Judge Hits Daughter: Caught on Tape

02.07.2019   |   by Malarr

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Author: Mooguzilkree
Author: Tem
girl u better listen to ur father
Author: Yozshut
so all this crap of it does mental dammage is only in the eyes of the beholder cause sure funny as we ban spankings crime rates went up as we take the rights to discipline away from parents crime goes up hell if your kid gets pissed at you they can say you beat em have a freind hit them a couple times and you get in trouble for it! We are the only country in the world that doesn't see this as proper discipline and the most hated country in the world so what does that say about it!
Author: Kataur
The problem is, some people dont understand how to discipline without beating. We have 3 children, all in their 30s, all professionals, never been in trouble, never hit by their parents or teaches. Beating a child makes the adult feel powerful...it makes the kid want to beat the parent back. If you need to beat someone...go find an adult to beat....bet you wont.
Author: Voodoozuru
Honestly I feel that beating your children isn't wrong but it depends on the reason on why your beating them
Author: Jura
Seriously. You don't spank in anger. Wake up.
Author: Sagore
i literally think after a minute they parent begins to enjoy it, i got it worse than this then after a while i was like, ok how is this still in ur system? u can stop now. especially when they step back, wait a few seconds then go back at it. they love it,.
Author: Grolkis
Good you get your ass whooped.
Author: Vurn
I disagree with the belt, and the moment he hit her on the rest of her body instead of her behind it became assault, and abuse. And how is disciplining someone with 17 belt lashes acceptable! Step into our state where if you hit your child like that you will be buried under the prison, and your not getting out!
Author: Meztijora
Just think...these are the people who cast judgment over others....flawed system completely.
Author: Arashizil
Author: Akisar
I also developed self-esteem, self-hatred, and other antisocial problems because of it, things I still struggle with to this day. Physical abuse only teaches hatred, hatred of the abuser and self. It doesn't solve anything, just teaches violence and shows a lack of creativity in punishment.
Author: Kigasida
First of all, the guy totally flew off the handle. He got all upset over something so small. Second of all, the guy whipped her 17 times. Belt whipping is not "traditional." Not all "parents" do that. I would have done the same thing this young lady did.
Author: Taumi
Well unlike yours it's civilised..
Author: Nikogis
"...Not all parents do that." Clearly, you are far younger than me. Which might account for why it is generally acknowledged that today's children are not as well behaved and proper as were the last generation's children.
Author: Nikolar
look up michigancorruption com and you can read a free book about this yet the guy that wrote his book lost his children
Author: Nakinos
he will never do that shit again.
Author: Kagaktilar
Are you shitting me? He should have beaten her worse. When he says get off the computer, that means get off the computer. This is ridiculous. It's called parenting. It's tough. Love your children? Then discipline them like people have been doing forever. This generation is too soft.
Author: Tera
Maybe in your country and your family. Didn't happen in mine.
Author: Gardazuru
He is taking out his aggression on her , and not being a parent.
Author: Grozil
Ya, this PRICK sits and judges others, placing them behind bars for the same or similar things every day! I'd just need to meet up with a fuck like that once and he would pay for his injustice in a matter of minutes!
Author: Groramar
Author: Tukora
judge adams is a punk!
Author: Akizil
Bullying bastard!
Author: Vinris
she deserves another round just for filming.
Author: Moogujora
thats how it was in the old days. my shit was worse that ant nothing compared what my dad did to me
Author: Mazular
Using a belt you COWARD!!!!!! Get a LIFE judge....FREAK!!!
Author: Tukazahn
Really? Bully!!! Wrong!! You should never have done that. Never!
Author: Togar
why people do this is beyond me i mean this would be acceptable if she commited a crime but she played her cpu wen she wasnt suppose to i mean honestly to people just stop and go wait this is a living breathing human with a soul who feels pain physicly and mentally why would i do something like this and bring nothing but pain and misery to my own daughter this is the crap that turns kids into rapists and murderers and maniacs
Author: Kenos
Author: Brashakar
He never let anyone go for saying I'm sorry, So I say = treatment to that bitch Judge!
