Pope Benedict XVI: Barrack Obama 666 the Antichrist

09.06.2019   |   by Toshura

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Author: Shaktirr
stop jesuit world order, jesuits created the illuminati, look it up, the real enemy are the jesuits and there superior general (adolfo nicolas). the pope follows orders from the superior general. the head of CIA, head of secret service, owners of the federal reserve are all jesuits and went to jesuit colleges. rothschilds follow the vatican treasury. rothschilds are illuminati, illuminati follow jesuit order, time to wake up to the real truth, not that half truth fake alex jones bullshit
Author: Meztigrel
@666JESUIT666 the catholic church did not change the 10 commandments. They just interpret them different than u and it hurts your little feelings
Author: Zulugrel
All of it.
Author: Mazulkree
benedict has nothing as far as evil looks compared to tarcisio bertone.check him out on wikipedia.he will freak you
Author: Tygok
"For as lightning come from the east and shines to the west so will the coming of the son of man"
Author: Tolabar
email:[email protected]
Author: Moogubar
@dionis198686 I know what you mean, they try to depict him as a god. Fuck that he is no Savior, just another limey bastard in a throne
Author: Nikorg
even if there is a god,you don't know anything about it.it could walk past through you and you would not see it,because you are too blind to see that there is no divinity in what you teach.
Author: Malagis
and above all i do not need a spiritual prison.
Author: Aragal
@xXxNightMareHDxXx Are you suggesting Jesuit is trying to deceive us from the truth since he might be an antichrist?
Author: Aragis
Jesus said render unto caesar (gov-state) the things which are caesars and unto God (church) the things which are Gods. Jesus was clearly a separationist. if you want to deny that fact go ahead. but while you are at it, can you show me one example where church/state were mixed by Jesus? He never taught nor gave as an example of any such thing.
Author: Shalrajas
@linksoer GOOD one man, good one, respect.
Author: Voodoogami
it's supposed to be a church, it should not be it's own country. Jesus said church/state were to remain separate, but the harlot of revelation ignores what Jesus says and continues her illicit whoredoms with the kings of the earth. a church has no business with political power or status. that is a bible fact that cannot be refuted. on that alone, the RCC is a false church and antichrist.
Author: Voodoolkis
Babylon is Fallen
Author: Shaktishura
"For as Baracck comes from the east (kenya, indonesia) the power will shine in the West (America)
Author: Dut
@DJScrewedUp4Life yeahh you are right! church were just made for profit!
Author: Sarisar
the anti-christ is a spirit if u read carrefully he will b personified hes not yet for when he comes billions will b charmed and persuaded that hes the god on earth study the TRUTH u will know when the lie comes.
Author: Tojajar
@Bouncybon Exelent!
Author: Akinojar
@andlyndav Me too! =3 That "Big bang theory" is a nice fairy tale! :)
Author: Yoshura
How long do you people live in denial! Obama is the antichrist and America is the babylon of revelations this then defaults Obama to being also the King of modern Babylon. The twin towers were destroyed by the hand of God and a warning to babylons destruction and Obama will destroy babylon america, babylon will be finished off with a meteor in rev 18:21 a continuation of the first attack on babylon in rev18. He will be infused with the Dragons power on 11/11/11 Rev 13:2 its over kids from their.
Author: Faegore
this is true..
Author: Ditaxe
Jesus freaks ......You will soon wish you had tamed that tongue !
Author: Gugore
maybe its the longest running b/c the bible says it would be at work until the end when it would be destroyed eh? yes thats the reason.
Author: Brajas
@truejew2012 it will be tarcisio bertone-pietro romano.peter the roman
Author: Zulkis
who did the wrote the music you used as a liner to this video?
Author: Tojak
Suppression of the truth is equivalent to an expression of what is false. The truth is that the Roman Catholic Church is not true Christianity and is in fact Antichristian.
Author: Kirr
!!! warning!!! grab some popcorn and a lawn chair the religious debates is on XD
Author: Akinosida
pope/RCC fit EVERY description of antichrist without question. you read it and stay with the bible not RCC.
Author: Kagarg
1And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. 2And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
Author: Magore
" the rise of Obamas-nation then destuction"???
