Obama on the state of the world: the extended Vox conversation

02.07.2019   |   by Zulkisida

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Author: Grorg
If you asked Trump these questions:I have a very successful business. I will be build a wall.
Author: Arazshura
'we occasionally have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn't do what we need them to do'!
Author: Tygogar
I'm Canadian and I wish we had a prime minister who thinks like Obama. Why do you Americans hate him so much? Under his Presidency, the US ended two very expensive wars, recovered from the 2008 financial crisis, introduced universal healthcare, significantly lowered unemployment, and has improved international relations with other nations. On top of that, he has the workings of a decent, practical solution to finally improving stability in the Middle east over the next 15-20 years for good.
Author: Shakaktilar
Why is Obama so savage?
Author: Vilkis
This is so nice to hear informed and cohesive rationality in political talk. It's a shame that I am in constant search for bullshit because we've been Pavlov's dogged into hearing politicians and expecting absurdity for the last year.
Author: Akinozilkree
In Short Drone killer, floods Europe with refugees.
Author: Yorisar
2:10 "(...) we've got to have the strongest military in the world, and we occasionally have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn't do what we need them to do if it weren't for the various economic or diplomatic or, in some cases, military leverage that we had (...)"
Author: Mazuran
Can someone please explain to me why so many americans hate obama?
Author: Akijora
U.S. Intelligence was very instrumental in the so-called Arab Spring.
Author: Volabar
I wish Obama could be my Prime Minister
Author: Metaur
Obama, from my viewpoint, did a lot lot better in his situation than anyone else would in a better situation.
Author: Dailkis
strong do not need to tell they are strong, only weak need to do so
Author: Tok
Bless you :)
Author: Gojin
This was an excellent interview. Very informative.
Author: Telabar
He is incredibly intelligent and likeable, I cannot say the same for Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton.
Author: Nagami
I got scared every time Matt cut him off. Then I remember this isn't Russia.
Author: Milabar
ill miss this dude :/
Author: Tohn
No matter what you think of him as a president, Obama's a generally cool guy. He's a guy you could just hang out with.
Author: Makora
In the  Process to Have will function under full respect:
Author: Mizuru
it was an honour to speak with you, sir!
Author: Akinolabar
3. Combination of the two choices above.
Author: Arajin
trouble is we dont get cheaper sneakers
Author: Faujinn
We need to pass TPP for a tool to control external enlargements from China.
Author: Tule
No matter what people think of him now, he will go down in history as a great president.
Author: Shaktijind
Rome will fall again.
Author: Gagrel
Obama decides when the interview is over lol
Author: Moogumi
This used to be our President.
Author: Grora
An interview with the president. Well done, Matt.
Author: Jular
This is the most intuitive and intellectual individual I have ever witnessed.
Author: Mikalar
Such a wise and learned man but I always disagree with him on how he dealt with Israel over his tenure.
Author: Kajigrel
He's not perfect but really the best we've had in a while. Would never go back to Bush Jr. Era.
Author: Dakree
I just watched Bernie and now Obama, and have to be honest, I love Obama, his voice, his with, and realism. I wish he could stay for another term
Author: Voodoozil
Where can I get a transcript of this interview? It's not available in any of the links provided.
Author: Goltijinn
Barack Obama is the polar opposite of Donald Trump. These are great answers, he knows something about how the world works.
Author: Moll
“We occasionally have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn't do what we need them to do if it weren't for the various economic or diplomatic or, in some cases, military leverage that we had — if we didn't have that dose of realism, we wouldn't get anything done, either,”
Author: Gulabar
Author: Mozahn
Non-stop growth of the Surveillance State, and a Media Monopoly that looks, tastes and smells artificial and heavily processed just like the food supply... No thanks!
Author: Yosho
10/10 ign
Author: Kazragar
Obama basically says (and arguably did) everything that a Trump supporter would like to hear from (and see done by) a president. But Obama acts like an adult, and not like a child
Author: Dourr
this dude deserves a third term
Author: Zukree
Refreshing conversation
Author: Kagagar
Love is...share you smile...exist is marvelus...
