The Fair Tax

08.07.2019   |   by Jukazahn

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Comments "The Fair Tax":

Author: Fet
Other than that I am on board.
Author: Tygobei
We should also have a few programs to help people who truly need it.
Author: Sajar
Social Security is unconstitutional I want all my money back. This video says all current payments would be retained? I want a refund of every penny The government stole from me.
Author: Tujinn
I would rather keep Social Security. 
Author: Muhn
Agree 100%.
Author: Malakazahn
If we could get away from paying taxes, that would be great. I am a realist though and know that without bloodshed, it will never happen. So I am going to support the next best thing. and that IS the FairTax.
Author: Nigrel
By the way, thus supports "corporate taxation" where allowed. Corporations don't pay taxes. The end user is the one that does. That's us. "We, the People".

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