Author: Maulabar
If they dont believe in those , then they arent True Christians.
Author: Moogutaur
Crazy video! But I rejoice in the freedom of YouTube to carry so many messages - yes, including mindless garbage like this. But the holiness of the Catholic Church will triumph over all these traditional enemies and their attacks. The stability and continuity of the Church and her mission is guaranteed by the promises of Christ, the intercession of the saints - who stand before the throne of God - the protection of the angels and the sincere, committed prayer-life of millions of her members.
Author: Mutaxe
There weren't even 10 million people in Europe in the Middle Ages, and the Sacred Scriptures, before the printing press, were copied by hand and thus not cheap. Accessible in ANY church building as they were READ in every Liturgy. What a stupid video.
Author: Voodoorr
Pope john ll never looked this evil
Author: Gajas
if you choose to place your trust in a man that was nailed to a cross it's your choice only.i do not need some false promises of eternal happiness.i do not need a book to tell me what to do,what to think,what to feel.
Author: Moogujinn
Gory to God...Amen!
Author: Fenrigami
Don't tell me this video was made by an Adventist .
Author: Dagami
Who ever came up with this damnation, should choke on there garbage, thats what this Devil worship crap is, any person or thing that attacks his Brother and sisters is more in tune with the demonic deep thoughts of Evil. any spiritual Christians are gods chosen ones.....this world is what you make it....and this vidio makes garbage .
Author: Moramar
Anti-Christ is not a system and therefore it is not the Catholic Church. In the Bible it mentions that Jesus said that the Anti-Christ is he who makes you turn away from the truth. He who makes you lose your faith on Jesus. It can be your brother, mother, friend, etc. Anyone who blinds you from the truth. As for Sabbath being turn into Sunday cause of some type of"sun" worship I would believe it if there were some connection in EVERY language to the word Sunday, but there isn't.
Author: Voodooramar
assets and liabilities...credits and debits...it's the cross all the free range debt slaves are crucified upon...
Author: Malajar
If you hate or don't belive in Catholicism so much, then just be Jewish instead, because Christianity was pretty much based on Catholicism (chceck documents of first Christian Theologians like Ignatius of Antioch - disciple of St. John, even they says about mass, episcopate, bishops), Catholicism proposed the worship of Jesus. Don't be so self righteous as to judge that other religion are wrong, only because of some differences. It's ridiculous.
Author: Sakasa
Santa Claus is the antichrist... or Lyndsey Lohan
Author: Gardajar
Jesus kept friday sunset to sat.sunset,the Holy Sabbath.Lets ask the beast what her mark is?
Author: Majora
Author: Arashigar
And when they meet those who believe, they say, "We believe"; but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, "Indeed, we are with you; we were only mockers." Holy Qur'an 2:14
Author: Arabar
seventh day adventist?
Author: Shaktijin
Author: Zulubar
then you know so much about nothing at all...i see so much absurdity in what you say,but i guess you think the same about me and i am not interested in arguing when one thinks he's 'spiritualy correct' and the other one is 'spiritualy broken' and needs fixing...just live and let live,on multiple levels.
Author: Malagami
theres still the last pope to come tarcisio bertone"pietrus romano" peter the roman.this guy benedict look like elmo
Author: Mazular
My ancestors have very proudly fought many wars for the Roman Catholic Church against evil and stupid ppl throught the years! DONT DISS THE POPE OR THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH for your stupid entertaiment!!!! you dont understand what you are talking about and who you are disrespecting!!!!
Author: Tajinn
you people are unbelievable.
Author: Tygocage
Excellent & truthful video...keep telling the truth about the RCC harlot. everyone must know in order that they may choose God or the devils harlot.
Author: JoJokasa
Yes it is all unfolding before our eyes. Repent and believe unto Christ Jesus The Messiah. Anti-Christ is a system....all religion's that are anti-christ. 1948 Israel becaome it's own state within' one day, war breaks out; prophecy fulfilled, UN is formed that is beginning of NWO. Nero Caesar was 6th Rome Dictator and his proclaimed number was 666.