Author: Gull
My assumption is justified..
Author: Moran
I've seen my uncle grab my cousin by the hand hanging her up and hitting her butt (hard) but its happened to me to I grew up on this of course if my dad caught me in the Internet he wouldn't spank me but my dad can get angry but this isn't abuse it's discipline I hope this girl feels good about her self turning her father in like that but if that's considered abuse then my dad should be in jail lol I hope she learned her lesson getting hit by the belt if dad says get off the computer than get of
Author: Vokora
You need to get your eyes checked. That right there is clearly abuse, not disciple and its disgusting. You need to learn how to tell the difference.
Author: Kazibar
Sthu, im srry but you need to if this and paula dean saying the n word is news please someone do something bc you ppl are idiots, he beat his child bc she disobeyed HIM his rule he is her father. Did he punch her push her down the stairs make her bleed no. This bastard hit her 17 times. There are more important stories of children getting beaten daily more than that. Not some attention whore who waits seven years to post herself being "abbused"...i usually do not get into race or rant semi angry
Author: Kigalkis
It's in their "good" book. What do you expect from people taking directives from middle eastern men 2000 years old.
Author: Dainris
LOL Family Court Judge!! What a Twat! She should have exposed him earlier and had him disbarred, too late now, his cronies will protect him....
Author: Dilkree
So basically you've been misbehaving for 12 years straight.
Author: Gulkree
There is an old saying your getting to old to spank does anyone know why????
Author: Vusar
Don't be mad just cause daddy hits you. Plus I'm not black, so you fail.
Author: Feshura
i git my shit wooped my hole life i cnt believe theyer making such a big deal out of this. my mom used a belt. and im a big guy and ive never a dad but the fact that my mom used to do that i still do watever she asks and have ther upmost respect for her
Author: Nikolkis
If I was the girl I would have took the belt and SMACK HIM 10000times HAHHHAHH
Author: Mikaramar
I will say 1 more thing about this, though.  As a girl who used to get some belt whippings from her mom, she never EVER CUSSED ME OUT IN THE PROCESS.  I canNOT believe her dad is CUSSING her like this.  Gosh, what very bad language!  You don't do that with a child - it sets a bad example.
Author: Tygodal
Author: Tera
That ain't discipline-it is ABUSE. You DO NOT spank using a belt or any other object. YOU USE THE PALM OF YOUR HAND UPON THE BOOTY! Get it right!
Author: Najar
I have gotten it worse
Author: Mezigul
That dad needs Jesus o and he's a bitch
Author: Dijin
Ya call that abuse ? I got allot more then that growing up, and that might be why iv'e had a job since i was 14, got my license at 15 and almost done with college. Called tuff love. This is just a type of discipline and a stern talking to needs to be given after that whooping to let the child know you love them but you will whoop dat ass if they act up.
Author: JoJoramar
I beg your pardon? Do you think violence is a good solution? ITS A BAD EXAMPLE TO KIDS! Thanks to people like this judge there are murders and war in this world ...
Author: Mejar
I hate it when parents think that beating their kids with a belt, stick, etc.... when honestly I think that a simple talk and punishment for a child would make them understand a little more what they did was wrong. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT.
Author: Bragar
Go get laid you nerdy piece of shit!
Author: Maujas
Stupid inbred fuck
Author: Zuluzragore
Author: Kigakus
He was doing what she needed ...kids got too much power
Author: Mikabar
This reporter is a Cuomo....nothing more need be said.
Author: Tygoll
Author: Mazulmaran
Author: Nikolmaran
Author: Gokazahn
I'm surprised his comment was so what considering the fact that he is a family judge that she taped that I would be more concerned
Author: Fenris
I live in texas:(
Author: Kajitilar
You are absolutely right! You will always remember a good spanking and always forget a little swat or having something taken away for a few days.
