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01.06.2019   |   by Vusar

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Author: Ditaxe
The 1948 war that the Arabs started.
Author: Zulkishakar
How powerful is a bug?
Author: Mukazahn
Long Live Israel!!!
Author: Medal
How powerful is the Galactic Empire and how powerful is the Rebel Alliance?
Author: Vim
I'm waiting for the false peace, so c'mon Jesus.
Author: Kazilkree
Finally, thank you for making some original content that used to be part of TestTube News. I really missed these style of videos. Keep up the good work!!
Author: Mezilkis
The day that the Palestinians will take responsibility over their lives will be their best.
Author: JoJoll
The fault of failing to act is not upon Israel. Those fellows from the PLO are stealing millions upon millions of aid money and not providing their people with their basic needs - just so they can steal more aid money!
Author: Yozshudal
I am from Palestine 🇵🇸 and my father was President Guard for Yasir Arafat. And fought in PLO.
Author: Kelar
Author: Morn
Answer: Not that much.
Author: Kajigul
in general , your video is honest , regardless its (west bank) rolled by force (as gaza)
Author: Daran
Hope that this issue is resolved soon. While it is all fun and games to trigger each other who are not going through this, the loss of life on both sides is atrociously high. ☮️
Author: Mulkis
Israel got completely out of Gaza dismantling many settlements you could say that was an experiment to see if it was viable in the rest of Palestine and they just put terrorists in control and used Gaza as a misile launchpad towards israeli cities, to the point they had to blockade it, not much of an incentive to give them the rest and be left open to random attack in most of their main cities
Author: Nikojinn
Cover those two next!
Author: Mezik
Also just to note they said that the blockage and siege is disrupting the daily lives of people "not able to really function". Then how come the top of government is able to acquire weapons instead of repairing roads or bringing in food? I won't say that Israel has been a saint in this matter but a lot of the damage done is by the rulers of the Palestinians themselves.
Author: Taugal
These recent attacks though...
Author: Yozshusida
How powerful could Visegrad 4 (V4) be if it works out correctly?
Author: Zulugar
I am in Jerusalem right now, and I know that israel is not as bad as you think, palestineans go to shot on israel rokets, two days ago it was more then 400, so israel dosnt do things for fun
Author: Tozahn
Why Kurdistan doesn't exist
Author: Dakinos
isn't the Palestine kind of an enclave of Jordan?
Author: Zolotilar
Powerful enough to make you sick.
Author: Dohn
Jericho has an active border pass to Jordan - which you neglected to mention.
Author: Marn
Gaza has a land border with Egypt which is closed shut for years.
Author: Malakora
Man! Control your volume levels.
Author: Milkree
Why is the presenter's voice so quiet and the interviewed lady so loud?
Author: Faeshura
They have the power to inspire great hatred and divisiveness, that much is certain.
Author: Nem
i'm waiting for How powerful is Romania since 2014 ffs

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