Author: Balkree
rev 17 elaborates on what paul said and says this anti christ man would lead a harlot church which would establish itself in rome
Author: Faehn
telling the truth about the RCC is not hatred, it's love to warn those who are on their way to perdition by being deceived by this false system of worship. the 666 is in the popes title Vicarius Filii Dei. a system leading billions to hell is what is very sad.
Author: JoJozilkree
Some very high world public ranking will return to God
Author: Dilrajas
Some people don't even read the Bible, but yet they feel that they can predict who the Anti-Christ is; the AC will not desire women, logically unmarried, and no kids. He cannot be revealed until the Abomination of Desolation because he will be in the background. He will not be President or high profile until he is revealed. Since he will be in the background until he is comes into the world stage, no one will know. He will not have 50%, but more like 95-99% approval ratings world wide.
Author: Nezahn
the word god is on itself almost 3 6's Allah stands for All that is and He is All Knowing All Whise Most Mercifull and Most High
Author: Nikole
Is it true,I feel sorry if all these inequites exist within Vatican as 666 comes from this name VATICAN.Is this the reason behind why Pope Benedikt bring forth resignination to fulfill what was written in the scriptures
Author: Kazrakora
I want people who is living according to the bible
Author: Kanos
It seems as if every fucking president down through time was to be the anti-Christ and non of them turned out to be so!!!. This goes to show how confused the fundamental Christian church really is. Instead of living a life of altruism and unity they are bickering about a dead letter of which they have not the wisdom to give life to.,and their devotion to the Gospel rises no higher than the emotional level to keep the shame untold!!
Author: Tenos
You are correct...that pope looks totally evil too...the eyes are the windows to the soul...what do you see there? The answer is right before you, see it in his eyes...and look how many kiss his ring, and bow before him who calls himself the sun of god...they have distorted the truth and didn't want you to have a bible because when you read it, you see...call no one on earth 'father" for you have but one in HEAVEN...not this substitute tradition of "men"....see what they do in secret...research
Author: Brarr
Look at the persons name who posted this video and you tell me who the devil worshiper what kind of show are you putting on here? you are a satan worshiper or First of all In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said to Peter, “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.” The devil hate what is good like the Catholic church that has lasted over 2000 Years
Author: Niran
...also, Popes are known for getting shot at, so that might explain the armed guards and Popemobile
Author: JoJotaur
@BeeSnitchin how did they abolish it? did they take or up or down vote? or did the pope just have a bad day? Or did they think no one would notice? Or maybe u r wrong? A church doesnt last 2000yrs by going around abolishing commandments!!!!!!!! but nice try
Author: Yojind
you may bleed your ass to death. True. However, only God can be resurrected and go to heaven with the body. I suggest you stop offending God. Repent before it is too late. You don't want to bun in hell through eterninty. Do you? And you will if you don't accept Jesus as your lord and savior. You can never atone for your sins by yourself. Only Jesus' sacrifice counts.
Author: Grogis
Why is it that Jesus freaks can't spell, construct proper sentences and generally seem illiterate? Not all, but at least one has posted here.
Author: Teran
One very important person will be assassinated and lead to WW3
Author: Dakasa
@666JESUIT666 no shit, plus we all know that you dont believe in god because your name has 6-6-6 in it.
Author: Voodoot
jesus christ is most comercial character in last 2000 yrs. and that's a fact!
Author: Tygobar
God bless the Catholic Church!
Author: Gardagor
if gov hates RCC, then why an ambassador to the vatican church? no other church has an ambassador/embassy. Jesus made it plain church & state are NOT to mix. RCC ignores this & commits fornication with kings of earth. RCC version of history is lies. RCC only puts forth 'history' she makes up to favor her claims of primacy. there are not 40K faiths, thats another RCC absurdity. RCC IS conspiracy personified. all roads of evil lead to rome.
Author: Tosida
not the people of the chatholic church its the leaders who would have you pray to a man(the pope) or an idol(kneeling in worship to a statue) it clearly states we shall pray to god only and that no others shall come before him
Author: Shakajin
Obama 666? oh please O_o
Author: Namuro
this is a complete waste of our time. I will never accept the RCC as a true church because it is not. it is pure evil. if your mind is made up, then no need to continue. take care.