Author: Arajinn
Real men drink coffee in the morning, not tea. Get with the program Obama.
Author: Vole
“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”
Author: Vudozragore
The next reaction will come out  from this Planet and of our  Galaxy.
Author: Tojaramar
Could you imagine Trump answering these questions?
Author: Fenrigul
This man is dangerous for the world. Who stops him?
Author: Zulkigis
I just have a smile on my face imagining Trump trying to answer those questions x) f**king hilarious the world we live in.
Author: Kijinn
The Rules to Aleppo Parcheesi:
Author: Shaktishakar
When Obama was first elected, I was very sceptical of him. But in hindsight, and especially with the current set of prospective candidates, he wasn't that bad after all, especially in foreign policy.
Author: Fek
Obama has his faults, absolutely. Liberals should be self-critical to give themselves legitimacy in the eyes of those who oppose them. But he was a good president, all things considered, and I would much rather have him in office than Trump, a man who is neither qualified nor mentally or emotionally capable of the position.
Author: Mazudal
"Occasionally have to twist the arms of..."
Author: Togore
Were just a bunch of 'Folks' out here ...
Author: Shaktizshura
If China's standard of living raises it's good for business.
Author: Vutilar
-on work to produce goods, on the other side. 
Author: Dainris
Turn on CC after the conversation ends xD
Author: Tygozshura
nice suit
Author: Kilmaran
Great job with this interview, Matthew Iglesias. The production quality was perfect. The questions invoked great responses, each of which merits further investigation. It makes me happy to see some quality content worth consuming as opposed to the daily snippets we so often see.
Author: Fegul
I think the US is due a few bad terms. Ronald Reagan was an idiot, george bush sr and bill clinton were both great, george bush was perhaps the most moronic political figure i've ever heard of excepting some statements trump has made. this has now been followed by a 2 term god. the us has 1 good term of debt, so i'd say we're looking at a minimum of 2 terms of pure pain for the US
Author: Dailkis
Author: Kigarr
To Obama and other presidents of states on this Planet.
Author: Groshakar
― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World
Author: Gojas
Obama is a realist.
Author: Vudokasa
Help people to understand your side... they won't be helped (and you won't be helped) if you just hate on them...just my opinion.
Author: Ferisar
Obama mate there aren't any fords sold anywhere, for good reason too.
Author: Yojas
The world needs Americans to vote wisely! have high hopes, please don't disappoint.
Author: Kim
I love the way he describes ISIS without wording out the name of the religion. Zealots. Cause that's what ISIS is, zealots.
Author: Kazirn
god, i miss him
Author: Moogukree
2:45 "We don't have a peer in terms of a state that's going to attack us and bait us. The closest we have, obviously, is Russia, with its nuclear arsenal, but generally speaking they can't project the way we can around the world. China can't, either. We spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined."
Author: Mikazil
What a real president sounds like.
Author: Vulmaran
Sanctions are the Economic Valve that Controls the Global Economy. Close the Valve by Tightening Sanctions and the Global Economy Restricts. Open the Valve by Loosening Sanctions and the Global Economy Expands.
Author: Dashura
No matter who becomes the president in november, we would likely see a decline in quality of the president.
Author: Toramar
Imagine a drinking game for when ever Obama says "Uhh", you'd be dead.
Author: Dumi
Author: Kazram
Hillary, gets 500% more dislikes
Author: Grok
i miss him
Author: Sara
He still views Russia as a military adversary...This kind of cold war style of thinking is the issue.
Author: Viramar
Where were the republicans when Bush held hands and walked with Islamic dictators? Republicans blame Obama for Putin's actions? How would republicans explain Putin invading Geogia after meeting with George Bush?
Author: Mazukinos
What a great president! He's articulate and inspirational. Republicans hate him because he has crushed them in every relevant way. He is not perfect, but vastly superior than any politician on either side.
