Off The Record: Bobby Tells Incredible Stories ft. Bobby Lee & Khalyla Kuhn

09.07.2019   |   by Tushakar

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Comments "Off The Record: Bobby Tells Incredible Stories ft. Bobby Lee & Khalyla Kuhn":

Author: Maugami
Bobby is that creepy or weird uncle that you get creeped out by but all your friends say your lucky to have 😂😂😂
Author: Kajora
I'd be so afraid to have a conversation with bobby. Would never know if he was joking or not 😂
Author: Kekus
Bobby: "Because I said I was a poser fucknut." LMFAO😂🤣😂🤣
Author: Zuluran
david was hurting bobby's feelings all episode lol
Author: Kagale
I wanna see an episode with Bobby Lee and Steve Greene. I want to see their different styles of humor collide💪😩💪
Author: Ditaxe
Author: Vujinn
Lmao David is like...okayyyyyyyyyy? Bobby Lee is so eccentric
Author: Malasida
Joe: "Why did you do that for?"
Author: Dizshura
Bobby and khalyla are proof that there is literally someone out there for everyone 😂😂
Author: Vikazahn
19:55 Bobby: "I'm a poser"
Author: Zukazahn
I’m gonna love this episode already
Author: Shakahn
Tiff from 7:21 - 7:27 has that sad motherly look when a child messes up big time🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
Author: Ganos
Boom! Thanks for having us on.
Author: Mular
6:25 if Bart says oh god to something gross you know bobby is on a whole other gross level compared to the guys 😂
Author: Mokasa
"Your eyes are like her nostrils" HAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Author: Dolmaran
Damm, can anyone imagine Bobby and Steve in the same jknews segment it would be hard to breathed from all the laughter.
Author: Arashihn
Bobby is the most non alpha looking alpha male i've ever seen
Author: Kigara
I picked the wrong episode to watch while eating breakfast...
Author: Tygozuru
Khalyla exposing Bobby for being a poser is the best thing ever lol 😂
Author: Doulrajas
The way David So handled Bobby’s tantrum >>> 😍👍🏾
Author: Dairisar
i died at "ur eyes are like her nostrils"
Author: Akinohn
I don't think I've Laughed this much before! 🤣 Thank you Bobby

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