Paris Attack: ISIS Female Suicide Bomber Lived Models Lavish Life

08.06.2019   |   by Nikonris

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Comments "Paris Attack: ISIS Female Suicide Bomber Lived Models Lavish Life":

Author: Grosho
turns out she was just a victim, not a suicide bomber like all media is saying
Author: Mezit
as long as u say Islam dont have any relation with terrorism its a part of problem
Author: Yojin
she is moraccon actress....fake indian media
Author: Shaktigar
saudi arabis is terrrosm
Author: Ferisar
ISIS Trash
Author: Fauran
the anchor is like- sssfffff ssssffff ssssffffff LMAO
Author: Nikogami
Author: Ketaxe
She wasn't a suicide bomber. She was a victim. Get your facts straight!
Author: Tejind
what a garbage news Lol - go fish guys and get your news updated
Author: Malalkis
please have a better way to present w every thing is not ekta kapoor serial
Author: Moogugar
+even well turned out woman ..
Author: Arashilkree
its not the same person, look their noses.... -.-
Author: Vojinn
muslim naam he gaali hai
Author: Melrajas
where is the link to uncensored pic from the bath??
Author: Mezigul
Her head went out the window so here's a few more routes to help it along she was a hot head she a gone to pieaces no use loading your head over it she's heads above the rest she's got a splitting headache heads up she's here
Author: Tujar
inta-bisha sharmuta
Author: Arashiran
stop showing the images 100 times and zooming in and out wtf. is this how news is shown in india>?
Author: Kajishakar
job chieye

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