Lunch Break News| BJP Leader Kailash Vijayvargiya Seeks For Presidents Rule In West Bengal

02.07.2019   |   by Kazimi

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Comments "Lunch Break News| BJP Leader Kailash Vijayvargiya Seeks For Presidents Rule In West Bengal":

Author: Toshakar
Who is meeting who?
Author: Niran
Fraud BJP from kerala
Author: Maujind
Author: Mugor
Didi Bahoot Pareshan hai
Author: Meztile
This is unconstitutional. Riots will happen across the country. How can you overthrow an elected government with 2/3 majority. TMC won 216 out of 294, this isn't a joke. For 8 years everything was fine and suddenly how things can become so bad. Bjp is also responsible as much as TMC, shall bjp government at center also be dissolved? Mamta B will not go down so easily, she will fight and this will have lot of adverse effects throughout the country.
Author: Mugis
How many more lives needs to go to bring in PRESIDENT rule ?
Author: Kazralmaran
How on earth dis woman was allowed to to rule dis state and get away with it Dis is what prashant want to calm his ego is greater dan his face prashant u better ride d current on d Brahma outta waves and cleanse her wicked soul
Author: Mikalkree
MAMATA BANERJEE must be ripped open in public and put behind bars . Law and order is gone with the wind in W Bengal .
Author: Arashinris
Throw dis woman out she corrupt and wicked where is d gold her family nephew wife was running with on d airport jail dem where is prashant bhsha. Mayb He is collecting some of d gold
Author: Nikodal
Just take this women out, she's getting to comfortable
Author: Vudokus
Most of Bengal police officers are Mamata's PETS.

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