HSBC files whistleblower Hervé Falciani: This money comes from mafia & drug traffickers

19.06.2019   |   by Nenris

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Author: Gagor
It seems, as well, that, for the first time, immoral acts defining who we are can be brought out of the closet, analyzed, and some kind of action to curtail it be implemented. This could never happen before the 1980's. There may be a tipping point in the future when society will not accept the findings about itself, and will take corrective action, en masse perhaps, to force cynical governance to finally take action. It's up to us, the great unwashed masses. Can we do it?
Author: Vodal
The financial system is designed by criminals for criminals. They can take advantage of it as much as they like because they are considered 'too big to fail'. The politicians will never bring them to justice because they work for them. There is nothing that can be done about it...other than the 7 billion slaves getting together and detaching from the system entirely. Until we all decide to fully awaken to the deception, we will continue to watch our masters rape us as they laugh at our cowardly apathy.
Author: Daikus
Author: Kigasar
It's the Guardians job to highlight...not to act. They are doing their job, as usual, better than everyone else.
Author: Zumi
Hervé Falciani is a hero. I admire him very much.
Author: Vudozilkree
It is clear that we have compromised morality for gain. How did we get there? Some will say that it is because religious life has been set aside but I'm not so sure. Countless times in the past the same kind of ruthless support of greed has been perpetrated on the powerless by the powerful. And much of it has been sanctioned directly or indirectly by organized religion itself. The selling of indulgences is just a small example. Perhaps there really is no particular change in the moral life of society these days. Perhaps we are just better informed, particularly with the spread of  the Internet. Levels of immorality, hidden in the past, are more obvious to all of us. How would a pensioner in the U.S. know about malfeasance taking place in Switzerland, if it were not brought forward by the World Wide Web.
Author: Tojajar
It is gratifying to see a person so willing to sacrifice the remainder of his life for sure in the pursuit of justice and fairness. His sacrifice is probably greater than Edward Snowden in so far as organized crime never forgets and never forgives.
Author: Tukus
I wish there were more people like this man within banks, governments, big businesses, etc.
Author: JoJokree
Am I right in remembering that Cameron offered the knight hood personals to the chairman?
Author: Groshura
Author: Nasar
This makes Ronald Bernard's story all the more believable now...

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