Jim Cramer on Cannabis, China and Starbucks

08.07.2019   |   by Shazilkree

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Comments "Jim Cramer on Cannabis, China and Starbucks":

Author: Mezishura
USA versus China is now fascism versus communism
Author: Kajishakar
Cramer nail that 👍
Author: Samugal
Jim wants more downside on the markets
Author: Zulkikus
3:20 yea, you all looked away like Cramer did.
Author: Jukree
Hope fully the Tarriffs will be behind us sooner then later.Its only going to help the overall stock market.
Author: Nikokazahn
great share!
Author: Tojahn
It is not China's problem that the US produces little of value except weapons. We also have a trade deficit with Germany, because they produce things we need, not poorly manufactured junk like the cars we produce in America. The other issue that should be discussed is that China finances a great deal of our debt; thus making our country run smoothly. And let us not forget the millions of students from China that come to our universities to take advantage of our higher education system, a system populated largely by foreign professor working in the US. Americans can't even be bothered studying science, and are happy to announce they hate math; if it were up to US students, our science graduate programs would be nearly empty and populated with lazy students unable to even do basic Calculus. Cramer is a loud mouthed quack.
Author: Kigaramar
both are visions on the lower side of the intelligence schema
Author: Mauzuru
💯 facts
Author: Misar
People gushing about what he said about China. Love him or hate him, this conversation isn't as open without Trump.
Author: Karan
I'm telling you.. Cramer is from MIB!
Author: Mole
Down with communists - home and abroad.
Author: Yozshutaxe
Cramer nailed it while others are fools
Author: Sam
I know Cramer lights it up 😜
Author: Yozshum
China will rule the world soon - America is finished we lose our place as world leader in five years
Author: Vular
Well said about China, but the trade negotiations should have included all of the developed industrialized nations putting the heat on China together. Perhaps this gang tackle method would have negated tarrifs which have badly hurt many US Industries and investors in those industries.
Author: JoJoran
I agree wholeheartedly with Jim Cramer. However, I am concerned that the Chinese government is quite willing to significantly harm its citizens in order to save face.
Author: Dijin
cannabis is one thing
Author: Kira
I love Cramer
Author: Motilar
Well said about China

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