutes
Author: Tushicage
Im thinking maybe he said 5 minutes lol
Author: Felar
Second boat: "30 seconds ago! 30 seconds ago! 30 seconds ago we were there!.."
Author: Mozragore
Do YOU know what epic means?
Author: Shakataur
A bit like people living in tornado zones. Every year there's a chance of being killed or mutilated yet people still stay. I'm glad I live in a place where none of our weather is that extreme.
Author: Daizilkree
Crazy the way logs were being fired out of the water like missiles around 0:56 ! It would have been a bit more than a couple of hull breaches there if they hit, a small boat like that could have been smashed to pieces. All that after barely making it away from the shore! Lucky people! 🍀
Author: Milkis
Lucky lucky escape!!
Author: Tejas
How many minutes ago? How many?
Author: Arashiran
I went there, to Johnson's Landing, a few years ago to pay my respects to the people who died in the slide.
Author: Tebar
"epic" is a really misused word these days.
Author: Nazahn
jesus made them noises so they could be done escape praise the lord.
Author: Najin
"kill the engine" MORON!!!
Author: Mikashakar
...it's a glitch...this has been seen at several other video postings from ~2 years ago, that I have visited... I mean, w/the 10's of millions of video threads in their stables...I can understand why...
Author: Douk
How could this be fake?
Author: Volrajas
That segment from :54 to 1:02 is so scary. It really looks as though the slide is chasing them. They are barely keeping ahead of it and then two stripped tree trunks come almost straight up out of the water as if they are trying to spear the boat. You don't make a much narrower escape than that!
Author: Mura
im gonna go out on a limb here and guess 5
Author: Mur
Interesting. You can actually click to see what comment people are responding to again, but I'm afraid to see what they might have messed up changing the comments again.
Author: Mam
You had ONE job!
Author: Shakasida
would have been a real bitch if that mudslide had sparked a tsunami
Author: Akinotaxe
I hope no ones car was under that
Author: Mezizil
Author: Tojall
That’s some power
Author: Yozshuk
tsunamis are caused by different things not only tectonic activity,
Author: Akinogis
rofl how do these news crews have anything to do with the "bad karma" of over logging a forest
Author: Mooguktilar
Nope. Just that if it does kill you it won't be the worst thing possible.
Author: Yomi
you see those tree trunks fire out of the water like champagne corks?!?! like full fledged torpedos
Author: Tojagore
I saw Jimmy Hoffa go by....!
Author: Vik
"It's sliding and it's out of control! Oh the humanity of it all! Get out of the way, oh I can't talk, it's getting to me"! Seriously, there goes a lot of green trees that won't be able to put oxygen into our air for us to breathe.
Author: Mutaxe
thewarningsecondcoming com
Author: Samubei
woah! old comments?!
Author: Yozshuzilkree
I was travelling and camping in the area and have returned a couple of times because it is beautiful and remote.
Author: Vikasa
jeeezuz landslides are powerful
Author: Zulkinris
Blame the Lesbians.
Author: Samudal
so your telling me if i believe in jesus a mud slide wont kill me well sign me up. now does jesus insurance only cover mudslide or do i get floods and fires too
Author: Kejar
People on board can celebrate that day as a second birthday!!!
Author: Mibei
For 2 months I haven't been able to post a comment, reply or like on any other YouTube channel. Only here! How weird?
Author: Dok
Godzilla is coming. watch out
Author: Shagal
Just 5 min it saves your life. Thank Gods!
Author: Kall
No bureaucrats that allowed the contractors to "Rape and Pillage" where harmed or even subjected to any court what-so-ever!!!
Author: Garan
lets only watch this video and dream of the good ol days!
Author: Dazil
Hey there! Have you seen - Pycane DSLR Camera Tricks (google it)? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend shot some cool images with it.
Author: Fenriktilar
The slide was really after that couple.
Author: Nisar
5 minuets ago
Author: Gardajar
we win
Author: Tashicage
Well you should have stayed for an extra 5minutes
Author: Kejar
Humans must stop cutting down the ancient forest!!!!!!
Author: Mazugor
5 Minutes Ago WOW!!
Author: Kigazil
Holy narrow escapes Batman. Good move getting in that boat people.
Author: Arakasa
Yeah but 5 minutes to the left and you would've missed completely
Author: Tazilkree
Damn logs are chasing the boat! lol
Author: Tomuro
Author: Kekus
Kill the engine huh?!!lol
Author: Felkree
good thing they left or else they could have got hurt or got killed
Author: Durisar
u scary mother nature
Author: Kagashakar
Row row row your boat gently up the stream,,then paddle like hell!😎
Author: JoJolmaran
how the hell do you stop that?