Author: Dular
that just the cusp of the truth
Author: Zulkikus
Author: Duzuru
Author: Shaktishakar
that pope is one of the son of evil.. you see... his cross... maybe some of the viewers do not believe inb god ... thats why thay say that..
Author: Digore
Lightning is Barack and heaven is Bamma in aramaic Hebrew
Author: Zurg
it is the Antichrist there have been many before this one but it is the real deal!
Author: Voodoodal
Surprise surprise.... maybe they have something in common.
Author: Akinohn
Author: Gardaramar
The Bible says that all things will become known in the end times! With the advent of the computer and internet all things are coming to fruittion. The Catholic Church was behind Justinian, Charlemangne, Otto the Great, Henry IV, Frederick II, Maximilian I, Charles V, Napolean, and Hitler. Ah yes, The Unholy Roman Empire, the Catholic Church. Read up on Germanys History.
Author: Shaktisho
Jesus said Judas was Son of Perdition. Judas was a CHURCH INSIDER, a TRAITOR, a POSER, pretending to follow Christ.
Author: Faujin
evidently you didn't go to a jesuit university.
Author: Samujora
There're many evils appears in this 21st century and act as they're God themselves
Author: Taujar
@ghb38 Your right what you day; we should not judge. We should let the God judge. And do that He has. Scripture exposes what religion is a counterfeit. The Roman Catholic Church has changed the ten commandments. Research it! So, it is fair to say the Roman Catholic Church is the Antischrist.
Author: Zuluzragore
2:20 jesus beat the devil on sunday..he rose on the third day thats why the JESUS changed it to sunday.
Author: Telabar
This pope who he think he is ? he is not better that me or you. why he is sitting on that high throne? I don't find that right.
Author: Bak
How blind can you be. Who can be like the holy Catholics saints and what they have achived for humanity. Father Pio gave sight to a woman who had no pupils and she can still see good. You want to challange the Holy Saints and Marters of our Beloved Christ?
Author: Tagar
you beet me to it. i was looking for stupid anti-christ vids to come comment on, lol.
Author: Akinonris
Who is the Anti-christ? of course, the one who made this video.
Author: Fejin
Author: Gorg
Reveletion 18: 1-4
Author: Molabar
No Sunday is not sun worship day it is the day God has rest and therefor we shall rest praising him
Author: Kazirg
@Bouncybon: Amen.
Author: Zolora
anti christ is a position its the catholic pope
Author: Nikus
peter was not a pope. a pope is a PAGAN position that the bishop of rome received from PAGANISM. the pope carries many pagan titles. pope is just one of them. ever hear of PONTIFEX MAXIMUS? it's PAGAN from a PAGAN caesar. the vatican is FULL of paganistic practices and relics of sun worship. only one who is willingly blind & looking thru pope colored glasses cannot see it.
Author: Kigami
@BeeSnitchin or check were they put the comma? graven image is a false God which the 1st commandment already prohibits.
Author: Arashura
Luke 10:18 Jesus said I beheld Satan as lightning fell from heaven. in the Wiktionary Barack stands for lightning and is also relates to Benedict in Latin...look it up. Bama has somingthing to do with heights/heaven. Almost like Jesus said I beheld Satan as Barack Obama. And that it correlates with Benedict isnt a coincidence. Not a fact but something to look at. Plus we have about 30,000 Guillotines in the US. Georgia for capital punishment but can be used to decapitate Christians. Its upon us!
Author: Vur
POPe looks evil!!!
Author: Faemuro
This is Damnation trash! why who ever had written this filth should realy open there eyes with there heart, not the Demonic thoughts....mid-evil times yes were what they were...evil,....who created this? the talaban, this is a sick world you live in, im only visiting it, i will return to mine tomorrow....you show this friend of Gods face close up, to assume this old, old man looks mean.....he is pure at heart, and a great peace maker. to the fools Sunday is the Sabbath...it is writen.....
Author: Nenos
Jesus Christ is the way and the Sabbath is Saturday.
