HDMI Vs. DisplayPort: Which Is Better For Gaming?

18.07.2019   |   by Vura

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Author: Faegami
HDMI 2.1 = 48 Gbps. Displayport 1.4 = 32 Gbps.
Author: Kazrazil
The reason for many down votes is the obnoxious music that makes you almost immediately want to move past this video. also the fact that someone lke me who is legally blind cannot make out your graphics. Live voice expanation would be much better and allow voters to declare you do or do not know what you are talking about. No worries. This was no help to me. I did not vote you down despite that. Peace
Author: Dogar
wtf is this music its more like for a 4 yr transformation montage not hdmi vs displayport wttfff
Author: Dara
100th subscriber
Author: Voodoogar
Can someone tell me witch cable that is best for gaming? (PC)
Author: Merg
why your intro has the bulgarian map form XD ?
Author: Zulurisar
horrible video. almost completely useless
Author: Vull
Okay so to put this all to an end DisplayPort is the best adapter. The reason for this is is because of its support yes it’s not as fast as HDMI but it supports faster screen refresh rates and Lowe’rs input lag. So if ur a gamer always USE A DISPLAY PORT 🤗
Author: Faer
why so many down votes?
Author: Tujind
So it doesnt matter...
Author: Shaktigore
could not watch.... that music dude..... had to get out fast.... sheeeeeew......

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