The Queens Christmas Message

28.05.2019   |   by Kilar

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Author: Narisar
Keep calm and blow your nose...
Author: Dosida
M yth
Author: Goltijind
When people reference God, their choice of words reveals how close they are to Our Lord.
Author: Keramar
Author: Faulkis
Form across the pound Merry Christmas.
Author: Shaktihn
Merry Christmas, Your Majesty! 🇬🇧👍🏻
Author: Douramar
Love u
Author: Akinojin
Republicans take heed.............the queen occupies a place on the constitutional chessboard that no politician ought to fill.
Author: JoJogor
£10 bet she waits till Charles dies and 5 minutes later she dies laughing
Author: Groramar
S uperstition
Author: Tocage
She looks well for her age, i must admit
Author: Akinojas
I love how the trumpets play the national anthem! Better than the organ I say!
Author: Dajas
Author: Voodoolabar
God bless the Queen. Guide her to spread 1/2 of her wealth to the poor.
Author: Tomuro
Merry Christmas, Your Majesty!
Author: Vorr
Thats some xmas tree.
Author: Kazikasa
Admiration  always  to our  Queen . #TeamGB #Paralympics #Airambulance    and many more   too."Merry Christmas  and  Happy New  Year " .
Author: Mara
H elp
Author: Mugore
Sweet woman
Author: Fenrilkree
A wonderful lady, a fantastic asset to the country, most will never ever understand just how valuable the Queen is to the UK. A very heartfelt message and gratefully received.
Author: Vubar
Merry krimbus y'majesty
Author: Dulkis
"Stockholm syndrome" :D
Author: Vudoshicage
Nice ditty at the start, has a ring to it. Could catch on.
Author: Gardakazahn
T hrough
Author: Fegar
Muito legal, gostei SkyNews
Author: Kigajind
Merry Christmas ...:-) and long live the Queen...:-)
Author: Vudorn
Author: Bazuru
I don't care
Author: Dir
Cymru Rydd! when the old cow pops her clogs the monarchy needs to be put into the history books!
Author: Vokora
good speech!
Author: Faurn
Get well soon from your `cold` ;)
Author: Yok
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Queen and People of England 🇱🇰🙏🏼
Author: Negami
Que vovó legal
Author: Duhn
Merry Christmas your Majesty. Prayers this morning for your recovery and for the best of health in 2017.
Author: Mezijora
What's the songs name
Author: Tulabar
she could feed all the hungry in the world and buy every human on earth a home to live in and STILL be the richest woman in the world. that is evil. her golden buggy is worth more than most countries entire wealth.
Author: Volmaran
After 12 months each year of hearing politicians bickering and arguing and saying things hardly anyone agrees with, hearing our Queen saying things which are gracious and inspiring is a breath of fresh air for me, I wish more people would appreciate it. GOD BLESS OUR GRACIOUS QUEEN.
Author: Kazrakree
Swomp freeks
Author: Moogushakar
The Queen is a follower of Jesus Christ! She is saved! Praise God!!!
Author: Nigul
Author: Mekasa
Well, it's easy to tell she is reading it off the teleprompter, but hopefully she means what she is saying.
Author: Voodoogul
What did she have for Xmas eh,,a few dead baby's and a pint or two of fresh young blood,,
Author: Akinot
Her health is deteriorating but that's expected of a 90 year old women. She could overcome her heavy cold or die in the night. And who has a "heavy cold" it's the flu they just don't want to worry the public and have a media frenzy around it. If the Queen is dying we wouldn't know until it happened. Only reason we know she's ill is because she had to pull out of church ceremony if it was a normal day no one would know. The royal family have a media embargo.
Author: Mikahn
This great queen is in people heart to support many volunteers and dedicated staffs doing charity to do small thing with great love to achieve people prosperity.
Author: Tygokus
This speech is the same speech she gave in 1972
Author: Mezit
Woman in palace praises Christmas spirit of ordinary people......?????
Author: Daigul
i wonder how much longer she will be alive
Author: Gagore
Author: Nijas
She looks miserable. I pray she feels better soon.
Author: Meztijind
Merry Christmas, Your Majesty!
Author: Mezigrel
Game on Maj
Author: Yot
SHE SAID "do small things with great love"
Author: Zulkishicage
Author: Faekora
God save the Queen....
Author: Zolodal
Author: Faukree
Merry christmas, your Majesty. From the Kingdom of Norway.
Author: Migami
May God strengthens and bless our Queen of England.
Author: Vilar
cut and spliced original footage because the queen wanted to warn people about the next year, all of the new videos are edited.
Author: Voodookazahn
sorry but as usual a crap and worthless speech written for her, ofc she dont mean it they have to pretend... notice how she is suddenly trying to impress us by mimicking diana... sorrry its not working
Author: Gozilkree
(not treason not giving the queen a death threat in anyway)
Author: Goltijinn
The moment on Christmas Day every person on the planet, whatever belief, race or creed, male and female of all ages, stops what they are doing, and stands (if able) and listens attentively to the Queen of Great Britain.
Author: Gardazilkree
Do small things with great love
Author: Nikazahn
Your [email protected]*^ng tory wastemonster government are about to drag Scotland out of the EU against our will.
Author: Zulkibei
What a lovely hat she wears at 6:47 , so fashionable.
Author: Mikakazahn
I started singing My Country Tis of Thee instead of God Save the Queen. Merry Christmas from America!
Author: Yojinn
This reptilian overlord lizardbeast thing probably ate human babies for her christmas dinner.
Author: Meztigar
S ales
Author: Mikalkis
same old rubbish mam , what about the homeless on your streets and the Thatcher i
Author: Zugar
For someone who helped push thru bedroom tax I got no more time for her I love my country but changed my mind about qweenie
Author: Akigis
R etailers
Author: Vikazahn
Author: Mikazilkree
My goodness! Something terrible must have happened! She wasn't wearing a wide brimmed hat! XD
Author: Fenrimuro
shes growing stronger. we need to contain her power
Author: Dohn
How fortunate that Great Britain has had this queen. Best wishes to her health and the health of the Duke in this holiday season, from Texas.
Author: Kagakazahn
Loved the Queen's Speech!! ❤️❤️❤️
Author: Malara
Author: Kataur
I have great respect for Queen but one thing I don't see her is that as she has great open hear for humanity but she doesn't appear to welcoming and showing her support for Refugees.
Author: Akit
Author: Tegal
A great woman and not only because she is Queen. Because of herself too.
Author: Kilkis
C ustomers
Author: JoJotilar
A nd
Author: Diran
Satanic baby killer....__FACT
Author: Vosar
Author: Maurisar
America the only country in the world to declare independence from the British empire by force and win
Author: Voodoojora
I ncrease
Author: Dourg
They will be spending millions on empty bedrooms
Author: Vudolrajas
Big up the Queen, aiiiiiii
Author: Malam
Christmas is the ancient, pagan roman festival of Saturnalia(festival of the "sol invictus""unconquered sun")At Luke 22:19 ,20 Jesus told his disciples what he wanted them to continue doing down through the ages in remembrance of him and it was connected to his death, not his birth. That's why the Bible allows us to know the specific date when he died, Nisan 14, and does not tell us when he was born. Saturnalia (Christmas) honours the "SUN", not the "SON". 19 Also, he took a loaf, gave thanks, broke it, and gave it to them, saying: “This means my body, which is to be given in your behalf. Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” 20 Also, he did the same with the cup after they had the evening meal, saying: “This cup means the new covenant by virtue of my blood, which is to be poured out in your behalf.(Luke 22:19 ,20)

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