Great jobs, great pay: Boat captain

07.06.2019   |   by Vokazahn

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Author: Tejind
Author: Tegrel
200 K a year isn't really that great when you are going to be away from home for the majority of it .  
Author: Shaktilar
(2017) Working the med (Palma Mallorca) as a deckhand the market is flooded with Australian and South Africans amongst others. As a Captain - it was not easy to find the job I finally got. It paid 3,000 euros a month working very long days (but living aboard). 50% of charters ended with an empty handshake (no tip at the end of the day - It's not like America) . The season is extremely short - running from June to Sept. On the plus side - I lost weight and got in shape and gained a little more experience (But not much). I found it to be a lot of responsibility and work for a relatively small amount of money. As Captain I one day advertised for a deckhand on the 65 foot boat. I had 30 e-mails in 15 minutes vying for the position for a day of work at 150 euros for the day. The positions which are currently easy to find work are chefs - a good one with experience can find work easily and be well paid.
Author: Doukazahn
If you want a crew on yatch i'm here willing to work on a yatch..

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