How Trump Channeled Nixon In His State of the Union | NowThis

01.07.2019   |   by Zulugul

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Comments "How Trump Channeled Nixon In His State of the Union | NowThis":

Author: Akirg
Author: Tuzuru
4 more years lol
Author: Kazrashura
Please let this be a case of HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF!
Author: Mezuru
worse speech writers in history that they're so lazy to plagiarize others speeches
Author: Nalkis
If you dont know history, you're doomed to repeat it !!!!
Author: Goltigul
That's it young Skywalker; let the Nixon flow through you!
Author: Zulkihn
Start practicing your resignation speech!.
Author: Grotaur
Where there's smoke there fire
Author: Nigrel
hey President Nixon got us out of Vietnam.
Author: Gataxe
We can only hope the outcomes will be the same
Author: Mezirr
We can hope... but Dumpth doesn't know history.
Author: Ducage
Trevor Noah did a similar video a
Author: Zurg
✌_____✌ DJT that didn't work for him & most certainly won't work for You!.
Author: Vomi
Lets us tost to hope
Author: Arashisho
Save Cheetoh
Author: Shakora
Trump is going to destroy Dems in 2020. How? Good economy and incumbency
Author: Jumuro
Huh why is YouTube giving me Notifications to this Channel!?
Author: Meztigami
Hopefully trump also resigns
Author: Turn
Author: Tudal
Fingers crossed 🤞 history will repeat.
Author: Dojin
While back comparing a speech Trump did that was almost word for word with an Obama speech. This guy must have the world's
Author: Kazrashicage
Nixon had 29% approval at the time of his resignation. Remarkable, when you consider he lacked a propaganda news network supporting every action of his.
Author: Bralrajas
A whole minute! Big time comparison 🙄
Author: Mikaramar
Cheetoh is under attack

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