RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare

03.07.2019   |   by Makasa

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Author: Tegal
there are no left wing parties, only 2 right wing parties of which 1 support LGBT for votes..
Author: Kirn
he just wants the states to choose.. Not to have it forced upon..
Author: Disida
Romney is a socialist. the GOP is turning into a bunch of commies.
Author: Fet
@jag10 Progressives want universal hc, Obama/Romney care is nothing but a give away to big insurance. Progressives get their way the buildings big insurance are set up in can be converted to hospitals. Insurance will be obsolete. I think its more likely that the GOP protects big insurance.
Author: JoJokora
Idk might have something to do with the drop in unemployment and all those executive orders?
Author: Daikinos
No, I'm not a Romney supporter. I'm a truth supporter.
Author: Tojacage
To say they are identical is beyond ridiculous.
Author: Bazuru
keep in mind while making "romneycare" romeny had to compromise with many democrats in Massachusetts state legislature, just like Obama had to compromise with republicans
Author: Mezil
yah you must he never worked a single day in his life because you knew about him before the presidential election ha!
Author: Doucage
Author: Akik
Clearly Obama is Republican. Everything he has done is the same Bush / republican plan. Or whomever they are.
Author: Akinobar
Romneycare has no mandates. Anyone can choose to enroll or not enroll without any legal consequences.
Author: Garr
I Always have to explain to angry republicans that the Affordable Care Act is a Republican plan. They love that 😂
Author: Maurn
ROmneyCare and ObamaCare are the exact same. After the supreme court held obamacare as constitutional, Romney said he would repeal it and replace it. He started listing everything included in his health plan, but it was identical to the things included in ObamaCare. If ROmney wins, i'm not worried about health care, but I will worry about jobs, especially considering that Mittens said we need less policemen/firemen/teachers. Obama 2012
Author: Duzil
what a fraud
Author: Gazilkree
Do you even know what a czar is? A czar was part of the Bourgeoisie, which were the rich people (like Romney). The Proletariat were the poor and middle class citizens who were more left. So it is like calling a fascist person a Communist, when in fact they are two polar opposites.
Author: Tygozshura
Romneycare is a 70 page bill which is only about health care. Obamacare is 10,535 pages of which less than 200 pages have the faintest thing to do with health care.
Author: Sar
LoL!! Romney and Obama are jokes. Hell I would love to have Romney's electricity bill at just one of his retreats. This is guy is so rich he has no clue how normal Americans live so how in the hell can he know what we need?

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