[LIVE HD] Singapore Budget Forum 2019: Ask the Finance Minister

23.07.2019   |   by Kalmaran

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Author: Yonris
We buy a home
Author: Tuzahn
Besides commending the seniors for their willingness to work longer I didn’t hear the minister address the issue of seniors being exploited as emphasized by the host.
Author: Dubar
Author: Kazir
Author: Fetaxe
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Author: Dujar
Is John Leong the host Pap voter?
Author: JoJojin
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Author: Vosho
☞Monthly Payment【月付还款】
Author: Malashakar
In the forum, Heng confirmed that the Government will not absorb the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for essential items to help low-income or middle-income families.
Author: Vijora
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Author: Kinris
and financial
Author: Galar
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Author: Gulrajas
Why is it a IPS (if not mistaken) lady was invited and she asked a question but the organization is not mentioned? The tv shows her as someone who is a director but not the organization name.. Is the IPS is it a pro PAP machinery?
Author: Bakus
I am Not saying this is staged but every budget I don't hear much criticism. It's always feel good. Very unnatural but maybe that's how great pap is. Probably only in Singapore the budget show seems like only good and nothing bad. No need elections already. They win hands down. Every budget every year Everytime people say perfect . No need opposition.
Author: Shakagar
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Author: Zugul
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Author: Zulkijin
issuing and receiving bank continues the transaction immediately after DOA is countersigned
Author: Mezinos
Why don,t the Finance Mnister invite to Opposition leaders view of the budget 2019,instead of we the lay citizens?
Author: Daihn
Howard Anthony
Author: Voodootaxe
have anyone calculated in the $ terms how much Singaporean will lose due to HDB decaying lease?
Author: Malaramar
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Author: Gajind
Author: Meshura
We hire an employee
Author: Mauhn
No one talks about the cost of living in singapore..
Author: Yozshusho
What does our startup mean? Foreigners can be welcomed here and operate here. They become Our startups? Innovations rarely come from Singapore born citizens vis a vis the world. Cannot do this cannot do that. Red tapes all over. China has ten times more freedom for entrepreneurs to move faster than Singaporeans. It's not surprising why we import mostly from China and countries outside Singapore. Very few things we use are made in Singapore. If made in sjngaoore, check if the inventors or boss is it foreigners or PR
Author: Nikazahn
When we pay Tax why GOVT ask for so much levy??
Author: Aralrajas
We buy things also costly in Mall due to rental
Author: Gardakree
I am definitely voting PAP this year.
Author: Dujora
Notice two or three keep nodding their heads. But they are not nodding in a natural way if you know what I mean. Where do they come from?
Author: Vikree
Why why why?????Think think think SG!!
Author: Tujind
☞Low Interest【低利息】
Author: Voodooran
So in the end WE PUBLIC HARD EARNED money for family PAY for it..
Author: Kazraran
Author: Zulkit
Author: Malajinn
Ya forgot to mention importantly..
Author: Jum
Its self contradictory.
Author: Tubar
We start a business
Author: Doudal
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Author: Fekree
yay john leong
Author: Guzuru
We have a maid
Author: Dozragore
Next waiting package
Author: Gozshura
India praises SG GOVT a lot...India trying to become 10% like SG
Author: Kagazahn
So why SG lacks in these..which still people not aware. & Govt also not thinking of doing good for Public.
Author: Dourn
No need any DEPOSIT !
Author: Mura
Author: Tugar
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Author: Voodoolmaran
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Author: Bazil
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Author: Nitilar
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Author: Tygozilkree
Go and grab the goodies beggars hahaha hahaha
Author: Doukree
So much adfitional fees when
Author: Zolotilar
Singapore gives foreigners the impression we are rich. Yet, from this budget, it's mentioned that 40% are LOW INCOME citizens . Well over a million of the 3.5million population are LOW INCOME EARNERS. Is this a success to be proud of? The small amount given to them , if you regard it as meaningful amount, is it not showing us how poor the 40% are? Small amount is important if you are very poor. Small amount is meaningless to the rich.
Author: Zulkijinn
Waste of time
Author: Moogujas
Author: Zulkimi
SG is no 1 IN Governing the country with all Black.& White which Public can see
Author: Shamuro
consultants/consulting firms in their respective countries.
Author: Brashura
When every child shld be educated why taking money for education for Singaporean studying in TOP SCHOOLS & even from PR's ..ridiculous increase in education fees
Author: Kezahn
Author: Tokinos
Minister Heng Swee Keat is HOT!!!

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