Metra Simulator

06.06.2019   |   by Barn

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Author: Digul
I live on the UP-W line in wheaton
Author: Dilmaran
need to win the next powerball drawing. got to have that in my basement train room.......
Author: Shadal
Microsoft Train Simulator + Rail Driver can simulate this on your home computer. The AAR Cab control from Raildriver is 1500 dollars and the Rail Driver desk top is 150 dollars. MSTS is $20.
Author: Kijin
WOW I really feel I am the engineer departing from Chicago to Aurora.
Author: Migor
409 derailed
Author: Kisida
Nice! Iam a future engineer for VRE. Does anyone know if VRE gives me the same training metra does? I mean they have a simulator?
Author: Kirg
Author: Maugrel
I have the same train on my train simulator
Author: Sharr
i want one of them O.o
Author: Kigalrajas
Author: Akinogrel
i realy wish i had that simulator in my room :P lol trains ROCK!!
Author: Nikozil
that marty fits what a piece of shit

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