Author: Fell
Just another false teacher who hasn't read Acts 15
Author: Moogurg
What a crap...he's evil becouse he has real bodyguars to protect him instead waiting for angels to watch him!? even Jesus didn't wanna Lord to send his angels to protect him so why would Pope want anything different! We are on Earth, God can helps us and protect us but the devil is strong, we have to take care of ourselfs too..especially when we have a lot of enemies, and every powerful man has enemies...
Author: Mazulkree
The Tribulation (antichrist/lucifer reveals identity) ............ search on youtube, kool short film, its the real thing, posted on 23/12/2012
Author: Akinogor
For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
Author: Momi
thats right.. lets all repent coz that day is near.. we should prepare our selves for that.. but i do believe also to the last pope who is the anti Christ. the papacy
Author: Bakinos
Author: Teshicage
Very simple first read Isaiah 30:25 this destruction was the beginning of a time line to the end-read it the very first line was quoted by ABC news the very next day and the scripture concludes with going to the Mountain of God! As he told me this event was the beginning of the end for America babylon and the church within babylon- your very short sighted because has used Israels enemies many times to bring judgment, rev 18;21 ENDS BABYLON BY METEOR OFF SHORE NY.
Author: Mazubei
there is still the last and final pope to come. benedict is neither the false prophet or antichrist mentioned in bible.obama is antichrist
Author: Meztiktilar
Author: Kigakinos
A call for Christian unity.
Author: Shakagar
@rikky702 Exelent!
Author: Shakale
actually, John was not in Rome, but he was in exile on the island patmos
Author: Shakasho
only if there comes a Jewish pope.
Author: Gom
meh... ive sat on u tube for 2 hrs now, watching exorcisms, theories, catholic propaghanda and this is all just shit.. higher concience, power of the mind the ''jesus'' affect, we all have it, maybe most just dont know how 2 use it.. those goosebumps u get? when u ''feel'' something? tune in, use your mind, try to ''connect'' .. not some fabricated book or person's words, your own individual ''power''... i was raised a catholic, got to an age where i'd had enough of the man i couldnt see..
Author: Kalkis
Its not the Catholic Church but the people in power who are part of the Catholic church. A lot of strange things are happenning and people need to open their eyes and follow their hearts. There is only one GOD Jesus Christ the only son of God.
Author: Gor
So true ! Gods plan....obama is the antichrist !
Author: Vozahn
OT was put together by the Jews. they APOSTATIZED. even IF RCC put the bible together (she did not, another lie) it would not matter. God used Jews to write the truth of OT, He can also use a jackass to speak truth. so He could use any entity to speak the truth but that does not mean that entity would not apostatize later. catholic encyclopedia says: "It is WITHIN the city of Rome, called the city of SEVEN HILLS, that the ENTIRE AREA of Vatican State proper is now confined."
Author: Mosar
too much imagination...
Author: Vukree
Jesus warned us the anti Christ would change the day of worship. Who is the anti Christ system that will bring Satan back to rule in the flesh claiming he is God.? Well according to that warning from Jesus it would have to be the catholic church as they are the ones who changed the day of worship. Satan himself, the final anti christ is to rule the world claiming to be God. Jesus also predicted that his people will wakeup and return to 7th day worship in the final days.
Author: Bakazahn
Islam was created by RCC in the 6th century.
Author: Taujas
Catholic Church is a cult. Seventh Day Adventists are a cult also. Stop spreading nonsense.
Author: Akilar
transference of sunday observance is proof of that fact.Oh the Church is above God's book
Author: Gasho
Luke 6:43-44 For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit, nor does an evil tree produce good fruit.
Author: Dosida
this video is pathetic
Author: Disar
@realdeal2449 , There are many forms of christianity like you said. But to find which one will lead you to Glory , You must find 3 things. They Must Believe That (God Is Real, Jesus died on the cross for us and rose on the third day. And Believe in the Holy Spirit.)
Author: Grojin
@slimboo65 There is no secret rapture of the church. When the saints of God will be raptured (caught up) it will be on the Last Day of the Earth. Many biblical scriptures shows this as evidence. The Lord's coming is not quiet secret and hidden, every eye will see, he's coming with a GREAT NOISE and the sound of the Trumpet of God. When He comes the elements of the Earth will burn with fervent heat and the works of the Earth will be burned up. No life will be when He comes my friend.
