James Vincent McMorrow / Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)

29.05.2019   |   by Bragrel

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Author: Jut
such a good fucking singer
Author: Brazragore
Sounds rly emotional and real ;)
Author: Shaktishura
Great voice. This guy looks like he could head up a new version of the Pogues!
Author: Togis
اللي جاي من game of thrones يدعس لايك 😄
Author: Taktilar
anyone know where I can find the tabs to this? :)
Author: Guzahn
Time to the start new game of the trohnes!
Author: Meztinos
Thank you Game of thrones :)
Author: Tukora
2 People Clearly don't know anything
Author: Tajas
Author: Yozshuzragore
I brought me here. :)
Author: Bralrajas
Your words made this song real to me
Author: Dujora
❤ *
Author: Meztill
Author: Daijar
his voice compels me
Author: Batilar
Audio_81 Kreygasm
Author: Kazrataur
@panterka8 Yeah, this is not his song.
Author: Mitaur
Author: Arashihn
Incredibly beautiful and powerful. How can those dudes in the cafe just keep talking and not be transfixed?
Author: Akinokinos
much better than the original.
Author: Telabar
Author: Vogul
absolutely amazing. heard it on gossip girl and had to here it again. i could probably listen to this song forever.
Author: Kajinos
jesus that's lovely.
Author: Febei
Game of Thrones season 6 trailer is the only reason everyone came here.
Author: Mausar
so beautiful Evak and Philkas brought me here.
Author: Nacage
my musical taste brought me here, tyvm.
Author: Douzshura
Your in the same League as Damien rice ;) so amazingly intense
Author: Malashakar
Great cover James, nice GoT for featuring him. I also like the Boy and Bear version.
Author: Dirn
Simply beautiful...
Author: Tujas
One of my simple pleasures of life, listenig this.
Author: Kigat
He makes this song his own. Such feeling and emotion.
Author: Malajinn
You bring dishonour on Chris Issac.
Author: Mazuzil
"So Mr McMorrow, where would you like this pile of womens knickers delivered" 
Author: Akinosar
I've never been much of a fighter.........apologies for you're about to see
Author: Mikora
"he's gone"
Author: Maramar
I had goose bumps from the first second and they never went away! amazing!
Author: Shazuru
@AnnaCecilleMoorman You can find this cover on 'Dermot O'Leary presents the satuday sessions 2011'
Author: Kagami
Oh and on a side note... This is the best cover i've heard in a while... Poor guy! Some girl must have seriously broken his heart!
Author: Nikokinos
this should have like 10 Mil views dude
Author: Kajisar
i got here because of the internet lol.... i love this guys style
Author: Kigakus
This is amazing
Author: Mebei
I fucking love you man!
Author: Kagazilkree
"So You Think You Can Dance" brought me here:)
Author: Kazrarg
no fkn gossip girl brought me here
Author: Zukora
its simple: Dm C G G. you can figure out the rest. he plays it with a capo, but its not necessary imho
Author: Zuktilar
"Everyone of us is poor and powerless, yet we can overthrow an Empire"
Author: Gardasar
This is so lovely and dreamy!
Author: Samutaur
Games of thrones
Author: Jugal
gossip girl!! :D chuck... just move on and be happy ... i cried, because it was so sad :`(
Author: Mogrel
james vincent's voice brought me effin here!
Author: Shalkis
I've always loved this Chris Isaak song.
Author: Vitaur
Gossip girl brought me here too!!!
Author: Mazulmaran
There are no words to describe how much i'm loving this! BEAUTIFUL!
Author: Melkis
This guy looks like Captain Hook! :D
Author: Tezshura
Shut up.
Author: Moogugrel
who cares what brought you here
Author: Aracage
I cried.
Author: Dailar
I see Bm, A, E, E... I care about every string. Thanks for attempt.
Author: Gotaur
So you think you can dance, I fell in love with the lyrics
Author: Kazrasar
This is incredible.
