Moving to Las Vegas - Is it a GOOD decision in 2019??

29.06.2019   |   by Faekinos

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Author: Kajigis
Why what is happening with Las Vegas Italia lots of californians are absolutely fed up of the taxation and high cost of living in California this is the reason why most californians if they get the chance will move to Las Vegas because of the taxation policy of the area as an no taxes in California are going to go up by 5% another other things is that some items such as homes and other things are going to be limited and on how much space they can have and plus you have the Mexico situation
Author: Musar
Do more of these reports on Vegas, there are a lot of others doing this also but so many are BS trying to sell crap and never saying anything is bad blah blah. I think the Vegas market will crash in not to long cause the world and us economy are slowing and people have less discretionary money to blow!
Author: Kigazilkree
Vegas has crashed 4 times in my life and it will happen again. Genius, build a city of excess in the desert, what could go wrong? Good luck.
Author: Zolotaxe
Can you comment on Reno?
Author: Nirisar
People up and move to vegas all the time without 2 thoughts. Some havw m9ved there like that and have been there forever others have moved there with a career and decided its not what they expected. So, this is just your opinion.
Author: Netaur
I'm either gonna move to inland empire area of Ca, or summerlin NV, I want to move to summerlin since I really liked it the last time I went but I'm more worried that if I buy a condo or home that I will be in the next crash.
Author: Gardagar
Also don't expect it to be like the weekend vacation you had 5 years ago.
Author: Talmaran
I recommend everybody watch the documentary: DRUGS INC: HIGH-STAKES VEGAS. Go to Google, type: Vimeo 120354185
Author: Gardakora
Are you talking about moving here to gamble for a living, there are a ton of County, State and City jobs, been here 25 years, 20 with the State. The average fireman with the county makes 100k a year, metro pd pays 60 k a year to start and make will over 150k a year. There are unlimited teacher jobs, Amazon , Zappos, conventons. Not to mention marijuana is legal. Oh I forgot Raiders, Golden Knights and UFC headquarters
Author: Akigul
Good information is always good to have. Thanks!
Author: Meztigar
I lived & worked in Ca 5 yrs. in the late 80's as a Eng., the Much better times of Ca., gas was only $.68 a gal, my take home pay was $67k , even back then many Ca. people were moving to Or. or even Wa., I've been to Vegas a few time, I'm not fond of Vegas, no teck, mostly employment service waiters $10 a hr., only if you worked for area 51 than ok.,over priced also. Nc. or Tn. is nicer than Vegas also, I lived in Tucson, Az, is a good choose too... Good luck everyone...
Author: Bagore
The time not to be in a market is at the top... However, for those well positioned, I believe the next downturn will present an excellent opportunity to buy in. For those looking to move to Vegas - I would not hesitate to do so, given A. that a solid job opportunity is there, and B. you're moving from a higher cost of living state (IE california), and C. that you feel relatively good about weathering an economic downturn.
Author: Mutaur
you need more than emergency funds if you live in California
Author: Shakat
Good commentary. I do agree with your perspective that Las Vegas (add to that the national economy as well) may be at and/or nearing a peak. Signs abound of a slow down (locally: housing inventory, time on market, MGM layoffs, construction projects at or nearing completion, etc) (nationally: dramatic reversal of Fed poilcy on interest rates, slowing consumer spending, trade war with China, other regional uncertainties).
Author: Mokasa
Might be a bit oversimplified in terms of extending some trends long term, but point well taken. The housing market Definitely feels inflated, with overall listings being double what they were a yr ago. Some sites put the listings into the thousands. Entry level jobs are also naturally not keeping up with the rising rental costs either. I think the main reason to relocate to LV is if a person can buy property, and probably at a price lower than what's being offered now.
Author: Zulusida
Uned Economist sent me here, new sub!
Author: Tojasar
Yup. I was in real estate for years. But that is another reason we are planning on moving. To invest in the downturn. My business is in the Silicon Valley, so it won’t be affected.
Author: Nikolar
Just don't move here if you had a drug, drinking, gambling, or sex addiction !
Author: Kazit
Nice video. What do you use to edit?
Author: Kazshura
Sir, your commentary is very negative and limited. Try taking the blinders off so you may take in the hollistic situatuation here. You fail to mention that the main reason for Vegas growth is it's neighbor, California. The high cost of living, excessive taxation, and micromanaging the people along with the increase in crime ect. is driving a lot of Californians to sell their homes and buy twice the house for half the money. Vegas economy is rapidly diversifying with pro sports coming here UNLV expanding, along with high tech and research. It's also become a major shipping distribution center for Amazon creating thousands of jobs. The marijuana business is also booming here in both production and sales, so please do your homework before you bad mouth the best city in the world, my beautiful home Las Vegas.
Author: Tugal
Yea, recession looming, but that always a factor every 8-10 years
Author: Kagakora
I’ll be moving to Vegas in 2021. Bubble or not. Hoping for the bubble... Sucks to hope on others misfortunes but my parents bought a house there when the market crashed and I’m hoping for the same. It’s life
Author: Faegrel
Thanks for the informative video. If I may pick your brains... We are in semi retirement with a Hawai’i homebase. We are seriously thinking about buying either a second place or an investment place such as a condo-hotel unit in the signature MGM or the Palms. We understand the tax ramifications but think it would both give us a place to stay when we visit and make money when not in use. If it will be a vacay home, we are looking at gated community and probably a condo or townhouse. Not sure about airbnb, that would incurr prop management company. My question is, what are the pitfalls for buying a second home or a condo-hotel unit for profit in LV in 2019? We don’t need employment.

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