Author: Zuktilar
i hope they killed him. I'm not sure why a socalled father would ensure he is not loved, liked or needed but I'm sure that pathetic coward has his reasons.
Author: Kabar
Author: Zulurn
Author: Nizshura
The number of times she was struct and the carry-on angles she was stuck was consistent with the "WHAT THE HELL" ATTITUDE
Author: Gashakar
@ Dylan Jones yes, to this day I'm scared of him. This video just bring back how my childhood used to be.
Author: Tami
Oh, the irony...
Author: Meztirn
She is stupid!!Next time listen!!
Author: Akinobar
How tha he'll that little ass whooping made tha new 80% of black kids get it 3 times worser and bout 30% white kids the dad should of tied her ass down so that as would be avaliable an not her legs
Author: Kigagami
Im so in rage that im trembling and feel sick to my stomach
Author: Zulkimuro
All i ever had to do is frown,lower my voice and point at them and the kids know that,s thing are going to get worse if they keep going.
Author: Akitilar
ABC News, William Adams will never change, he's abusive and going to jail for it.
Author: Jujar
that ain't shit, i used to get spanked. so what?
Author: Nijinn
rage dad
Author: Vudogore
I have never had to hit a child but i do believe in sometime you need them to remember not to and a smack to surprise them will make them remember but not like this.
Author: Molabar
This punk judge should get was he gave---lets see how a 'I'm sorry' will help him forget and forgive.
Author: Mezisar
This is abuse. Anyone who says otherwise , is an abuser.
Author: Viran
i live with my aunt for 5 yrs. since i was 11 till highschool. she doesnt want me to come home late from school.i got the beating all the time everytime i come home late.i really hated her for doing that to me,but now im old enough to understand why she did that to me,she just dont want me to end up like a unwed mom with a baby coz almost all of my classmates end up married with an unstable mesirable life,or a single mom,now i have no hard feelings for my aunt indeed im so thankful
Author: Faecage
I hope he rots in hell
Author: Tygorn
Looks like a traditional belt whipping to me. No strikes across her face or front, no punches or use of his hands. So what's the problem here?
Author: Mezirn
Well put.
Author: Arak
Author: Jutilar
give me a fucking break where is this disturbing beating? fucking kids nowadays, they don't focus on what she did to get the ass whooping now do they? "cause she was on the internet" yea I bet thats her side of the story.
Author: Samukasa
1:48 STEALING? She was just on the internet! COMEON!!
Author: Jumi
Oh, Boo-fucking-hoo! My dad used to beat my ass too. I dont go around and making a deal about it.
Author: Yozshutaxe
Author: Telrajas
The problem with this is its so close to being between discipline and abuse. Now I used to get whipped with anything from a hand, to a belt, and to a switch, but the problem with this is it was /seventeen times/ and the reason for the spanking wasn't really made clear. If this is the way the father acts if she just "goes on the internet when she's not supposed to," then how would he react if she did something worse? This is more of an issue of how easily the temper is lost than the actual attack
Author: Goltitaur
Author: Kagazragore
I was beat on the butt with kitchen utensils as a child and teenager for any little excuse to hurt me, sometimes for things I didn't even do, and all it taught me was to hate and resent the person doing that.
Author: Samuran
I hope someone murders that judge.
Author: Sajas
On these things but caucasions (WHITE PEOPLE) take these things waaay out of porportion. Its like django.....you notice how all ppl of black cultures or the majority loved that movie(spike lee is on crack). It was amazing. But all over the news we see oh the n word was used so much, havent we moved forward........yes ms white lady (yes the rascist in me emerges dont worry i hate all ppl equally we have moved forward this is why it was made to show that or ppl say the n world all the time in the
Author: Zulkijin
thats wrong and bad to hit or other stuff to kids thats very wrong . i never never do that to kids or to family.