Author: Moogurn
All this hate... If ur not happy try to change sth. not the way to go is hate...the way to go is trust, love and forgiveness...shows truly a strong person if you think about it :)
Author: Keramar
How can anyone not see that this is one of the best presidents America is ever going to get???
Author: Kagalkree
I have to give it to Vox, they did a great job with conducting and editing this interview.
Author: Mull
Obama is the most successful president in U.S. history. Not sure why people dislike him.
Author: Zuludal
As life is happening in the ambient of lands and resources the use of them will be under control of both sides.
Author: Kazrazshura
Politics aside. Man! how did we go from an intelligent well articulated grown up to an (insert antonyms for all of the previous adjectives)
Author: Karg
I sincerely like, respect and admire President Obama. I think I
Author: Faujinn
The Rules to Aleppo Parcheesi: There are Four Players: Turkey, Russia, Persia and Egypt.
Author: Zolot
When i was watching "Youtube interviews the President" all I could think was I wish Vox would get to ask actual questions with education behind them. I hope that more videos come out soon. 
Author: Donos
Thanks God, they finally realize that "invasion" is not the only way to "help other countriesssssss"....
Author: Kazrasida
I think if republicans watched this (so long as they didn't know it was Obama speaking) they would agree with most, if not all, of what he is saying
Author: Tehn
People should read or listen to some material from Noam Chomsky and, then, watch this interview. There is soooooo much wrong with what he is saying, but it seems that his professionalism is masking (from people's view here) how much the United States dominates the world through terrorism and aggression, which are the top two international crimes countries can commit. It does seem surprising that people have been willing to overlook the Obama administration's commitment to furthering what Bush Jr. did domestically and internationally (not to take away from positive steps toward a better world), but this interview should have more criticism than it seems to have received (his responses, I mean).
Author: Bakree
- the ownership of means to produce  goods, on one side and 
Author: Daihn
By the way the President isn't responsible for all the problems a nation faces, there's so many factors that influence that, but many people seem to be unable to understand that and blame Obama when the economy is doing bad or ISIS is gaining power. That's just ridiculous
Author: Mazukasa
How the hell can the US choose Hillary or Trump after this genius?
Author: Mazuzil
Author: Meztibei
A great man.
Author: Shakahn
I'm say to see him go I don't think he is that bad all I seem to here is doom and gloom but when he speaks I feel a shred of hope
Author: Akinok
Think about it--in a year or so, Obama's presidency will be the near-certain end of a chapter in the United States history books. In a very real 10 years or so, Obama will be the traces like this he leaves in Youtube, the stories of people he helped and countries he affected, and diplomacy he encouraged. People will wonder what it was like to live in Obama's time in 15 years, 25 years it will be a pure curiosity with little emotional attachment as to what cause and effect we can gather clearly from this time period.
Author: Zulkirisar
Greatest. President. Ever. Thank You for being born, sir.
Author: Kazrajas
Open up the subtitles and watch the end again.
Author: Telkree
Obama kisses the Saudi hand that chops the heads Thanks OBAMA.
Author: Vushakar
As far as I can tell he is a very rational person and able to make decisions that won't blow up in americas face after he leaves office so maybe you should be glad to have a president like that as opposed to someone like Bush.
Author: Gujinn
Engagement with Vietnam is a good idea, so I agree with Obama on this point.
Author: Faelkis
I'm gonna miss this kind of depth and insight.
Author: Mikajin
i miss him.
Author: Kalkree
Obama, we love you, and I'm from Europe!
Author: Dizil
Such a thoughtful and engaging person. I'm proud to have him as my president.
Author: Gobar
4 more years pleaaaaaaaaaaase
Author: Tojagore
1. Democrat
Author: Mitilar
Imagine Trump answering these type questions.......sad
Author: Gashicage
yours truly, a muslim
Author: Dalkis
I wish trump could understand half of these concepts.
Author: Mikagis
I really don't like this smug sjw interveiwer. Good questions though.
Author: Fenritaur
TL;DR Creation and Completion of Challenges await whether ethical, technical, or cultural, for individuals, organizations, companies, and governments alike.
