Seekins SP10

18.06.2019   |   by Tolmaran

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Author: Katilar
any thoughts on that device or another to help tame the DD?
Author: Moogusida
Flat based handguard.....great for setting on support (sandbag).
Author: JoJokus
Does your BCG have dual ejectors?
Author: Kajigrel
Kewl. What optic ya runnin?
Author: Kajishura
im loving it so far. its reliable and very accurate but it does seem to have some recoil.
Author: Mibei
thanks in advance!
Author: Turamar
First English comment.
Author: Meztishura
i just got the DD5V1 for a great price although i really wanted the DD5V2 with 18" bbl.
Author: Dijinn
I love my Seekins gasser.
Author: Vudogami
for a precision rifle w CQB capability?
Author: Nikogor
Love it
Author: Gardazilkree
$1200 complete AR for the purpose of home defense?
Author: Zulkigami
Clay were you in the Army or Marines?
Author: Goltizahn
question- the SP-10 or the DD5V1
Author: Goltiramar
Recoil looks non existent. Good videos, to the point, short, and you actually shoot five shot groups
Author: Bakree
looks like an extremely nice long range rig.
Author: Yorg
Nice to see you lowered your ears Clay!
Author: Dailmaran
i plan to replace the DD comp with a VG6 epsilon like i have on my modded FN M4/RECCE rifle.
Author: Arashisida
I love my Seekins Precision SP10 6.5! It shoots awesome and no body I know has one!

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