IRGC: 2 US Navy boats held in Irans territorial waters

25.06.2019   |   by Dalabar

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Comments "IRGC: 2 US Navy boats held in Irans territorial waters":

Author: Tekus
Yeah, our err ... GPS system broke down ... went on the fritz ... on both boats ... err at the same time ... yeah, that's what happened ... training maneuvers ... yeah, that's the ticket. How much more embarrassing shit can we pile on in 2016?
Author: Mazugrel
Just apologize and move on boyz. Lucky Iran doesn't behave like Turkey.
Author: Taukus
damn, Iran is good at protecting its territory, i gotta give 'em credit for that
Author: Zulular
yo .... keep the boats as souvenirs
Author: Mikasho
leave the engineers to examine those vessels and lets make'em.
Author: Zulkree
Author: Voodoosho
So let me see if I get this right, if a Russian fighter jet crosses briefly into Turkey for 14 seconds, after fighting a common enemy like ISIS, it gets shot down, pilot killed, and Obama says “Turkey has a right to defend its borders”. But when a US boat crosses into Iran waters, it should be set free, no harm intended by them! Explain please, am I silly or something, or is this yet one more example of US double standards?

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