Author: Digar
Amazing Obama
Author: Shakashicage
he is intelligent and wise. I guess I just wonder with all you have said and done to manage the USA and manage foreign policy, why do you push these so called trade deals when they truly seem to benefit a very small group of global elite, and does and will continue to hinder the majority of human beings. I just wish you can explain why, when you seem to be a caring man, what am I missing to allow me to understand how all of these deals will not cause harm to most of the world population long term. please give me some facts that may give me some hope for my child. Thank you
Author: Mitaur
The most popular theme are action(war, fight etc) and tradegy. Yet we demand to have happy ending with no casuality on our side in real world.
Author: Tokasa
My everlasting respect, Mister President.
Author: Doujora
Trump could never give an interview at this level. He talks like a toddler and looks like a butter poached lobster.
Author: Yozshuhn
He is a gift to humanity! I'm sad that his rule is ending, he could have transformed his country and the world further, if he could serve an additional term.Although, I understand that, the rule is precautionary, i can't help but bemoan the end of the presidency of such a great man, who I am glad is the leader of the free world and not to forget, the most likable American president by people who are not even Americans.
Author: Vudole
very well spoken. I miss him so much.
Author: Vigami
Global citizens are looking for a counterbalance in the world. I'm seeing a big shift towards supporting the 'enemy' of this grotesquely corrupting establishment... American citizens want money removed from politics, we want monopolies broken up, we want corporate and political decision makers held personally accountable. To get peace, and prosperity we don't need more homeland security - we just need an independent justice system with integrity and a cheap guillotine.
Author: Voodoobar
пиздец его заносит! у нас во дворе таким нос ломали сразу, да и сейчас сломают
Author: Mirisar
He is definitely not perfect, but he's definitely wise, competent and tries his best.
Author: Dogrel
Yeah, let's keep pretending we aren't sexist.
Author: Mugrel
In parallel, people will see a dramatic change in the outward look of the universe, the industries surrounding the internet will have made more user-friendly content, internet games will be of a high-efficiency power usage, most coral reefs will be gone, advertisements more invasive to attention of users, cultures from other countries leak into our own, mandarin and English continue to be more used languages, accents of specific cities become distorted to the point of no clear origin, increased efficiency of online educational systems, massive internet terrorism and laws limiting certain activities by malicious companies and cartels, increased transparency of the government, efficiently diffracting laser bulbs, increased efficiency in medical targeting of cancers, increased population, increased understanding of competition, cooperation, and evolution, out-competition of humans to robots in many workplaces, increased AI capability, huge developments on creating an AI individual, increased efficiency of fusion reactions, creation of antimatter-generation chambers, decline of focus on any specific Hollywood celebrity, decline of worldwide sports, decreased tourist activity across the globe, increased cost of food, flooded cities, dramatic climatic shifts, severe melting of Antarctica, increased sense of protection to children, shift of American power to individual countries' power, resolutions of revolutions and more to come, failure of economic systems and collapses of many markets, specialization of products to users, increased productivity capability, dramatic shifts in prices of electronic goods, threats of highly destructive things (natural and anthropogenic) to organized civilization, ethicality issues with abortion resolving, ethicality issues of artificially changing DNA, changes in issuing of currencies, depletion of easily obtainable useful natural resources, religious shifts, military coups, uncontrollable state-wide rebellions, continued procrastination of many countries to continue organizing efforts to move off to the stars, discovery of new oxygen-ozone gas rich exoplanets that have nothing less than microbial life, destabilization of the natural habitats around the planet, significantly reduced infant mortality rates, cardiopulmonary resuscitation advances, industrial quantum computing for companies and organizations, major international copyright law infringements and reforms, increased name-calling, increased hate group congregations, industrial security and encryption issues with normal computers, genetic hacking algorithms, learn-to-learn algorithms, increased media outlet competition, decreased media bias, increased intelligence in internet scamming, large unnoticed account stealing, Defcon-# events, unusual elections, internet bot wars, information and credibility