Author: Akinotaur
Yea I was spanked but it was one spank and I got the point the fact that he hit her 17 times I'm sorry that's more than overboard. To that effect too that even when still went back and smacked her
Author: Vilmaran
Because they are old enough to fight back and call the law
Author: Mesida
and people wonder why some people are spoiled as fuck and dont know left from right
Author: Akile
This was my childhood until the age of 18. It moves on from belts to shoes, hairbrushes, t.v. remotes upside the head, made to sit in the middle of the floor until the next day...it goes on and on and on, until the age of 18. I lived it, it's child abuse. Some human beings suck at being parents.
Author: Vimuro
that's happened to me I was abused for 12 years I am now emo because of that and depressed that happened 1 year ago im now 13
Author: Shasida
Because he hit her way too many times and he did it out of anger rather than discipline. He didn't know how much was enough
Author: Vigrel
The last part of my comment didn't come out right I was trying to say the fact he even went back and smacked her again after it appeared he was done is just cruel
Author: Yokora
My dad used to spank me like that too, he would say that he was getting us ready for the world.
Author: Meztira
Try to have some compassion for this girl Zidro152
Author: Nizshura
Do You Know How Many Whoppens I've Gotten in Between the ages 4-13 Alot! Thats Shit Stings Like Hell!
Author: Yoran
That's called a black kid whooping that is no assault
Author: Migul
then you were abused dont fcking lower society with your crap yes its ridiculous that you cant even spank your kid but trust me ive been hit with a belt and if its just a spanking you dont have that look of hate in your eyes and grip the belt that hard and that cracking nose doesnt happen on sweat pants easily go ahead try it with your belt you gotta do it pretty hard. not to mention idk about you but i have low potassium i bruise easy, you have no clue so dont judge this girl you low lifes
Author: Vudolabar
i dont get it ?? where is the beating
Author: Mazunos
Author: Kesho
Author: Mezshura
Author: Shakat
Author: Dujind
Physical discipline, in my opinion, is good. But, when u beat your kids for being on the internet even though you told them not to is really stupid
Author: Zulkilmaran
A family court judge!!!! Omfgggg!!!!
Author: Mikataur
Lock this sick man up. This wasn't a spanking but a beating. Assault with sadistic overtones.
Author: Yozshugar
This is not "spanking" a butt with a hand, this is excessive beating that leaves bruises, physical violence, domestic abuse. Report it to your local department of social services. Abusers need to be shamed publicly, and not feel safe thinking that no one knows what happens in their home. They all act nice to you in public, but the true monster comes out between 4 walls.
Author: Goltizragore
easiest nicest most leanyent punishment there is. get her
Author: Mautilar
Damn man!
Author: Dasho
No wait I meant discipline not disciple T_T
Author: Tugor
Oh boo fucking hoo. Move on.
Author: Faekree
That is justified considering she broke the law by Video taping w/o consent or posting that video surveillance was being done what other crimes was she breaking if she was my kid I wouldn't have stopped with the belt I would have taken every damn thing out of her room and made her sleep on the floor till she started behaving and listening to what she was told to do and stay doing what she is told to do! Kids don't run a house the parents do and its time more of you damn parents DO! So DO IT!
Author: Mazunris
Author: Akinojinn
Author: Gardashicage
I knew parents from friends who used to beat them with anything that could hurt them: belts, pots etc. just for little things... I think it traumatizes children and affects them later in life in different ways. Sad.
Author: Nikokree
Assault - 100%, Power, Ego, and Invincibility, hardly the role model to sit behind a bench,
Author: Yozshuhn
Assumption still Justified..
Author: Vijas
That is studied if he was my father right after he beat me I would take the tape and then call the cops because that is not how u treat a daughter
Author: Temi
Brandon, I agree. We don't know all the facts behind his daughter's act, but we do know she was stealing and committed theft. I'm tired of all these bleeding heart liberals who have out-of-control children and wonder why their kids don't grow up to be respectful and considerate adults. You can bet this man's daughter grew up to be proper. Kudos to him!
Author: Tojarg
She looks way too old for a "spanking". She should have packed her shit and gone to a family members house or gotten a belt and beat him in his sleep.
