Sitting: A Workplace Health Crisis | ABC News

08.07.2019   |   by Kekora

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Author: Kazitaur
Drink a ton of water, this way you have to run to the bathroom every hour.
Author: Mazuzilkree
Farting sitting farting sitting farting sitting cured
Author: Shaktill
ban all desk jobs
Author: Mezigami
I wish someone would talk about what is going on with our pharmaceutical care. It's quickly becoming one of the most corrupt systems. Our pharmacy benefits are managed by pharmacy benefit managers. There is 80% chance your pharmacy benefit manager is express scripts optum rx or CVS caremark. They own their own mail order pharmacies that they force us to. A recent Consumer Reports study showed that most people prefer independent pharmacies. Can you blame them? There are many issues with mail order pharmacy. In the past my son went into liver transplant rejection after his medications were delivered on an extremely hot day w/o protection. They shipped in only a plastic bag. The manufacturer who does the testing said throw them away after being exposed to hot temperatures. The mail order pharmacy said to continue using them. I almost lost my son. After speaking to an expert, he said the issues go beyond temperatures. There are issues of decreased bioavailability and even toxicity of some of the inactive ingredients can occur when medications are stored at these extreme temperatures. Trucks can reach 170 degrees and mailboxes reach 150 degrees. Yet NPR who recently reported on our story proved that medications like my child's medications and most medications are only shipped in a bag year round. The transplant nurse said that there are many issues with delays. In the past, The medications that the dr used to be able to write a script for and could be picked up in 30 minutes. Now, she finds herself having to continuously send the same script because they lose it. She said that once called in the medication takes 5 to 7 days to process. Transplant patients like my son must have medications every 12 hours to stay alive. This is not convenient. Any type of delay is causing patients to go without their life-saving medication for many days. ER doctors have said that this land's many into the hospital. There are many other issues including unfair reimbursements. I found out that CVS reimbursed themselves $180 for the same medication they gave our pharmacy $20 for. There is major price gouging costing taxpayers billions of dollars. The Columbus post dispatch has done a great job of reporting these issues. Why are our regulators not stopping them? Just look how much these companies gave both sides democrats and republicans. Here is the link to the NPR article & the petition that I started @t

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