Author: Shaktilabar
Our 1st of 21st century Pope (Benedict) will not finish his duty to lead the Church
Author: Kagasho
conspiricy? LOL are you kidding me? the catholic church has a very regular history of forging & manufacturing documents (for ex. donation of constantine) as needed to support her lies & to gain power & wealth. if you dont know this you need to go back to history of the harlot 101. those stats are by guess who?...the RCC lol...do you really think she's going to admit she has molested more children than anyone? no. but fortunately she is stupid and leaves a trail of evil easily traced.
Author: Arami
Why is he preaching hatred you ask....He preaches hatred because he has to live up to the 666 in his name....so sad...
Author: Arakus
if you want more u can search the web
Author: Mezicage
@andlyndav That advice seems better suited to you, my good sir. = )
Author: Mozilkree
Author: Dohn
Paul said the antichrist is also Son of Perdition. very clearly this means that antichrist is a CHURCH INSIDER, POSER, TRAITOR, PRETENDING to be a follower of Christ. the mark of the beast is over WORSHIP.
Author: Mikakus
This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666. rev. 13:18 meaning im not entirely sure and won't take anyones word on what they believe it means, but why would the bible and previous words before this one constantly use a third of things, well. to use for calculation, 666 x 3 = 1998 whatever it means idk but thats what i got out of it.
Author: Sale
@PrestonIoanSwarthout excellent points and references ... but do not forget that this needs to happen for the return of christ ... there are dark days ahead so have faith in god ... fear is the mind killer ... the pagans believed in a being called abraxas which symbolized the new world religion and the joining of the god and the beast into one entity that was both malevolent and benign ... to understand the beliefs of these conspirators an understanding of their beliefs is beneficial ...
Author: Aralkis
Ask Jesus and you know it. When you feel fear insite you, know that the name of Jesus can make you free. Caus with His blood, He bought you already for' freedom'.
Author: Kitaur
WRONG! If this world is what *You* make it.... Then I am pissed off at You.
Author: Tukinos
His servants,the Holy Prophets wrote,I don't think so.Futhermore I don't hate anyone
Author: Tale
look friend, i have nothing personal against you because you are catholic. it's not individuals that I have a problem with. but the office of pope and the RCC apostasy I do have a severe problem with. it is leading billions of people astray.
Author: Tugore
anyone who is against the RCC is on the right track. unfortunately you are pretty mistaken about your own church history and standing in the world. how is the US against the RCC when it recognizes the harlot by giving her an 'ambassador' to the un-holy 'see'? when the pope has direct access to the president? when the prez goes all the way to rome so the pope can talk to him personally?
Author: Shakashicage
Be prepared! Nostradamus already exposed 2 demons (3 of them) and now the last and only devil will soon surface.
Author: Fekus
This video itself is anti-Christ.
Author: Mobar
Protestants changed more then the Catholic Church did, for instance the idiot heretic Luther took out books of the bible that were in the original Pentateuch
Author: Vudodal
what the RCC has achieved for humanity is forced submission, murder, torture, rape & robbery of man woman & child. 'father' pio? first of all pio is not to be called 'father' according to Christ...it is blasphemy for him to be called father. it is blasphemy for the pope to be called 'holy father'. the martyrs of Christ are those millions murdered by the RCC antichrist/popes. come out of her My people that ye be not partakers of her sins!
Author: Tektilar
In Spanish Sunday is "domingo" the word sun "Sol" nothing that deals with the sun worship. French "dimanche" sun "soleil" again no relation. Italian "domenica" sun "sole" To my surprise no relation. So you could blame the English language for that, not the Catholic Church. And you must remember not everything revolves around America or its language.
