Hedge Fund Billionaire: Cut My Taxes, Close More Schools

27.06.2019   |   by Faegal

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Author: Bagrel
You do realize the main sources for hedge funds are pensions, college endowments, and other peoples' money. They make other people rich and the keep 20% of the profit. What is wrong with that?
Author: Guzuru
The host is a dumbfuck liberal
Author: Todal
Saying that the rich have "insufficient influence in politics" is like saying Chris Christie's caloric intake is "insufficient".
Author: Kazigrel
Recently listened to David Cay Johnston on this topic of carried interest. They do get to reduce income on what they take out of their fund by receiving it as a capital gain distribution but here's the kicker ....... why would they, they're billionaires several times over, so, you receive your compensation as loans. Loans are tax free. As Johnston say's with this tax free income you defer taxes allowing all your income to increase tax free until in some cases they never pay income tax, it's as if it's sort of forgotten. It's explained much better in a book he wrote .... Perfectly Legal
Author: Kagami
TYT, you idiots. They buy modern art because it’s an INVESTMENT. He’ll probably sell all of that art at twice the price.
Author: Julmaran
Jackson Pollack makes 0.- from a sale like this, these cosmic values are achieved in the collectors market usually long after the original artist has died, things rarely get so extreme with living artist and specialy not regarding first hand sale (the sale the artist actually earns his or hers living from), at least till quite recently, now there are some celebrity players who seemed to have made this extreme value thing the whole game for them, not unsurprisingly some of the more notable ones are ex financial market figures. I think its sad, art like this is not for everyone but I think many more people that seem to be able to now would be able to at least approach it with something of a open mind if there wasnt such a absurd market connected to it, thats really the thing that seems to put people off.
Author: Arashinos
$75K for an ivy, including food and boarding? That actually sounds like a deal considering you have like, a 95% chance of being set up with a well above-average salary right out of college and will most likely be set for life. My university only has a 65% graduation rate (had to choose it though because it's the only one in my state that would accept my community college credits), I'm not guaranteed any real recognition in the job market afterwards, and even with grants and aid I'm still going to be paying $30k a year (tuition only--no boarding or food included [or supplies]).
Author: Fenrik
Pollock was known for "drip painting", it's not "just" throwing paint on a canvas. Cenk Uygur Art Humanities Grade: F
Author: Mazudal
I think Jackson Pollack would have been disgusted by this guy. Politically he was very progressive.
Author: Fenrikus
My Heroes.
Author: Zulutaxe
The people on the conservative side of the political spectrum that argue the most vociferously about how poor people should "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps", would be far more credible if they weren't the ones stealing those bootstraps in the first place.
Author: Jusho
Author: Faetaxe
Jackson Pollock is a TRASH "artist"
Author: Tekree
I wonder if the billionaires will think our civilization is worth saving... or will dragging them into the town square to remove their heads be the way it goes down?
Author: Tojagor
How does one "earn" 112000x more than a minimum wage worker? How do they add the equivalent value to our society as 112000 people?
Author: Shaktishakar
Are you Jelly, Cenk? Shall we all wear gray to make you happy? Are you implying only your donations and philanthropy are authentic? This is so out of context, I can't watch the whole thing.
Author: Nezahn
this guy is an dumbass and brainwashed liberal
Author: Dik
They are badasses
Author: Nilmaran
There aren't enough hours in a life time to work to get to that level. Capitalism has commodified most jobs and we know the average salary of people in advertising, R&D etc... and this is thousands of times more than that... The value they "earned" is really value stolen from the workers who actually produce value in our world.
Author: Kirr
No problem?! One can - even legally, even worse if legally actually - 'earn' 100k times more than your lowest paid worker and you deem that not a problem? You've created a system in which that is possible and you're ok with it? What kind of leftists are are american leftists?
Author: Brazshura
Have you done any research on why schools were closed?
Author: Arashigore
$500 million for any two paintings is "excessive", period. Really no need to belittle Pollock's work. Oh yeah, and people buying Pollock's work doesn't help Pollock seeing as how he's been dead for 60 years.

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