warring, fall of large computer companies, production of higher-depth movies, movies targeted to certain audiences rather than the general public, fall of many small businesses that don't fill a unique niche in the market, internet marketing, replacement of some government functions with computer automation and recommendation, drastic improvements in diagnostic engineering+doctoring+plumbing+computer sciences+debating, increased emotional arguing, increased sense of individuality and narcissism, globally increased average physical height of men, finishing of foundry megaprojects, failure economically of many scientifically feasible ideas which never get done because companies can't afford it at present (but would if there was a production chain, since there is no production chain, no one will do it), increased 'play it safe' investments, decrease in intentional credit card induced bankruptcies, increased gap between those in poverty and those who are wealthy, significant reduction for freedom of opportunity for the poor, decreased racial divides, increased racial and cultural tolerance, new reactionary movements, major voting system reforms, broken national alliances and reduced interactions between countries' governments, an increase in bilateral diplomacy until tensions get too high, increased state terrorism, decreased non-governmental international terrorism, reduction in unorganized crime, decreased farm-able land areas, loss of significant amounts of magnetically stored data, increased non-violent radical movements, increased activity between neighboring countries, reduced warring (unless the nuclear option is brought upon us), increased activity in the fashion and cosmetic industries for men and women, decreased carcinogenic components in things due to government regulations around the globe (after Trump and other populist leader uprisings in those countries), further exploitation of quantum geometric arrangements in atoms and other subatomic particles, cooler and more efficient cars with plug-in batteries, increased usage of solar panels, desertification of many areas, continued deforestation in large forests for residential areas, and increased sense of differences between genders (only two so far, and don't argue because it's pointless and I will win). There are plenty of other things too.
Author: Aragrel
Further relations in the whole Worlds  human society are now conditioned and are to be determined  in the system of coexistence in bipolarity models. The models will be worked out and offered by the leaders in the existing administrative units. Every pole must create circumstances for its own society existence,  enabling a harmonious competition, fully respecting the existence of the other pole. 
Author: Morr
You guys traded Obama for Trump? Like night and day.
Author: Dabei
Is it just me or does Matt keeps interrupting the President and it kinda feels disrespectful or just rude.
Author: Macage
tRump wishes he can be as intelligent and coherent as Obama. That orange, bumbling inbred ape can't even type a 140 character tweet properly.
Author: Yozshugrel
Author: Maurg
the message is that do as we tell you and you are our friend= slave or we will do hybrid war on you with sanctions=starting a war and we will also bomb you if you are weak!!
Author: Nelkree
Author: Najora
I think we all are going to really appreciate Obama in 10 or 20 years...
Author: Zululmaran
If Obama wants TTP passed, let congress read it and vote. That's the only way I'd support it.
Author: Bataxe
Hold on a second... He just said that our strongest ally in the region was Israel? What about Saudi Arabia?
Author: Kikinos
this fascist should be put back to the cotton fields solely on the ground of his views on us foreign policy (not to mention the atrocities the us government and its citizens commit against innocent countries 5-10 000 miles away):
Author: Kijas
A great breakdown of his point of view on TPP and negotiating with Iran.
Author: Malam
I never went to bed worried when this man was in the White House. Now I have anxiety almost every night.. Not just about debt, but about waking up to a morning news flash of a new war.
Author: Tulkis
Wow, only with Trump can I see how much the mainstream media really loved this guy.
Author: Metaxe
The control will be done through governing group which will be elected by both sides.
Author: Kagadal
The box office movies explain all the audience preference for news outlet.
Author: Jurr
We need to watch China and their first island chain policy. We need to check them with military force.
Author: Faull
Sometimes it cross through my mind that he will pull a neurolizer and delete our memories :v
Author: Kajinn
The Rules to Aleppo Parcheesi: There are Four Players: Turkey, Russia, Persia and Egypt. Who ever wins the game gets to occupy Aleppo.
Author: Tygokus
I am distrustful of the way that this video has been edited, after the end of many sentences the shot is changed, adding interest. though I start to wonder if what I am seeing in the video is what Obama said.