Author: Voodoom
Of course the change (from Sabbath to Sunday)was our act...and the act is a Mark of our
Author: Dulkree
ecclesiastical power and authority in religious matters.The RCC is above the Bible and this
Author: Kagamuro
The catholic church cannot possibly be the antichrist: they celebrate the Christ in the flesh through daily communion AND HAVE for 1900 yrs, THE ANTICHRIST DENIES CHRIST EVER CAME IN THE FLESH- HIS OR YOURS! only one entity denies christ came in the flesh! ORTHODOX ISRAEL/JEW. THATS THE TRUTH KIDS AT LEAST TO RIGHT NOW/ OTHERS HAVE TO BUT NO TO THIS EXTENT. THEY DID AT THE CROSS AND THEY STILL DO TODAY AT THE WAILING WALL (SYBOLISES BEING BLOCKED OR CUT OFF FROM GOD)
Author: Mam
The anti christ would be a blasphemous religious leader who would hide in the christian church and dare to call himself God paul said so in 2 thess 2
Author: Faezshura
Good people; don't judge Christ's Holy Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation, by the apostate Vatican II Sect headed by the pedophile "pope", Benedict XVI, a manifest heretic. The Church is still very much alive and well, even though it's been reduced to a remnant of the faithful; what a shame so many who go by the name Catholic, and call themselves Christians, are neither, but followers of that accursed spawn of the invalid "Vatican II" Robber Council.
Author: Taramar
Did you read Isaiah 30:25 and the fall of the twin towers yet? if you dont read that you will remain in your paradigm of denial! The 97 scriptures referring to the end time babylon can only be fulfilled by America and no one else, assuming this is the end time! The catholich church can only fulfill (very lightly) 2 of them, if you want a list of those scriptures I will send them but if you just want to remain in yoiur model then continue in denial but dont waste my time anymore pls
Author: Kigalkis
In sister Lucia's visions:
Author: Zololkree
Thank you shared👍💫⏩🌠⏩🌠⏩💫🌠
Author: Vudozuru
it's not a fact & it is easy to dispute. 40,000 is a made up & heavily padded by RCC. paul said the apostasy was happening even in his time only a short time after Christ walked the earth. he said grevious wolves would enter in and also that those that were not of us (RCC) would go out from us just like RCC did. the pope is nothing like Christ. the pope hid evidence of pedophilia which allowed the pedo priest to continue raping children. RCC murder millions all in the name of their false 'jesus'
Author: Mehn
@666JESUIT666 satan is coming for you
Author: Jushicage
yes thats correct they changed the sabbath(saturday) into sunday
Author: Kitaxe
Vicariius Filii Dei is not a title of the Pope. Hahahaha. Add up the letters of Ellen White's name and you get 666.
Author: Goltishakar
Antichrist denies Jesus is Son of God and God is Father...That alone proves Catholics are not antichrist...It proves Muslims are antichrist...
Author: Akinomuro
We should follow Christ in his message that the Lord is our Creator and not worship a Pope who sits on billions underneath a sealing displaying a naked man on a cloud with a white beard(the one you call god) with little naked boys flying around it. while africa is starving perverts whoever told you angels were naked little boys who ever told you anything resambles Him...read the second chapter of Holy Qur'an and you will see why your bible is corrupted...
Author: Taugul
"I saw Satan fall lightning from heaven"
Author: Zulkilkree
you think this pope is evil? he may be but the next and last pope will be peter the roman.he will truly be the devil.we are at 111 popes right now.our final pope will b 112.i think it will be tarcisio bertone
Author: Kikus
Come one, it's ridiculous. Have you even read historical books? All secret societys through the years since Middle Ages want to destroy Vatican, especially Bavarian Illuminati, Thule Society which made NSDAP part want to destroy Vatican, that's why Hitler need support of Protestant society, so how Vatican can support NWO or Freemasony? Pope impose excommunication for belong to the Freemasons.
Author: Tutaxe
Author: Mehn
what? u mean ppl will be zombies?
Author: Fenrikinos
will be? the popes position has ALWAYS been antichrist. nationality makes no difference.
Author: Gardazilkree
Satan is telling what he doing right before your eyes ,it's up to you to discern .Every movie now days, is subliminally telling you what's happening. Do you not perceive ,that the Zombie movies flooding the TV are about the Mark of the Beast ? What does scripture say will happen to those that take the Mark ? A griveous sore will break out on them ...Hello .
Author: Kajill
you don't know what you are saying...guy
Author: Vudogis
There is still time to repent and mend your ways my good sir. =)
Author: Fek
The pope has no eyebrows
Author: Gakazahn
For each and every tree is known by its fruit. For they do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather the grape from the bramble bush.