Author: Mezitilar
Ah I see what you did there.... but yeah it was 5mins ago ;)
Author: Kazir
If this is fake. I dont care its a great video.
Author: Medal
Ho Lee Fuk!!!
Author: Marn
Instead of repeating 5 min ago.. Say thank you God.
Author: Gojinn
You can hear the giants mudflapper @ 2:20
Author: Faulmaran
I camped across the lake from JL, the nights were pitch black...
Author: Zolora
Author: Meztiktilar
So is almost every word.
Author: Kajitaur
It's not fake..read my comment to Blood brothers.
Author: Munos
Author: Arashijind
hooooooleee shit!!!
Author: Kagajora
I've never seen a luckier scape. Saves a lot of money on clearing fees.
Author: Faerg
Author: Maumi
No one commenting on how close that other boat got to getting fucked up?
Author: Tojagore
Let it heal and maybe just maybe, the slopes will regain their stability...
Author: Zur
You can tell alot of those logs came from a clearcut. The ends are perfectly sawn. Just like 80% of Driftwood on Vancouver Island beaches
Author: Kajitaur
This happened just south of Kaslo BC
Author: Meztilar
Author: Daishakar
yeah google/youtube is so messed up now. but i think your problem with other videos is due to the settings of your "cookies". i had the same problem. i accidently fixed my problem to be able to comment on other vidoes by signing in with my smart phone..somehow that changed the cookies for my user name and now i am able to comment on all videos.
Author: Meztizuru
They are lucky it didn't cause a tsunami. Very easy could have if it was a bigger slide
Author: Natilar
Wow, it's like the mudslide is malevolently chasing the other boat, complete with log-torpedos! Amazing footage, great upload.
Author: Kagarn
is it fake? something is off....
Author: Kajinris
that's how nature makes path instantly
Author: Tugor
Hey dumbass-- the mudslide will still kill you whether or not you believe. Where did you hear that stupid shit?
Author: Migrel
The earth changes every day.
Author: Kazragar
are you sure that lake is even 2,000 feet deep?
Author: Danris
no molson beer was hurt in the filming of this video
Author: Yokus
That was close for that couple!
Author: Zulmaran
This guy wasn't even close compared to the other people in the other boat.
Author: Vok
Great footage the trees fell down like toothpicks
Author: Meztirr
Author: Salar
Learn how to keep the camera on the action...
Author: Meztilabar
Nature is having a diarrhea . Must be bad beans.
Author: Akinokazahn
Dude, you knew there was something coming and 5 minutes later your acting like some kind of super hero who has saved the planet from the untergang ? get outta here !
Author: Dotaxe
Author: Duzuru
WOW !!! U talking about dumb stupid luck. That is all life is !!!
Author: Zulkinos
nutjob...no way a fake
Author: Mazule
Author: Daisar
how many minutes ago?
Author: Maujora
free wood anyone epic
Author: Kenris
"Kill the Engine" Really? Why would you do that, its not like the mudslide is going to get them but you need to move around to see it
Author: Kagasho
apparently they were there five minutes before the landslide happened, are you stupid or do your ears and brain malfunction? Are you a police officer?
Author: Akira
this is so crazy! What a great video! #scary
Author: Kagazil
Kill the engine so we can float into a mud tsunami.
Author: Taunos
Bunch of free logs for the local lumber companies!
Author: Shaktirisar
This is the out come when Bigfoot has diarrhea...🤣👍
Author: Moogurn
Author: Zolorn
Mother Nature is pissed off at somebody???
Author: Akijora
should have gave the camera to Stevie Wonder.
Author: Sadal
Author: Dogor
If that other boat didn't pull out at that exact second....... Wow!
Author: Dalrajas
Five minutes ago. Five minutes ago. -Richard Gere
Author: Dajind
5 minutes ago, 5 minutes ago!!!
Author: Mezilabar
Man...5 minutes sooner and you guys would have been toast! :)
Author: Vut
A new road!
Author: Zologul
well this what a big let down. seen mudslide and over a millions hits " vid most be awesome".
Author: Zulkihn
I'm amazed that some people posting comments weren't curious enough to find out about this event. Yes, it was catastrophic. Lots of houses were destroyed, and four people were killed.
Author: Shaktigor
Oh my gosh! We are in grave danger!! What should we do??
Author: Sarr
A mudslide has no where near enough force to trigger a tsunami. Tsunami's are caused by tectonic activity where the crust of the earth itself is moving, thus, moving the vast water masses above it.
Author: Meztimi
It is such a beautiful region...
Author: Mogul
Only for this video though. It just feels so much easier to understand and actually respond to someone responding to YOU, not one of the other several people in a conversation you don't care about anymore.
Author: Kazrami
LOL, I was just reading this and wondering what was this in regard to when the video just got to that part. :D
Author: Mikalar
thats a lot of nature..
