Pompeo threatens Iran with ‘strongest sanctions in history’

16.07.2019   |   by Nekasa

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Comments "Pompeo threatens Iran with ‘strongest sanctions in history’":

Author: Kiktilar
They planned, Allah planned too. Surely Allah is the best of planners..
Author: Vibar
No not another bunch of bullies. How is iran threatening the whole world again? I thought that was the bullies job? Lol. Did Iran took over from them? Well those supporters of what is going on need to be careful because God don't like ugly.
Author: Mitaur
you are the tool of Isreal and working for greater Isreal .
Author: Tygorg
No more Iranian Missels on Golan Hights ??????
Author: Nikree
i wonder if he believes his own crap.....
Author: Sharg
No more wars on people of the earth. No more Mr Pompeo, no more
Author: Kegis
You mean on Syrian Soil ??????
Author: Moogull
Safety of American People???
Author: Guzahn
Sanctions are an act of war.
Author: Sarn
why doesnt iran publicly demand that israel gives up their nukes .pubicly demand it at the u.n. and every media source.why not ?why not?.if iran must give up its nuclear program so should israel..fair is fair and have russia negotiate it.
Author: Tujar
Iran needs to look to Libya to see what cooperating with the west will do for them.... the total destruction of their country.
Author: Arashirr
Disgusting beasts . Who is terrorising who ? Every US regime ,says they are concerned about the Iranian people ,then they try to kill them through sanctions !
Author: Temuro
Nice. Work about time this despot regime was defeated then the Iranian people will finally be free from oppression it is like North Korea there own people belive the crap there news and dictators tell them and of they dare open there mouth it is false charges and beaten
Author: Telar
By the grace of Allah all your evil plan with fear god bless Iran Evil USA Israel will be destroy one day
Author: Taura
He meant Safety of Israeli people.
Author: Kalabar
©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍✍
Author: Kajijora
Watch the whole world dance around the sanctions and see how irrelevant America becomes.
Author: Munos
Stop speaking for the world !
Author: Vozahn
Long live Iran 🇮🇷 ♥ from UK 🇬🇧
Author: Shaktilrajas
Bring it on you pimp or whatever ur name is.
Author: Vudoshicage
No more lies,
Author: Douzuru
stop this nonsense with Iranian that it's been going on for 50 years , regime change , sanctions that effect average hard working Iranian , assassinations and lies and deception .
Author: Bajar
Congratulations to my friend Mike Pompeo, our new Secretary of State. Mike is a strong, diplomatic leader who will advance our mission and our role in the international community. I’m confident he will serve the American people, the President and our peoples in Israel proudly at the U.S. Department of State. Mike will crush the Iranian threat in the Middle East. Inshallah!!!!
Author: Tygotaur
not sure why this maggot is speaking as if he will be heard. may his lungs spontaneously collapse
Author: Araktilar
What an idiot.
Author: Turisar
There is a troll here by the name of BEN HUSSEIN, be aware of this trolls, he enjoy the spread of violence and absolute false information. He is a subhuman pig, that lives on hate and ignorance. Ignore him and don’t feed his evil appetite.
Author: Kall
I still to this day do not know what Iran has done wrong?? Israel has massive stock piles of Nuclear weapons, USA funded and supplied Saddame Hussain with chemical weapons which he used on Iran and his own.. I can not believe these jokers have the nerve to stand up in front of the whole world preaching peace.. Whilst israel is wounding thousands and have killed 60+ protestors. HAVE THEY GONE COMPLETELY MAD
Author: Taujin
He's just some mafia murderer effectively
Author: Malall
USA and Israel are the worlds greatest threat, not Iran. Long live Iran.
Author: Badal
i like Pompeo s jokes lol . we all do.
Author: Kiganos
go to hell
Author: Yokree
Lol me scared.
Author: Faekinos
No more false flags,
Author: Sazshura
The man is delusional, a clear example of the case mentioned in the Bible (2 Thessalonians 2:11 , 12) for all supporters of Satan and his synagogue (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9). And whoever thinks of making deals with the USA from now onwards is just as delusional as this pompous American character.
Author: Dur
This guy is a Zionist war criminal, just like his boss.
Author: Moogumi
trumps hand is bloody and no one with the right mind would beilive his lies
Author: Tugis
Author: JoJotaxe
What kind of ridiculous sanctions should that be, coming from who ??????
Author: Zuluzshura
Thanks Trump forcing Total’ to pull out of Iran but no problem CNPC will step in so what happens to the Petroleum dollar? It was bad enough that the Iran left for the gold backed Yuan....
Author: Kagar
No more bullying from you.
Author: Doujas
No More - low gas prices
Author: Gusida
Any thoughtful American Citizen should feel ashamed of the lies and disinformation expressed by Pompeo in the above speech. There must be no opposition to the to US/Israeli total destruction of the Middle East. Iran is now guilty of having held up the PNAC program.
Author: Muhn
Thanks to Trump and his gang of ignorant, racist cronies, the US just lost billions of dollars and many Americans working for Total, Boeing and other companies just lost their jobs. But no worries for Iran, Chinese and Russian companies are ready to fill in the empty space. One other thing that many ignorant Americans seem to not understand about economics, just like their fake leaders, senctions don't work, it has never worked. There are companies and coutries that are always ready to do business, even with senction in place. I wonder if America is planning to senction the entire world??? Did Pompeo left his brain at home, or it might just be with Netanyahu or MBS, the master minds behind this foolishly desperate plan and his gibberish of speech??? America is burning through $25,000 every SECOND. Think about that for a second:))) Iran is already selling oil to China in Yuan and with Russia, they are using the Ruble. It is not just Iran that has ditched the Dollar, China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Syria and many more have already done so. So America, are you going to go to war with the entire world??! What a joke this country has become. Time for a regime change in the rogue US!!! United SNAKE of America looks very desperate:)
Author: Samugul
Stop the fake school shooting propaganda now! Google Smith mundt act

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