Author: Yoran
This is all correct! thanks for the video! More people should see this. and realize that Catholic Church = the false religion, the "whore of Babylon"
Author: Doum
history records no such thing. catholic 'history' might, but everything that comes from the vatican/RCC is suspect in the extreme and should not be accepted without much deliberation and study. the RCC whole job is deception my friend and i am afraid that you are completely deceived.
Author: Mushicage
Author: Malmaran
i try but some thins are hard to break :(
Author: Tojalar
(key words and names found:) Jesus, Holy Sabbath, religious, catholics, forgiveness, god, 10 commandments, RC's(what ever or who ever this is), obama, antichrist
Author: Kishura
the master conspiricy comes from within your 'church' my friend. you are completely duped. I pray you will find the truth and come out before you partake of her sins.
Author: Fenrizilkree
Only He is worthy of our fear and worship And He has no equals nor is there anything like HIm for He is The All-Knowing All-Whise Most-high
Author: Zolojora
keep telling that to yourself and wait for death to take you away.
Author: Akizragore
Obama can't be the anti-Christ... seems someone doesn't understand the words of God very well... 
Author: Nagor
you always let new people in,but you never welcome a child without a sin...your worlds only manipulate and plant the lie of 'sin'.
Author: Malashicage
jesus christ is the game on devil/satan/666 die on the cross
Author: Grogore
Author: Kagatilar
It is true....We are in the last days. Better get your lives right and become a soldier for GOD.
Author: Fauzragore
Complete nonsense. Only fools will believe this crap.
Author: Kagara
dude your not affraid by the God ? you broke the most important low givet by the God,i let you finde wich one ...
Author: Grodal
When a President says God bless America they mean the devil cuz they believe Lucifer, Son of the morning is their god and he has convinced them that there is no heaven no hell no angles or god they think he is their god
Author: Shaktikasa
(A thing) whereof they have no knowledge, nor (had) their fathers, Dreadful is the word that cometh out of their mouths. They speak naught but a lie. Yet it may be, if they believe not in this statement, that thou (Muhammad) wilt torment thy soul with grief over their footsteps. Lo! We have placed all that is in the earth as an ornament thereof that We may try them: which of them is best in conduct. And lo! We shall make all that is therein a barren mound
Author: Nagore
you are like cancer of the ages,like a virus that infects people with dullness that slowly corrupts a free individual.if anything,you and your beast called faith are a true anti of all the things that can unite us.you are the doctrine that will forever bring war,no matter where you go or what you do.so far what religion ever did is lied,gave false promises,bringed terror,death,despair and exploit human weakness.i despise the 'holy' word and along with it - YOU.
Author: Kiran
the US gov will back the roman harlot.
Author: Kegal
daniel also elaborates on this prophecy by saying this anti christ man would come to power when the roman empire would collapse and would last to the end
Author: Taugami
The BEast starts at March 2013: youtube.com/watch?v=_B7QFIrduYQ
Author: Nejind
the pope is actually the living body of deamon in this earth
Author: Vura
Author: Tubar
Author: Nikole
its called belief. -_-
Author: Taujin
Author: Yorn
" when you see the Abomination that will cause the destruction:
Author: Kazigore
@Jen9109 The devil believes in Jesus as well. The Catholic church has changed the 10 commandments. Research this on the net.
Author: Vigar
4And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
Author: Temi
@rikky702 Saints keep the commandments of God. The RC has changed the Holy 10 commandments of God.
Author: Brajind
many catholics think I am a catholic hater. thats not true. If i hated them I would not try to warn them. just because i dont agree with you doesnt mean I hate you. I know you know all this because you yourself have been nicer than 99% of catholics i deal with. I have had catholics cuss me with the most vile gutter language imaginable. but you have been refreshing in that you have continued in this with your dignity fully intact. thank you friend. take care.
Author: Zululmaran
1:43 that wasnt the catholics..that was the protestants
Author: Grotaur
obama is not the antichrist, he does not fit the bible evidence. only the church of rome/pope fit every description of antichrist.
Author: Meztill
Author: Vudogor
does Jesus answer? why do you watch videos of 666 people?

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