Author: Kigacage
I brought myself here
Author: Vumuro
thumbs up if your good taste in music brought you here.
Author: Shaktilabar
his version is the best i think...maybe even better than chris isaak...he is perfect..
Author: Kazitaxe
Does he do any Jeff Buckley covers? I'd love to hear that :L
Author: Kazracage
Gossip Girl's shit and didn't bring me here.
Author: Magul
voice like gey
Author: Sharisar
His falsetto is heart-melting
Author: Tegar
miracle by shazam... it know this man before himself!!
Author: Yoshicage
I need this right meow.
Author: Vohn
Author: Nemi
Way too beautiful.
Author: Faejar
Yep, Gossip girl brought me here too!
Author: Mezilrajas
thanks so much!!! I remember that song now that I hear it
Author: Tygoramar
I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E !!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Zulurn
I was really surprised to hear this interesting cover of Chris Isaak's song on Gossip Girl. Reminds me of that great cover of the Tears for Fears song by those guys from San Diego.
Author: Domi
He has a voice like no other, and I mean that, no other previous artist in history has a voice this pure, unbelievable
Author: JoJoll
thumbs up if you don't give two fucknuggets who brought anyone here
Author: Kagabei
"The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie"
Author: Mazunos
Who gives a fuck about Gossip Girl after coming here?
Author: Mugal
Nice version. Go GOT!!!
Author: Domuro
Oui.. plus jolie que l'original
Author: Doll
Gossip Girl brought me here! I love his amazing voice!
Author: Meztirg
this should have like 10 Mil views dude
Author: Vuramar
Anyone know where I can get a tab for this song? :) Loooove it.
Author: Vudogore
gossip girl, thank you !
Author: Kiganris
THUMBS UP IF fuck you.
Author: Vikora
no one gives a shit where you came from, just listen to the awesome music and enjoy life
Author: Kibei
Goosebumps. Absolutely amazing!
Author: Kazigal
Author: Gozilkree
awesome... thrilling... perfection... Speachless :)
Author: Zulkilabar
Gossip Girl brought me here :)
Author: Samusida
so hypnotizing .
Author: Ketaur
Lindo cover saludos de Chile
Author: Fenrimi
wow he's really amazing. going to look for other songs by him. ^^
Author: Brazilkree
Did I mention that I loved it? Thanks for uploading it.
Author: Vorr
You can't even spell his name, what a dishonour is that...
Author: Tekora
He sounds so hurt
Author: Mikagis
"I choose violence"
Author: Doshicage
i cry to this song :-[
Author: Faushura
i haven't got anything on this guy! but i made a little cover.. check it out on my channel :)
Author: Faulkree
One of the best voices I've ever heard. I could listen a million times this song and never get tired of it.
Author: Fekinos
he looks like he'd be a bad dude in a western movie
Author: Fenrile
Yes, I spell it right.
Author: Malataxe
The only reason I come to watch this is because of Game Of Thrones 6 :)
Author: Tygozuru
his voice is either influenced by bon iver or bon ivers voice is influenced by him or they are both influenced by someone else?
Author: Dolrajas
Bela música.
Author: Ducage
Author: Samunris
The world was on fire and No one could save me but you It's strange what desire can make foolish people do I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you No, I don't want to fall in love No, I don't want to fall in love With you What a wicked game to play To make me feel this way What a wicked thing to do Make me dream of you What a wicked thing to say
Author: Kigagrel
I'm here from Gossip Girl but I love his voice so much, I just bought his album from iTunes but I want this song. Where can I get it?
Author: Nalar
Author: Shakashura
I love the song but when did men start singing like women? Maybe you and that guy who calls himself Passenger could do this as a duet.
Author: Gagul
He played this last night in the Olympia, I was praying he would, made my night!Amazing.
Author: Kijinn
got brought me here
Author: Nilmaran
What an awesome cover!
Author: Tojora
te hace sentir un relax total..