Author: Shaktim
i think Obama is a P.I.G
Author: Kecage
And you promised to close GitMo
Author: Mikajinn
The Ambient - air, sea, lands with all their resources can not be owned. It may be only given on use under prescribed conditions on  limits of use, on its protection, on its rise, with strict control rights of both sides and elected governors. 
Author: Shagor
The extraordinary thing here is that he is not paralyzed by his world perspective.
Author: Jugul
Half the comments for and against Obama are some of the most autistic comments I've ever seen.
Author: Zolocage
este hp es la personificación de la corrupción y la inconsciencia...que se muera
Author: Mazubar
Obama is Terror..
Author: Tygojora
"Obama you rock!"
Author: Gogul
The first,the last and never again.
Author: Aragul
Can someone give me a valid reason to hate him? Please?
Author: Malarg
The fact that we went from Obama to Trump....
Author: Goltisho
education is key
Author: Tygorisar
I really miss having an intelligent president..... :(
Author: Zolokinos
When I have heard the "We have to test the preposition." I got goosebumps, the good kind.
Author: Aralrajas
Realist? Your foreign policy would be described more accurately as "a mess," Obama. You make Bush look like JFK.
Author: Gardajora
The One Jordan Policy is the Foreign Policy that Recognizes Jordan as being that Land west of the Jordan Rift Valley and west of the Orestes River Valley.
Author: Goltinris
Author: Donris
What is an asymmetrical threat?
Author: Malagar
Set the speed to 1.25 if you plan to watch the whole thing. You can thank me later
Author: Yozil
he One Jordan Policy is the Foreign Policy that Recognizes Jordan as being that Land west of the Jordan Rift Valley and west of the Orestes River Valley. The Monroe Doctrine has maintained Peace and Prosperity in the Caribbean Basin for over 100 years.
Author: Aramuro
He didn't say "believe me" one time. How does he do it?
Author: Doudal
wow coming back and watching this after this year of watching Trump makes you so wish for the way it was before.
Author: Grojas
Hillary, says the same things as Obama
Author: Goltinos
I'm mesmerized by his suit and his voice
Author: Tolkree
Peace and love...from the world.
Author: Danos
Obama: My butt is sore
Author: Faujinn
Lol zealots
Author: Mikataur
This is one of the best interviews of him that I ever seen.
Author: Faukazahn
James Vignali
Author: Arashiktilar
wrg, no such thing as diffix, say, can say any nmw
Author: Yogis
"...only two of the twenty-six chapters of this corporate Trojan horse cover traditional trade matters. The rest embody the most florid dreams of the 1 percent—grandiose new rights and privileges for corporations and permanent constraints on government regulation. They include new investor safeguards to ease job offshoring and assert control over natural resources, and severely limit the regulation of financial services, land use, food safety, natural resources, energy, tobacco, healthcare and more."  http://www.thenation.com/article/168627/nafta-steroids
Author: Toran
I am hearing this in 2017 --- I remember the time when presidents were smart people who knew things, cultures and how to navigate foreign policy. Heck that was only 2 years ago.
Author: Kajigami
Nothing would shock me more, than that the same people who voted, supported and believed in Obama would elect Trump to lead them. It would be a fate, worst than a meteoroid strike and wide spread world epidemic combined!
Author: Nezilkree
you talk about how you need to be realistic and support these governments that are quite cruel to their people, and then act surprised when the populations of those countries hate the usa, and when they rebel against their countries and fight their oppressive governments they also hate the people who are millitarily supporting their oppressive governments.
Author: Mezishicage
why didn't he become the dictator everyone of those conspiracy theorists warned us about?
Author: Gatilar
Author: Arashira
The advantages to the United States of America of making Mexico the Fifty First State: A Huge new Federal Tax Base. Extensive new Coastal Waters. Vast new mineral wealth made available to U.S. Companies. There would be no incentive to relocate factories south of the border.
Author: Motaxe
Under Obama, Bin Laden was killed and enormous amounts of terrorist cells have been destroyed. Great leader!