Author: Jukinos
Author: Kern
Poor trees...
Author: Fenrigore
Your Jesus"
Author: Balrajas
"My dearly beloved daughter, when I call on souls to follow Me, this results in a mix of feelings, from being exultant to great distress. For, when I awaken within souls, the Fire of the Holy Spirit, this will bring great Blessings, but they will come tinged with a sense of sorrow..
Author: Kazrakazahn
So the churning of the mud and stone strips the trees of bark,,,?
Author: Kigak
Wow mudslides are fucking powerful :O
Author: Kajijas
That would have been deadly if they had been much closer.
Author: Kajit
When you hear the crashing of trees you almost expect to see a T-Rex come through like Jurassic Park 😅
Author: Nakus
sorry, I didn't get it. How many minutes ago was that?
Author: Yozshujora
Drive by done by Beavers..
Author: Daidal
5 minutes ago...5 minutes ago...I was there...Watching this video...But now I'm gone.
Author: Mot
The spirit of the Native Americans made this mudslide occur, they are saying: "Get the hell out of our land you White demons"
Author: Gokinos
Holy gosh! What a great fortune!!! 🤗👍
Author: Bradal
That's going to be a good spot to fish in a couple years
Author: Kajit
Second boat nearly gets harpooned by log torpedo 1.01
Author: Voodookasa
I know that's right...5 minutes and utter devastation!
Author: Vut
Kill the engine?
Author: Dum
5 minutes ago....5 minutes ago my and my boyfriend were there. About to have sex. We would have been wiped out!
Author: Tajora
result of wood harvesting
Author: Vugul
It was awesome until the guy starts saying "five minutes ago, five minutes ago" I instantly stopped watching.
Author: Bazilkree
Author: Vigis
He would probably have got more footage of the actual landslide, rather than the bow or the boat!!
Author: Gardajin
Kill the engine.
Author: Shaktishicage
The road to Johnson's Landing is nerve rattling... the slope is very steep... the road VERY narrow along the mountain...
Author: Vushakar
Global News
Author: Tot
Starter kit for a logging company 🌲
Author: Zululkree
thank god it sounded like a herd of elephants running through the forest or they could of been buried alive
Author: Dinos
And that kids is why people go missing when they go alone.
Author: Mazahn
Hell that's a free log cabin.
Author: Zubei
2018 welcome Time Travelers! 😂😂😂😎
Author: Mizshura
it's probably only on this video.
Author: Mazull
old youtube comment layout?
Author: Shaktizuru
Now I know where to find my next load of firewood!.
Author: Meztigrel
It's not fake,it's right near my daughter's home out in BC.Off the Kootenay Lake,south of Kalso.I saw the aftermath of this slide last summer while I was out visiting.
Author: Bakasa
Oh forget that!! I'll stick with my tornadoes. Glad y'all are safe.
Author: Zolom
Author: Maule
how many minutes ago?
Author: Mikalmaran
Author: Tasar
Why would the dumb arse kill the engine when it was his only way to escape? He is lucky and stupid.
Author: Kajizilkree
Hey 5 minutes ago really 5 minutes ago 5 minutes ago ...............
Author: Kinos
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, to you and that woman cause she is damm Lucky too.
Author: Dinos
"Global News" home of the most comically amateurish, and Inept news cameraman in the world.
Author: Makora
With the force.
Author: Yozshubar
Was this in a logging area? It looked like a lot of the timber that had flowed down had been cut.
Author: Maunos
I guess no one yells "timber" anymore. I am getting old.
Author: Fauzilkree
Author: Faulkree
Wow that other boat narrowly escaped , them logs were shooting out of the water like freackin spears at em! Lol
Author: Dusida
Author: Shakakus
Author: Akile
Such a great video, I have watched it a dozen times and still amazed by it.
Author: Faetaxe
if a seemingly 'small' mudslide is this intense then you just KNOW none of those people survived the Oso mudslide, well very few anyway. those people bound to be buried under god only knows how many feet of mud? hell the whole side of mountain gave way. word is they knew that area was unstable too. why would you stay if you'd been given so many warnings? one moment in time & there ya go....gone!
Author: Dojar
Author: Tok
Author: Dourn
they literally got int the boat and left at the absolute last possible moment wow talk about playing ding dong ditch with deaths door.
Author: Dashicage
I would have bought a lottery ticket that day!
Author: Doura
Author: Meztizshura
The 2nd mudslide would've been in my underwear.
Author: Kajirisar
Author: Moogulrajas
see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom
Author: Arak
Hoopdedoo, you speak the truth!!
Author: Taull
Uh. Ok Macgyver. Any other suggestions?
Author: Vudokasa
YAY the old comments are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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