Meadows on the House Judiciarys vote to subpoena full Mueller report

07.06.2019   |   by Gusho

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Comments "Meadows on the House Judiciarys vote to subpoena full Mueller report":

Author: Bashakar
They just want to see if THEY are in it! lol
Author: Grolkis
Let them see the documents and I guarantee there will be leaks to the media in an effort to keep dragging this scam on !!!
Author: Zulugor
"Hand picked AG". As opposed to? One that appointed their self?
Author: Akibar
These people are lawless Corrupt Tyrannical and sick .Muller was a Hero now Muller a trader you cant make this up .Meanwhile they pass no bills to help the people and the nation
Author: Nilar
This is all going to backfire on them! Let them shoot themselves in the foot AGAIN!
Author: Akizragore
Dems cant be trusted with this info... they will spin every sentence and demonize any name in it.
Author: JoJozuru
All Atty. generals are handpicked you just didn't like what he had to say
Author: Zujas
Its time for Trump to release all he dirt unredacted, FISA , 302's , and all the rest
Author: Mazilkree
Hoefully these tactics will backfire on them. Imagine if it shows evidence the dems colluded with Russia?
Author: Modal
What is up with Nadlers left eyebrow??
Author: Yozshukree
The Supreme Court is going to have to weigh in on this. Congress cannot simply demand illegal actions by subpoena.
Author: Migor
They voted to break the law. Big surprise!
Author: Maulkree
Vote no confidence to remove Nader just like Schiff!!
Author: Akinoran
Nadler is a buffoon. He really thinks that if his committee gets ahold of unredacted documents that it won't be leaked? He must think Barr is a fool.
Author: Fenrigal
Nadler is a complete joke. Schiff is not worthy of holding office The people that elected them should be ashamed of themselves
Author: Grom
Author: Kakasa
The Dems said they had evidence! Show it to the public!
Author: Tozragore
Don't think they'll like it...
Author: Tejar
Nadler DEMOCRAT: "We handle sensitive material all the time" AND THAT is why you CAN'T BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!
Author: Zologrel
"We handle confidential material all the time." And you leak confidential info all the time Mr. Nadler. It's a joke.
Author: Vudokree
Nadler and his conspiracy group want to leak details

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