Author: Mausida
Game Of Thrones
Author: Akiran
I think this is the best cover of the song
Author: Tami
Great performance man.Gossip Girl FTW
Author: Vozil
why does anyone think anyone else cares what brought them to a particular page on youtube.
Author: Dozahn
His voice just defines beauty.
Author: Kekora
ой попрут просмотры от фанов Игры Престолов)
Author: Malalkis
Amazing :)
Author: Dazilkree
Author: Kajar
wow, he's really good.
Author: Gokus
He sounds like billie holiday
Author: Mishicage
I listen to this voice with my eyes closed and I would like to fall into his arms. :) I feel so peaceful and relaxed:) with you....
Author: Murg
Proud to say Gossip Girl didn't bring me here. Ugh James' voice *swoon*
Author: Samurn
Please mate, try another song.
Author: Mauhn
I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you...
Author: Telabar
I love that he sings 'i wanna fall in love' instead of 'don't wanna fall in love'.
Author: Mebei
Its pretty damn perfect but Jeff buckley takes the cake
Author: Mazulkis
This is very good!
Author: Melar
Gossip girl brought me here....because I looked up - "wicked games gossip girl" thanks to your comment :)
Author: Mazurisar
I swear he's singing this to ME I can feel it!!!!!!! (In my dreams...........!! haha) 
Author: Darg
definitely one of the top of my cover list...simply amazing
Author: Vudorr
Loved. It.
Author: Metilar
Not only do i love this song, but GG was awesome last night! Looking forward to the bachelorette party :)
Author: Gataxe
He killed it
Author: Nedal
Author: Molar
which song?
Author: Mar
Gossip Girl also brought me here with his song "shells of silver" im in love
Author: Tygozilkree
Could you please put this song on iTunes s'il vous plait?!
Author: Fegami
so effortless. so beautiful.
Author: Najind
James Vincent McMorrow - Early In The Morning (Special Edition) brought me here.
Author: Arakree
"He's gone"
Author: Taujin
Gossip Giiiiiiiirl <3<3<3
Author: Mushakar
lool never knew pewdiepie could sing
Author: Daikree
I'm guessing that shimari65 is referring to the Gary Jules version of 'Mad World' perhaps, that was a global smash for stripping down the '80s classic and getting on the Donnie Darko soundtrack.
Author: Mikalkis
anyone know what guitar he is playing?
Author: Monris
Such a beautiful love song. Well done James.
Author: Mikalabar
Just looking for covers of the song, brought me here
Author: Shakora
Thumbs up if Gossip Girl, DIDNT bring you here.
Author: Kigara
he's friggin' amazing
Author: Grogore
yes!!!! me too Gossip Girl!!!
Author: Akitaur
Thumbs up
Author: Moogunos
beautiful soundtrack for the best show ever made
Author: Kagagor
Felt inspired by this and added a version of this amazing song on my channel but with rain and thunder as well in it. Thanks for this James Vincent McMorrow! ❤🌪
Author: Akiran
Wow his beard is epic! the song too
Author: Tekasa
like others here replay again and again. thanks for new life into a great song. guy you've got a sweet something
Author: Mokasa
Author: Kagul
The whole song is about resisting in the first verse, then getting sucked in and falling for the girl, to then only get hurt.
Author: Kajinn
I've been inspired by the likes of Mcmorrow, Buckley, Corby and patrick watson as well as many more and it would mean the world to me if you could check my channel out! I aim for the same level of emotion these artists put into their work.
Author: Taushura
I like this version better than the original
Author: Mausho
GOD brought me here.
Author: Shakaramar
So you think you can dance brought me here.
Author: Arashijar
i absolutely L_O_V_E thissss/...<3
Author: Garamar
who gives a fuck who brought you here, shut up and enjoy.
Author: Sagis
This broke my heart
Author: Mauzilkree
Heard on Gossip Girl and was reminded how much I love the Chris Isaak song - James has a lovely voice and beautiful playing and does the song justice. Couldn't find the track on iTunes or Amazon but enjoyed the beautiful video immensely. Thank you!