Author: Gukree
Author: Gazil
How the hell did we go from this to trump.
Author: Tujora
miss him so much
Author: Douzuru
You have to give it to him, Obama has been pretty good at presidenting.
Author: Fausho
Whoever is the next president will get all the blame for this guy's screw ups
Author: Gorr
Trump can't be Obama successor.
Author: Dar
Author: Zulkishicage
He made this country really respectable.
Author: Malazil
Great job with the interview, Vox.
Author: Branris
29:50 "that horse is outta the barn"
Author: Maulkis
I want obama for a third term.... I don't like any of our current choices
Author: Ararn
Such a great man
Author: Gagar
Obama is such a straight-talker not sure why people hated him so much. He's not perfect bc nobody is but he took a crack at it, tried his best, and was transparent about his thought process
Author: Daizragore
Obama you should become a car salesman 
Author: Kigarr
Around 30:01 explains the argument for PTP which I think many people can learn a lot about why it was important. Also understanding the argument of trade, I think we will feel the effects in a few years.
Author: Negul
first thing first I'm a realist
Author: Zulkilabar
Author: Kazizuru
American Hegemony is OVER
Author: Gugore
The One Jordan Policy is the Foreign Policy that Recognizes Jordan as being that Land west of the Jordan Rift Valley and west of the Orestes River Valley.
Author: Kazizil
Like who want to go to cinema for a conversation and diplomacy? We want to see the conflict and climax where things go boom!
Author: Tajind
Too much unfair criticism on Obama's administration. As you see in this interview, the interviewer will ask Obama a broad question, Obama answers broadly, then he tells Obama he missed something which leads to Obama explaining his stance on another much more specific issue.
Author: Akinotaur
in the human specie exists two forms of that which is the heart, and the third sort is Divine designed to effect that word thing: the heart".
Author: Digrel
I will really miss him as the president, and I'm a European...
Author: Mele
The only threat to the world is empires like the Us until then there will always be disorganization like Obama calls it.
Author: Kenos
Talk about a WARMONGER president!
Author: Kebei
Thank you for your contribution.
Author: Maran
Wtf, 39:24 with subtitles
Author: Tagore
Great actor, evil person.
Author: Zurisar
Heck, I'd trade Stephen Harper for him any day, you guys would love him. Effectively silencing media and government scientists, managed to turn a $15B surplus into a $56B deficit in four years, opposes universal healthcare, shut down the government (twice), has no real plan to combat climate change, and has destroyed Canada's reputation and role in the UN as global peacekeepers.
Author: Shalar
He was actually a good President. One thing is certain, he is a highly intelligent man.
Author: Mahn
That suit!
Author: Bralabar
2. Black
Author: Kik
"...and then the arab spring happened."
Author: Tojalkree
Author: Melrajas
Reasons people hated Obama.
Author: Tulkis
How the hell did Vox get an interview with Obama?
Author: Gashura
Obama's voice is chololate to my ears
Author: Maladal
Wow, his intellectual depth is on full display here. He will go down in history as a great President who had to contend with some very serious challenges- economically, politically and militarily- in a polarized and dysfunctional political environment and yet more often than not he came out on top. His resume sparkles with some great accomplishments.
Author: Meztikora
Ami go home
Author: Mijinn
"Its not the clothes, its the spirited heart",
Author: Dusida
Relations between the two sides  will be agreed by both sides to limit any exaggeration. The exchange mean will be under control of both sides and must function in full Trust.
Author: Aralkis
Realizing how nice it is that he can talk in full sentences.
Author: Kagakus
Everybody have a great day and never forget to smile  :P
Author: Vigor
I feel like millennial media still looks to blame instead of looking for information, and the claim that millennial media is to the point is completely false. Stop looking for stories, let the stories come to you. Ask Obama the question you want to ask him instead of looking for holes in his responses and using them to judge his administration.
Author: Yozshushakar
Thumbnail looks like that of an ASMR video.
Author: Tygogore
How about protecting the islands of Japan, Obama? You are weak on this issue too.

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