NHS in England performing at worst-ever level

28.06.2019   |   by Samukus

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Comments "NHS in England performing at worst-ever level":

Author: Basar
nhs is almost dead it's taking its last breath screaming cheers to the politicians
Author: Yozshut
Uk is all about propaganda,
Author: Goltisho
Stop the fake war on terror and the NHS can be saved.
Author: Vukus
How's the NHS in Scotland doing?
Author: Zululrajas
This is why I worry and so I don't even use the NHS.
Author: Bakasa
For new army jets, there's always money, I will leave country to treating in another European country after paying 20 years tax on this
Author: Kegis
This is third world health system, we have a child of 2 and a half and it's almost a year that he has a skin infection with OPEN WOUNDS!!!!!! We can't manage to pass from GP's to a specialist, nearly a year and we don't even have a date! Open wounds for so long can turn to skin cancer but the most they do is to try guessing different antibiotics that make him WORST! He doesn't even have a skin test as is expensive, being in Scotland we try private but most we find don't treat skin problems,

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