Author: Voodook
Bullshit ass video that whooping ain't shit I've had it worser and so has millions of other ppl
Author: Akinokazahn
i would love to get my hands on that guy.
Author: Akinomi
Author: Dum
I got spanked but god thats brutal.
Author: Yokus
I would hit that ;-) jajaja get it
Author: Moogusho
It sucks that people still "discipline" their children like this and even worse some times.
Author: Vuzragore
Now the f*cker has to sue himself!
Author: Goltill
He hit her on her bottom its not abuise
Author: Bradal
Author: Tojaktilar
I'd understand if you'd call me racist, but nerdy? Lmao wtf. Besides, my GF already took care of that a while ago, no need to worry!
Author: Muzahn
He needs acid pour in his face.
Author: Akinogar
Americans can be so backwards at times,we support pointless wars with millions of innocent people killed, but wanna fall out about a kid getting a whooping.
Author: Meztidal
That fucking asshole he should be shot
Author: Meztigrel
This judge should have been behind bars for child abuse and he should also be disbarred from practicing law as a judge. No judge should be allowed to continue judging other people on a daily basis after evidence like this, since it clearly shows an excessive nature or behavior that would definitely reflect upon his daily judgements.
Author: Kegal
nobody knows the law betetr than him,he nows it all could have been avoided if some of those parents wooped their children proper!
Author: Gumi
Author: Vizshura
Author: Visho
If your going to spank. At least don't use a fucking belt. A open hand is more than enough.
Author: Faer
That was wrong wht he did he did it out of anger
Author: Kizragore
The "JUDGE" can give options and choices to his daughter, but not this while he's angry
Author: Dairisar
I also got whipped by a belt when i was a kid whenever i did something bad, well, a few years ago i kicked my dads ass because of that, havn't talked to him since.
Author: Mam
Author: Nakasa
Well, that is so sad.
Author: Vokazahn
no that is abuse he is hitting her all over her arms backs
Author: Goltit
Wow that's hard to watch, it's abuse for sure and he should faces charges
Author: Kijar
Is that you in the video? Don't take out your frustrations on others, it's kind of sad.
Author: Shakadal
shit he began to enjoy that a bit too much at the end.
Author: Mautilar
William Adams, go to jail, if you won't change.
Author: Keshicage
Also considering it took 7 years for this to come out sounds like she wants a video or book about her so called traumatic childhood how do we know she didn't edit it and take out the parts of her talking back to her dad sure funny it only shows her being belted I know plenty of people that were hit with a belt spanked bare handed had a switch taken to their ass and sure funny their very successful business people politicians and even lawyers and a judge or 2.
Author: Kigakinos
goodmusick are you really that sick???? you dont beat kids...ever! EVER! you dont 'train' kids....you train animals...pets. I hope to God you dont have kids goodmusick....because your ideas are sick. This Judge was wrong...hope he was disbarred.
Author: Vujora
Author: Akimuro
My dad does that to my sister once.
Author: Fekree
I hope this woman gets stabbed in public. This is why kids today don't respect they're parents. Jesus Christ this world is going to hell!!!!
Author: Zulkikora
Just different parents view. I don't like spankings but its his child, we should be focusing on children being abused instead of this girl who didn't like getting spanked seven years ago...Just my opinion
Author: Monris
I believe in spanking your child but beating them is another story. That was way over the line there.
Author: Shale
Hallie Adams, you never stopped your husband for hitting, and you abused your daughter, and you'll never ever change!
Author: Shakazuru
Author: Kijin
Its called "spanking" not child abuse...
Author: Kagazshura
Author: Nikolar
what options could the JUGDE have taken in place of what happened... also, read some of the earlier case files from the "JUDGE'S RULINGS" 
Author: Akilkree
Author: Zulkilmaran
I'm sorry, that's not abuse that's plain old discipline, if she becomes a menace to society they're are gonna blame the parent. time out and sit in the corner does not always work. Proverbs 13:24 He that spareth his rod hateth his son, but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. If she stole something.whooping her butt was necessary.