Author: Dosar
[edit] In addition to the comment below, I don't mean to detract from the lad's talent as he's deffo got skills... but it was the pedant in me that came through, so please forgive my anal retentiveness. As I say, I love the version in spite of this.
Author: Daikinos
Like that brother .........
Author: Maubar
Never heard this guy before, but I like him already
Author: Tojagore
Game of Thrones!!!
Author: Kazrataur
Thumbs Up if you agree
Author: Akinozil
"He's gone"
Author: Tujora
nothing beats the original but a closed second :)
Author: Mobei
Absolutely Amazing, he has an Extremly Uncommon Voice, which Makes this cover Completely Fucking Amazing!!!
Author: Moogujind
The only thing wrong with it (apart from the Gossip Girl based comments below!) is that he doesn't sing a soft but important DON'T in the line(s) "I.... DON'T want to fall in love".
Author: Kazigar
l'Express va falloir embaucher de vrais cameramen ;)
Author: Taujas
Sheeeeeit son!
Author: Meztilrajas
A beautiful sung song. Your really talented, I love the way you sing.
Author: Moogumi
Thought i've heard him before! why the fuck does it matter what brought you here? good music and talent is good music and talent.
Author: Aracage
There is so much pain in the lyrics of this song... It's hauntingly perfect! Whyy can't Chuck and Blair just be together =(
Author: Vurn
He's a great singer song writer .... Beautiful voice top bloke thank you James
Author: Telkree
Replay. Replay. Replay. Replay.
Author: Dakora
Author: Brakree
Author: Tusho
it's indescribably beautiful
Author: Tekazahn
The world was on fire and no one could save me but you
Author: Sajora
What a amazing voice
Author: Faeshura
I'd been playing this video 10 times today. does anyone know how to play an automatic replay? thx :)
Author: Mihn
A voice, a guitar. Power.
Author: Kigataur
What the heck is Gossip Girl...
Author: Shaktigal
♥ je kifff
Author: Tataxe
I don't think it matters how I got here, as long as I appreciate where I am.
Author: Metaur
Author: Nizil
Eight seconds in and an instant thumbs up. So raw.
Author: Kagis
London grammar do a wicked version.
Author: Torn
GoT Season 6
Author: Samuzahn
3 people fell in love with you.
Author: Kagalkis
so peaceful ..
Author: Ner
how exquisite..
Author: Kektilar
ugh his voice is so beautiful and raw. I love this.
Author: Mezira
Stupenda..I brividi..!!
Author: Tutaur
better then the original in my opinion. Such a great cover. Sheer Perfection.
Author: Mebei
Perhaps Gossip Girl brought most of us here, however the song was beautiful and thats the real reason why we are here with the help of gossip girl. It fit the moment perfectly!
Author: Kagall
Shut up lol
Author: Tujinn
Love this version and live performance <3 Should have listened to this version before I covered it.. :')
Author: Kigajas
The original by Chris Isaak is easily one of my all time top 5 songs, so I'm a tough critic of cover versions. However, this is a cracking rendition. Haunting, captivating and beautiful.
Author: Arashirg
zero dislikes currently 'nuf said
Author: Doutaur
Nice one man, you ARE a genius you know.
Author: Tugar
Steers ship towards the rocks.
Author: Tamuro
that's exactly my point. you're looking for thumbs up like it means something to you. you made no comment on the quality of the video, or even the quality of the show gossip girl. did you get the validation you're not getting in the real world?
Author: Tautaur
Navel gazing shithead.
Author: Zolozragore
Thumbs up if Gossip girl DIDN'T bring you here.
Author: Bragor
@hulahooperer There's one now.
Author: Samurr
Reminds me of Amos Lee....
Author: Momi
Quem chegou aqui por causa do Episódio "The End Of The Affair” de Gossip Girl??? *-*
Author: Kagabar
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do.
Author: Voramar
brought tears in my eyes, it's so beautiful ♥

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