President Reagan, Bush, The Secret Service...And A New Limousine

25.07.2019   |   by Bradal

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Author: Akidal
thanks :)
Author: Maugor
Author: Nikokazahn
It's amazing how far we've come huh guys? Just think,....compared to the Beast, this presidential limo would be completely unacceptable in today's standards!!!!
Author: Kemuro
Do you know what the Secret Service "standard" is for former presidents and first ladies? Still a Lincoln Town car and Suburbans?
Author: Nikoshura
Alot of my videos are now either camera originals or they are uploaded proper. I frankly don't have the time or wherewithal to redo these LOL: this is youtube, not Steven Spielberg LOL :O)
Author: Sahn
Good day to all! Good day to you Vince and Thank you kindlly for sharing! My Deep respect to President Ronald Reagan,To President Bush,and to the Great Secret Service!God Bless you all!Today i would like to say President Ronald Reagan was the Greatest U.S.President in U.S.History!and President Ronald Reagan will always,and Forever Remain in our Hearts.God Bless President Bush a Great President he was! and my deep respect.Very sincerlly yours TG.
Author: Arashigal
Pres. Reagan had a new 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood limo, the 1st Pres Bush got the 89 Lincoln Limo, which, I believe this is. Maybe Pres. Reagan is visiting the white house and they are showing him the new Limo?
Author: Zolok
Thanks so much for posting.
Author: Tojakree
The good ol days...with good men in charge...
Author: Digis
Anyone know who the ford execs are? Just curious.
Author: Nelkis
Tan overcoats were cool in the 80s
Author: Maujinn
no problemo! I am very much aware of all that you say. These videos have too many views and comments to take down for better versions at this juncture. The rate of complaints is exceedingly low, to put it mildly :O) they're on dvd (some from vhs transfers)
Author: Vizilkree
Author: Taugor
@88mphsss The Secret Service
Author: Bradal
Please see the videos in my top favorites :O)
Author: Voodoobar
yes I know your not a spielberg type I wasn't trying to offen you I enjoy all of those pres. video you have but if it was recorded on dvd then all you would have to do is download it on your computer and upload it on youtube and bingo better audio and video, again no offesive I enjoy all the all videos you post up here just trying to help you :)
Author: Arashirisar
First time I have seen this video of President Ronald Wilson Reagan checking out the newly delivered presidential limosine that was at the time a state of the art, highly armoured fortress on wheels. He was one of this great free Republic's greatest Presidents ! Thanks for posting so many interesting Secret Service videos that remind each of us of the tremendous responsibility that these highly trained men of immense Valor silently perform 24/7 for this nation!
Author: Mazukus
Vince,I was wondering did you record these on dvd or vhs? to bad you couldn't upload them on your computer instead of filming the tv but reguarless nice job great video!!! As I look these two guys I think to myself theres two of the most powerful people in the world controlling the greatest country on earth!!!
Author: Zoloramar
Great video! Two great presidents, yet two "guys" just checking out a new car.
Author: Shadal
Did you hear President Reagan called Bush, George. ..Yea Reagan is still in charge
Author: Nigor
Mr Bush managed to get in a "golly" in the first thirty seconds, and I thought it was just a myth that he always used to say that!
Author: Memi
Do you think we'll ever see another Lincoln in the presidential lineup?
Author: Arashikus
Thanks alot-it is a cute video, huh? :O) I am unsure if a Lincoln will ever grace the White House fleet again.
Author: Zuluhn

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