Author: Zull
This is not abuse
Author: Mazugal
This is nothing compare to my dads epic beatdowns.
Author: Yokree
It's really sick to see people defend this behavior.
Author: Tegul
It's crazy how people on here actually approve of hitting kids instead of talking to them. This is a sad group of commentators.
Author: Doubei
this video is triggering
Author: Tojagar
My mom whoops me more than that
Author: Kazimi
Asians do that all the time. And they turn out fine. But I don't agree with using things to hit a child. Always use your hands so that you can gauge the pain. :/
Author: Faejin
I'm almost 14 and I've been spanked that hard from the time I was 3 my dad would take a belt and hit me that hard when I was 3 all the way into now so I think that it's to much maybe once but it truly hurts if you've been spanked you know
Author: Kagajind
The "JUDGE" Beats his Daughter because she has a mind and point to make which is her right.
Author: Grozuru
Author: Negar
Kids actually listened in the past when they were spanked and punished no a days they run their parents time outs don't do shit to the kids If I was on the bar in TX I would give him an award for being a real parent and using justified punishment! In my state you can still spank as long is there is no bruise or mark after 15 min! And for those affraid to use belts phone books do wonders they don't leave a mark!
Author: Kigarr
Author: Kazrak
Poor little inbred girl, things will get better.
Author: Dotaur
What's the connection between your family hitting or not hitting you and GAY !!! Do you fancy my ass or something?
Author: Voodoozuru
There is a difference between disciplining a "CHILD" and "Beating" a teenager. 
Author: Samura
another sickie....God you people...
Author: Akinogore
Didint have to hit her 13 times
Author: Kazralar
Also in the video, it may look awful, that's because it's a parent disciplining his child as he sees fit. It's not supposed to be pretty, otherwise it would not be punishment. I did not see him punch her in the face. Teenagers kill homeless people now days, even Trayvon Martin would be alive if he just replied respectfully to Zimmerman. I do not believe it was a race issue. I completely blame the late kid's parents for not beating him. Their kid was a potential burglar that had hot jewelry.
Author: Tasho
by the way my parents spank and when they do its only 1-3 times and they hardly spank my parents stop spanking when we are 11 years old from their they just take our enjoyment like cpus game consoles i pods wat ever away and hope you learn how boring it is without it and stop doing it and now my grades are decent and i do my homework every night im not perfect though i still argue alot but whipping your kid 17 times for using a computer is redonculas
Author: Goltisho
That's horrible!!!
Author: Moogugami
Author: Moogugul
This isnt wrong?
Author: Mezahn
YA, well maybe you should try to explain to her that there are other ways to disipline chrildren without beating them! No wonder the world is FUCKED! If anyone ever beat me, when I was old enough and big enough they would certainly pay for it...if I had to shoot the fucker, parent, family, friend, whoever it maybe! Cheers...
Author: Niran
this is not abuse!its discipline,i
Author: Sazragore
Lets make this very clear, the Judge said he was "ANGRY" and had apologized for his actions. "ANGER" + DISCIPLINE IN THE SAME SENTENCE is assault.
Author: Faelkis
I grew up getting spanked...but with an open hand and only a couple solid hits did the trick. He kicked her ass with a belt...this man is a coward and a cunt.
Author: Teshicage
The probable and possible beginnings of school shootings.
Author: Nikoran
My father was a lawyer. I got "spanked" like that. I also remember his hand being held over my nose and mouth telling me to stop crying after a "spanking". I'm now in my 30s have no relationship with my father, despise myself and have an inability to cry over things that hurt me emotionally or physically. My daughter has gotten 4 spans in her whole life, none like what I went thru. Parents, be sure when you spank its never crossing a line. Make sure there's always more love than violence.
Author: Kagat
Author: Nakinos
This ain't no disapline. So is he showing the world that this is what he learned in law school...dang..
Author: JoJogami

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